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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Selfie Sunday - Our New Year's Wishes

Hello, and Happy Sunday! I took this selfie on Christmas Eve when I was watching "It's A Wonderful Life" with Mommy. It's our Christmas tradition! 

it's a wonderful life|selfies

Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Was A Busy Year For Lola The Rescued Cat!

As 2017 comes to an end it’s time to reflect on the year that has passed and give thanks for the many blessings that have come my way. I’ve started this post over two or three times, writing it in Lola and Lexy’s voice (since they did our look back last year.) But this year it seems to flow better coming from me (much to their dismay. Sorry, girls!)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Our Secret Paws 2017 Goodies

Hello, and Happy Wednesday! This was our second year pawticipating in the Secret Paws Gift Exchange, organized by Mom Paula of Sweet Purrfections. (Last year our Secret Paws were Zoey, Ernie, and Wally of The Island Cats!) This is so much fun, and were we surprised on Christmas morning when we opened our gifts! Okay, without further ado we are going to reveal our 2017 Secret Paws! 

Secret Paws|Catmus|Secret Santa

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Praise To The Box Gods! It's Boxing Day 2017!

Lexy: Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in on one of my two favorite holidays of the year - Boxing Day! (My other favorite is International Box Day.) Today I praise the Box Gods for bringing cardboard to the world for cats to luxuriate in. 

Boxing Day|#chewyboxlove

Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas from the White House! No, not THAT White House... ours! MOL 

We are all eternally grateful for your friendship and for supporting our blog. We wish each one of you a wonderful holiday filled with love and happiness. 

Thank you for being part of the Lola The Rescued Cat family. 

Love and Purrs, 
Lola, Lexy and Dawn

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Is Coming! 6 Tips To Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree!

Hello, everyone, this is Lexy checking in. Now that the holiday season is here, many people are putting up a Christmas tree. Christmas trees can be a hazard for cats, but with my six simple tips, you can have a tree that is safe for your cat while it still looks very festive!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blogging Cats Weekly Planner - Get The Discount Code!

Hello, and Happy Thursday! I have something very cool to share with you today! Every year Miss Paula over at Sweet Purrfections puts together a Blogging Cats Weekly Planner. 

blogging cats weekly planner|lulu.com

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Selfie Sunday - On our Christmas Set

Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in with a Sunday Selfie. As I was looking back through our blog last night, I discovered that we haven't participated in Selfie Sunday since October 29 when we posed with Phoebe's Traveling Shades. That's just not acceptable if you ask me. I'll have to have a chat with Mother to ensure we get better at this. 

Anyway, on to the photos. We set up our set (a.k.a our living room) for Christmas shoots. Mother laid out some fake pine boughs, which I just love! Every time she turns around, I'm lying on it. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

I Lost My Teeth! My Experience At The Dentist

Help! Help! Someone took my teeth! If you happen to find two canines, a molar, and two more teeth please return them to Lola The Rescued Cat! 

 *giggle giggle* Sorry, I couldn’t resist being silly. Hello, and happy Friday! Last month (on November 7, to be exact) I went to the dentist and I wanted to tell you all about my experience. The saga with my teeth actually started a while back. You see, when I was adopted almost seven years ago my two top canine teeth were already broken (life on the street was a little tough, what can I say?), but it never seemed to be a big deal until recently. When I went to my vet, Dr. Sheheri, in October she was a little concerned about how they were looking so she recommended that I go to a dental specialist to have my canines removed. She also thought that it was possible that bacteria was entering my broken teeth and could be one of the reasons that I’m stuffy, sneezy, and have a chronic runny nose.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Cat Themed Mugs For The Coffee Lover

Christmas is upon us, and I’ve been diligently trying to get a gift list together for our readers. Life and work have been hectic and I’m way behind in my blogging plan, but I was able to put together a pretty cool gift list I think you'll enjoy.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Sister Chat

Monday, November 27, 2017

Instinct Real Rabbit Wet Food - Delish! #ChewyInfluencer

Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in with our monthly #ChewyInfluencer review. We had lots of wonderful products to choose from this month, and deciding on one was a little difficult. But I finally settled on Instinct by Nature's Variety Grain-Free Minced Recipe with Real Rabbit Wet Cat Food

Instinct by Nature's Variety|Chewy Influencer
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

5 Tips For A Safe And Stress-Free Thanksgiving With Your Cat

With Thanksgiving upon us, we're sharing our Thanksgiving safety tips for you and your cats.  Lola, Lexy, and are so grateful for your friendship and your continued support of our blog. We I wish all of our friends who celebrate a blessed Thanksgiving full of happiness, and we give thanks to all of our friends and followers who make this blog possible. We appreciate you all. 

