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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Not Like the Others, Harley's Story, Having a Pet with Special Needs - Book Review

Today I'm happy to post my first book review.  A couple of things make this particular review very exciting for me: it's about a cute animal and it's written in his voice (hmmm.. wonder why that's exciting for me?); the star of the book is a rescued pet (hauntingly familiar); and I had the pleasure of meeting and sitting next to the author, Denise Gruzensky, at BlogPaws during the CWA session. 

"Not Like the Others, Harley's Story, Having a Pet with Special Needs" is written by Denise Gruzensky, RN, MSN, FNP.  Harley's Story is a children's book, that emphasizes that a pet with special needs may not be like all the others because they need a little extra help in life, but they surely can love us just as much as an other pet. 

This book is beautifully photographed and the photos chosen really make Harley's beautiful spirit and personality shine. It is written in Harley's voice as he takes us through his life journey. Before he was a year old he was adopted by Denise after his first family could no longer keep him, at age six he was diagnosed with diabetes, and six months later he developed cataracts.  He explains to the reader how his diabetes is managed and how his environment is modified to help manage his cataracts. Harley is afraid at times, and wonders if Denise will be able to take care of him, or if she will send him way because he's just too hard to take care of? Along the way Harley makes lots of friends and goes on many adventures, including road trips and flying on airplanes.  

Not Like The Others Harley's Story
Look how cute Harley is!
Not Like The Others Harley's Story
What a nice autograph!

For me, the message of the book was two-fold.  The first being to promote animal adoption and to inform people that special needs pets needn't be given up.  But this book serves another important purpose in that it helps children with special needs learn to accept themselves and others.  On the first page there are passages from children and adults writing about how Harley's Story helped them understand diabetes. One 11 year old child wrote:

"This book helped me understand my sisters' diabetes.  I learned that dogs and other animals can have a lot of the same diseases that people do, including diabetes. I saw pictures of and learned about insulin and blood sugars Just like in Harley's story he was loved and accepted the same after he was diagnosed, our family loves my sister just the same too." 

From the back cover: 
Not Like the Others -Harley's Story seeks to teach elementary children the value of being different and loving unconditionally  Come along with Harley, a rescued Yorkshire Terrier, on his cross-country adventure as he learns to trust his forever family, is diagnosed with diabetes, and figures out how to live with his illness.  He may not be like the others, but he is not alone and is unconditionally loved.  

What a wonderful message for children to hear.  I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did. You can purchase it at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can find Denise and Harley on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and their website

Harley's motto is "Adopt, for friends cannot be bought."  He is a wise little dog. 

About the author: " I graduated in 1994 with a Degree in Nursing from Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA and in 1999 from the University of San Diego with a Master's Degree in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Not Like the Others-Harley's Story: Having a Pet with Special Needs, was released November 22, 2013. The inspiration to write the story began in 2010 when my beloved furry family member was diagnosed with Diabetes. Since rescuing Harley in 2006 I've learned to live by the motto, "Adopt, for friends can't be bought". I currently live in Paradise, CA with my husband."
Monday, July 27, 2015

Dining Al fresco

Hello and Happy Monday! Those of you who have know me for a while now from Facebook know how much I used to love eating my breakfast in the kitchen window.  I stopped doing that for a while. Why? Well, mainly I wanted to drive Mommy crazy. See, I'm a picky eater and she is always worried about what I'm eating (or not eating.) So for a while I made her follow me around the house until I picked the purrfect place to eat and she would put my bowl down for me.  (And she's a behavioral psychologist!  Hmmff.. I wrapped her right around my paw.  I hope she does better with the people she works with!) 

Anyhoo... I decided to start eating my breakfast al fresco again. I have to admit, I missed the view and watching the birdies, and the breeze is just lovely in the morning. 

This Fancy Feast is really good this morning. 
What's that?!
Look at that bird go!
OK, back to Fancy Feast

Do you kitties always eat in the same spot, or do you like a change of scenery from time to time? 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Scratcher? I Don't Think So...

Hello and Happy Caturday! Will was here over the weekend, and he helped Mommy take all that stuff to storage - finally! So when Mommy went to Petco the other day, she bought us this chaise lounge scratcher since we have some extra room.  

