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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Sunday, everyone! Well, there are 11 days til Christmas and we wanted to share some information about our project, Lola and Lexy's Christmas Shelter Project. We started this project a couple of years ago and I'll tell you why.  Lexy and I always get so many prezzies at Christmas from our friends (which we love and appreciate so much!) But since we are both shelter cats, we remember what it was like to be in a shelter at Christmas with no family and nothing to call our own.  So we decided that we wanted to do something for rescues and shelters everywhere, but most importantly, for the animals in the shelters.  So we started our project! 

OK, so this is what it's all about! Instead of buying gifts and treats for kitties that already have the world in their paws, take that money and donate to a rescue or a shelter!  Lexy did some research and came up with this list of things that shelters could use (AND.... you may even have some of this stuff at home and don't even have to buy anything!)

1.  TIME. Shelters can always use volunteers.
2.  Pet food and treats.
3.  Blankets and towels.
4.  Kitty litter and litter boxes.
5. Nursing bottles.
6.  Old newspaper
7. Collars, harnesses and leashes.
8. Grooming supplies
9.  TOYS
10.  Crates and carries.
11.  Paper towels
12.  Cleaning supplies (including mops, brooms and sponges).
13.  Garbage bags.
14.  Flea and tick treatment
15.  Heating pads
16. Office supplies (such as pens, paper clips, staples, copy paper, envelopes, etc.)
17. Food bowls
18.  Rubber and latex gloves
19.  Plastic shopping bags.
20. You can donate your skills!  Do you have a special talent or hobby like photography or making videos? You can help an animal get a forever home by
      taking their photo or making a video!
21. You can donate your pets gently used items.
22.  You can donate a place in your home.  Be a foster!
23.  Hand sanitizer and hand cleaner.
24. Gift cards to pet stores, grocery stores, home improvement or office supply stores.
25.  Beds
26. Cat scratchers.  
27. Puppy training pads.

And of course you can check with the shelter/rescue you want to donate to and ask them what their wish list is.

With the sale of our book, we have already helped Oliver's Orphan Oasis,  Meow StoriesAbandoned Angels Cat RescueCatopia Feline Rescue of ArizonaThe Granny Project, and Riverfront Cats.  AND..... we are busy putting together a very special package for Tabby's Place.  Tabby's is one of Mommy's favorite places on earth, and she is going there in person to bring all of the things.  

Are you going to donate to a shelter or rescue this Christmas? Please post your photos on our Facebook Page!  We would love to see them. 



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