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, it’s important to remember a few tips to keep our kitties safe during the holiday. 

Five Tips For A Save And Stress-Free Thanksgiving With Your Cat

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Your Cat Will Travel In Style and Safety With The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed (And A Giveaway!)

Going to the vet is never easy for my cats – or me! Getting Lola and Lexy into their carriers is a trying experience for all three of us, not to mention exiting the carriers when it’s time for them to be examined. Lola will (usually) come out willingly and greet everyone, but not Lexy. When it’s her turn to be examined I have to dismantle the carrier, and then put it back together before she can go back in. By the time our vet visit is over all three of us are ready for a nap! 

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

I had been eyeing the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed for some time and when I had the opportunity to partner with Sleepypod for a review, this cat mom was happy! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tabby's Place Kitties - 10/21/17 (Part 2)

Hello, and Happy Thursday Purrsday! In Tuesday's post I promised you Part 2 of Tabby's Place kitties, and today I'm delivering! 

Tabby's Place|Cat Sanctuary

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tabby's Place Kitties - 10/21/17 (Part 1)

Hello, and Happy Tuesday! You know how some people say that Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth? Well, not for Mommy! Can you guess what place is happier than Disneyland for her? Go ahead... take a guess... OK, never mind, I'll just tell you! It's Tabby's Place! We've blogged about Tabby's several times, and in case you've missed any of the posts you can see them all right here

Tabbys Place|FIV Cats

Friday, November 3, 2017

Cat Sushi - A Delicious Treat That Will Have Your Cats Meowing For More! (And A Giveaway)

Cat SushiCat-Sushi.com

This past July, when I attended Matilda’s Annual Celebration & Cat Fashion Show at the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan, I was introduced to Dennis Scheyer, Creative Director/Marketing for Cat Sushi. The conversation took a familiar course with questions such as “where are you from?”, etc. It turns out Dennis lived in Queens, NY (where I live) for many years, and lo and behold, we are from the same hometown – Rockland County, NY. Not many people know of Rockland County, and to meet someone who was also raised there is a rarity. We immediately had a connection, talking about the old days and how neighborhoods have changed. And of course, being at a cat event, the conversation turned to felines and Cat Sushi (which was in our goody bags.) 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Watching The World Together

Disclosure: This post contains an Amazon Affiliate Link. If you buy the product using the link, we earn a small commission. This does not affect your price in any way. We only share products we think would be of interest to our readers. 

Hello, and Happy Thursday Purrsday! Today's throwback goes back to 2011. This wast taken nine and a half months after I moved in. Trust me when I tell you this was a big deal back then! Here are Lexy and me looking out of the living room window. 

Lola: Diary Of A Rescued Cat

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Kitty Karma Books Helps Cats In Need

Today I am so pleased to bring to you a guest post by Wai-Lin Terry, Founder & Publisher of Kitty Karma Books. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you already know that rescue is a topic near and dear to my heart because the stars of this blog, Lola and Lexy, are two rescued cats who changed my life. When Wai-Lin contacted me about her book I was more than happy to spread the word. The first phase of her Indiegogo Campaign ends  on 10/31/17, but you still have time to check out her pawtastic perks. 

I, for one, cannot wait to read this book. As an author and a cat advociate, I wish Wai-Lin much success with her project. 

Kitty Karma Books Aims to Fund Shelters for Abandoned, Unwanted Cats in Need

Kitty Karma Books|Wai-Lin Terry
“They say cats choose us, we don’t choose them. I believe that cats, with their nine lives and their super-fine senses, are able to see things beyond this world and are more wired to divine will than we humans are. We can ignore a cat’s blessing and beckoning, but at our peril.

I learned these lessons from adopting one special calico cat. I thought I rescued this little feline, but in the end, it was she who rescued me.”

That’s how the closing chapter of Kitty Karma: Big Stories of the Small Cats Who Change Our Lives begins. (More about the book in a moment.) It’s my account of the calico beauty who adopted me. Kealani taught me much during the years she graced my life. Her lessons included a tour through the depths of despair, after she suffered a heart attack and died right in front of me. 

Selfie Sunday - Phoebe's Traveling Shades

Lola: Hello, and Happy Sunday! Lexy and I have very special selfies for you today. Our dear friend Phoebe, of 15 And Meowing, sent her very cool sunglasses for a tour around the country to several kitty bloggers. Lexy and I thought we were too late to sign up for the tour and were SO surprised when we received her shades from our pals  Eastside Cats

So, without further ado, here are our selfies! 

Phoebe's traveling shades

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Throwback Thursday - This Is Not A Cuddle!

Hello, and Happy Thursday Purrsday! Today I have a throwback that goes back to this time last year.  

cats sleeping on a bed

All I have to say is that is must have been a chilly day or we would have been on opposite sides of the unmade bed. 

Do your kitties cuddle on a cold day? 
Monday, October 23, 2017

Frisco Scratching Post/Tower - A Cat's Scratching Delight

Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in with our monthly Chewy.com review. Last month Mother thought she was very humorous with her choice of products. The folks at Chewy must have felt bad for me because this month they offered me the opportunity to review one of the most spectacular scratching posts I’ve ever seen… The Frisco Scratching Post/Tower! 

Chewy.com|Frisco Scratching Post
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Lexy Conquers The Treat Cabinet!

Hello, and Happy Thursday Purrsday! Today's Throwback (which goes all the way back to 2011) features Lexy. 

Mommy left the cabinet open and when she walked back into the kitchen she saw Lexy looking very intently into it. Can you guess what she's looking at? 

It was treats! Lexy was so fast grabbing the package that she's a blur in the photo! 

Some things never change! Lexy still takes the treats any chance she gets! 

Do you have a treat stealer in your house? 
Monday, October 16, 2017

Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project is a Model Program for TNR #GlobalCatDay

This past July I was disappointed that I couldn’t attend the Best Friends Animal Society national conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  I had found out about it too late and I just wasn’t able to swing it. But when Alley Cat Allies announced they were holding tours of their famed Boardwalk Cat Project in conjunction with the conference I was a happy cat lady! Early on a Sunday morning my boyfriend and I took the 2 ½ hour road trip to Atlantic City to meet the Boardwalk Cats. (Lucky for me he’s a cat man, so it didn’t take much convincing for him to join me.) Since today is Global Cat Day, I thought it was the perfect time to share my experience with you. 

Alley Cat Allies|Atlantic City Boardwalk Cat Project

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Selfie Sunday - Lexy's Naked!

Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in with a selfie for Sunday. This week my collar, umm.. ahem... went missing, so I decided to take some "undressed" selfies. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Catnip Nation's October Report: What Happens to Cats After a Natural Disaster?

In August I brought you the third installment of a series of posts by Tina Traster, Producer and Director of the documentary film Catnip Nation. This month Tina gets us thinking about what happens to cats after a natural disaster. Do cats get left behind? Do dogs and livestock get more attention? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 


Catnip Nation Documentary

Where Are The Community Cats After A Natural Disaster?
We’ll never forget the images of Texans rescuing their cows from flooded fields in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey last month. Today, as I scroll on my Facebook page, my heart stops when I see the picture of a man carrying a dog on his shoulder, trying to escape the ravages of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The man was also trying to save his horse.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tuft & Paw's Sustainable Cat Bed Design Contest

Hello, and Happy Wednesday! I have some news to share with you today! Tuft & Paw is having an exciting design competition that will benefit both kitties and humans. Read on for details. 

The contest is aimed at students who can come up with a winning modern sustainable cat bed design. The winner will receive $1,500 towards their education and their design will go into production in the USA and debut as a new flagship product on Tuft + Paw’s website. 

The design should be: 
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful 
  • Easy to ship
  • Practical
The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2017 and the winner will be announced before November 30, 2017.  For more information or to submit a design visit this page.  

If you like to design and draw, run on over and enter! Good luck to all who enter! We can't wait to see the winning design. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Practicing My Raspberry

Hello, and Happy Monday! Many of you know our friends The Lone Star Cats. And if you do, you're very familiar with Crockett's raspberry! One evening when I was sitting on Mommy's lap I meowed to myself, I meowed, "I'm a little bored. What can I do to liven things up? I know! I'll practice my Crockett Raspberry!". 

cat with tongue out

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Selfie Sunday - Taking Care of Mommy

Hello, and Happy Sunday! Today's selfie is presented by... me! 

Mommy was a little under the weather one evening and I was taking care of her. My purrs did wonders! 

We're part of the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with our good friends over at The Cat On My Head. Click on the image for more selfies. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Adopting Two Rescued Cats Changed My Life #RememberMeThursday

This post contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase using the link I will earn a commission.

Today is Remember Me Thursday. If you’ve read this post or this one, you know that Lola has been very excited to spread the word about this important day. Today she let me take the reins so I can share my thoughts. (Thank you, Lola!)

Monday, September 25, 2017

That Mess Ruined My Photo Shoot!

Hello, and Happy Monday! We've mostly been posting about informational topics lately and haven't been sharing a lot of photos of our day to day activities. There may be a reason for that. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Got Litter Box Odors? Freshen Up With Tidy Cats Deodorizer #ChewyInfluencer

Lexy usually does our Chewy Influencer reviews, but this month she didn't approve of my choice of products so it's all on me. (I can't figure out if it's because she's not getting a tasty treat or if she thinks I'm saying her poop stinks. Maybe it's a combination of both!) 

Chewy.com|Purina|Tidy Cats

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Lola: Ahoy, mateys! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! We be lovin' this day cause it be a lot of fun! How could ye not like talkin' like a pirate? 

Lexy: Aye! It be a fun day for sure! And today we gets us lots of grog to drink! And we honor our favorite pirate, Will Turner. He be a fine lookin' lad!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Win Cash and Prizes for Your Favorite Rescue #RememberTheRescueContest

Hello, and happy Monday! In just 10 days social media will be lit up for pet adoption on Remember Me Thursday, and I have some exciting information for you. Did you rescue your pet? You did? Pawsome! When you post their story for the #RememberTheRescueContest, you'll be entered to win some fab prizes!

Remember Me Thursday|Helen Woodward Animal Center

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Selfie Sunday - Posing on Set

Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in with a Sunday Selfie. It's been a long while since we've participated, and it's good to be back. Mother was working every weekend at her part-time job and we weren't able to join in. Well, now she will only be working twice a month on the weekends which means we'll be able to participate more often. Lola and I weren't very happy about missing our friends on this fun day, but someone has to make the money around here. 

Cat Selfie

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Write to Save Lives #RememberTheRescue

Hello, and Happy Thursday Purrsday! If you read this post you know that Lexy and I (oh, and Mommy, too) are proud to be official partners with Helen Woodward Animal Center for Remember Me Thursday. We received a box of items to help us promote this oh-so-important day, which included this great sign. 

Helen Woodward Animal Center|Remember Me Thursday

Monday, September 11, 2017

Healthier Pets. Happier Lives.™ with Hills Science Diet #HillsTransformingLives

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but 25+ years ago I did not take my cats to the veterinarian on a regular basis. When my cats weren’t well or when I noticed that something wasn’t right I brought them in right away, but preventative care was not routinely scheduled. Fast forward to the present… I’ve learned so much since then, and now I make sure my cats are seen by my veterinarian regularly. 

Hills Science Diet

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Throwback Thursday - The Kitchen Window

Hello, and Happy Thursday Purrsday!  I'm purring today because I found a great photo to share with you!  I haven't done a Throwback Thursday post in a while, so I meowed to myself, I meowed "I should take a look into the photo archives of my book and see what I was doing back then." Great idea, huh? 

Well, this is what I was doing during the summer of 2011... I was lounging in the kitchen window. Some things never change, and if they're good things, they shouldn't. Right?

Lola Diary of a Rescued Cat|Cats in windows

Why are you purring today? Tell us! 
This post contains an affiliate link. If you buy my book using the link I earn a small commission. 
Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Behind the Scenes Peek at Best Friends' NYC Pet Adoption Center

When I was at Cat Camp  this past March my favorite spot was the adoption area. It was great to see so many local shelters participating (such as The Patricia H. Ladew Foundation) as well as great organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society. I was happy to learn that Best Friends was opening an adoption center right here in New York City. I have a lot of respect for Best Friends and applaud their endeavors to give all animals the best life they deserve and for their efforts to make the USA “No-Kill” by 2025. You can imagine how happy I was that Lola The Rescued Cat was accepted as a Best Friend’s Ambassador this past July! 

Best Friends Animal Society|Best Friends Pet Adoption Center NYC

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Paws Together for Texas: How to Help Animals Affected by Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey continues to wreak devastation on Texas, our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by this disaster. As happens all too often during a natural disaster, not all shelters allow pets. This leaves many families having to make difficult decisions. Some pets end up in shelters (hopefully temporarily until they can be reunited with their families), some are abandoned, and some are lost. Let’s not forget the animals who are in shelters in the affected areas, as well as the number of homeless animals living on the street.

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for this graphic
Monday, August 28, 2017

Save the Date! Remember Me Thursday is 9-28-17!

Hello, and Happy Monday! Get your calendars out so you can save the date for a very important event. Ready with your pencils? Okay, the date is Thursday, September 28, 2017. The event is Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me Thursday|Helen Woodward Animal Center

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

4 Signs Your Cat May Need to go to the Vet - #Cat2VetDay

Today, August 22, is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. The CATalyst Council, American Association of Feline Practitioners, The International Cat Association the Cat Fanciers' Association and Royal Canin are joining forces to show support for cat health and wellness by urging more attention to preventive veterinary care for cats. 

signs of illness in cats|#Cat2VetDay

Friday, August 18, 2017

Honeycat Cosmetics Will Make You RAWR! (Discount and Giveaway!)

At Cat Camp this past March I met many people from different parts of the cat loving world. One person I was delighted to chat with was Terri of Honeycat Cosmetics. Her display quickly drew me to her table and I was immediately intrigued by her products.

Sorry, Lexy. These goodies are for Mother

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Clear the Shelters 2017 #ClearTheShelters

Hello, and Happy Wednesday! I’m very excited to be meowing with you about a very important day. This Saturday, August 19, is Clear the Shelters Day! As former shelter cats, Lexy and I love spreading the word about this important day because our wish is for all animals to have a forever home. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Oh My Gravy! Weruva BFF OMG! is 'People Food for Cats" #weruvagrade

As much as I don’t like to admit it, I’m a picky eater. Our mom gets a little frustrated because sometimes it’s a struggle to get me to eat and my weight goes up and down. I just think she worries too much! And while I don’t eat a lot, Lexy eats too much. Sigh… what’s Mommy to do? Well, she’s not alone in her struggles. We recently learned that she is experiencing not one, but two of the most three common cat concerns; picky eating, weight gain, and urinary tract issues. 

Weruva|B.F.F. OMG!|

We’re partnering with Weruva a luxurious, natural pet food dubbed "people food for cats", which is launching a full line of gluten, grain, and carrageenan-free cat food in honor of International Cat Day and just in time for Happy Healthy Cat Month in September.
Friday, August 11, 2017

Release Your Feline's Inner Lynx With BLUE Wilderness #ChewyInfluencer

Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in with our #ChewyInflulencer review. After perusing the fab choices Chewy had for their influencers, I couldn’t help but choose the BLUE Wilderness Pate Variety Pack. I felt it was time for Lola and me to release our inner big cat and eat like a Lynx with this meat-rich food. I’ll give you a little bit of a spoiler here – we really wanted to ROAR after eating this! 

Blue Wilderness|Blue Buffalo Cat Food
Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Can I get a Little Privacy?

cat bathing

cat bathing

Monday, August 7, 2017

Catnip Nation's August Report: A Long Island Feral Colony is in Danger

In June I brought you the second installment of a series of posts by Tina Traster, Producer and Director of the documentary film Catnip Nation. This month Tina tells us about a feral colony at a town dump that is in jeopardy. I'm hoping all parties involved can come to terms for the sake of the cats. How nice would it be for all cats to live safe and happy lives? I hope this feral colony is safe and is being taken care of.