She thought maybe I would like to use it, since I prefer to scratch on flat surfaces and never use a vertical surface (unless it was her suitcase, which she wasn't happy about.) I really like to scratch the rugs, but she doesn't think that's a good idea.  Why? I don't know.  Humans are funny about their stuff sometimes. Here I am checking it out: 
She wants me to use this thing? 

Can you tell what I'm doing?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friends Live Forever in Our Hearts

When we posted our interview with Prince Pan Pan on Friday, July 10, 2015, we had no idea we would be back two weeks later to let everyone know that he has made his journey to The Rainbow Bridge.  We are heartbroken and feel a sadness that is beyond words.  Pan Pan was one of our oldest friends and there is a hole in our hearts today.  

Pan Pan wrote this on his Facebook page last night: 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Adopted Cats Who Support The Rescue Community - Part 5 (Meet Smoky, a Black Cat That RULES!)

Hello everyone, this is Lexy checking in with another fab interview in our series. Today you're meeting a beautiful black cat named Smoky. Smoky is about eight years old and just moved to sunny Florida. She is an advo-cat for black cat adoption, a philan“purr”ist, and holds a marvelous ball every year.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning in July?

Hello and Happy Caturday! We haven't been posting very much because Mommy has been busy de-cluttering.  

Who every heard of spring cleaning in July? All of this stuff has to go to storage eventually. Lexy is happy though.  Can you guess why? 

Just call me Sexy Lexy
Mommy has also been working A LOT lately, too, which cuts into our social lives.  She says her work schedule will be busy for the next month or so. We've been visiting our friends as much as possible, though, and you can always find us on our Facebook, page. (Come meow with us tonight during our Caturday Night Meow!)

We still have a couple of more interviews coming very soon, so stay tuned! 

P.s.  If you want to know why Lexy is happy, you can read her posts here and here about her storage box.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What a Beautiful Day!

Mommy, it's such a beautiful day that Lexy and I won't need the air conditioner.  Can you open the window, please? I'd love to feel the breeze on my fur. 

Lola The Rescued Cat
I can't wait for Mommy to open the window! It's a lovely day. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rescue Stories: Jeddah - Found Broken and Dirty on the Streets of Saudi Arabia

Today we bring you the story of Jeddah.  I have followed Jeddah's Facebook Page for some time now, and was always moved by her story. She may have had a rough start in life, but now she has wonderful parents and lives the life of  a princess.  

Jeddah's Journey
Jeddah is one of the smartest cats I’ve ever known. She’s a survivor, but considering where she came from, she had to be. Her journey to the United States began in May, 2011 when she was just a baby kitten struggling to live on the dusty streets of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.My husband was in Saudi Arabia on business for three months, and his hotel sat next to a small shawarma restaurant with tables and chairs situated outside. He would have dinner there every couple of days and one day he noticed a tiny, dirty kitten jumping against the legs of the patrons, begging for food. Everyone seemed to enjoy the little cat’s company and fed her scraps, smiling and trying to pet her.

The restaurant where Jeddah was found.

One afternoon my husband called me sounding worried. He found the little kitten laying in the dirt near the restaurant, pulling herself along the ground unable to walk. One of the workers of a nearby ice cream shop had given her a small cup of ice cream that she was trying to lick. He didn’t want to leave her injured on the ground so he asked me what he should do. I told him to bring her to a local veterinarian, but to tell them she belonged to him so they wouldn’t put her to sleep or deny her treatment. We really had no idea what they would do. It was so late in the evening the vet clinic wasn’t open so he hid her in a bag and smuggled her into the hotel he was staying in. One of the workers at the ice cream shop was worried that my husband was taking her away, but he assured the worker he was bringing her to the doctor. When he got back to his hotel, he put her in the bathtub for the night so she wouldn’t injure herself further and could stay in one place.

Jeddah in the tub in the hotel.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our Events From Prince Pan's Royal Art Gallery

Yesterday I shared an interview I did with Prince Pan Pan. Today Lexy and I are sharing some photos from events we attended at his Royal Art Gallery.

This is from one of the several events called Kittyland Dancing With The Stars.  This is Lexy and Jake from The Royal Ruskies. (He and his brother Elwood are our great friends.) Don't they look great? They won third place this year, and Pan Pan did a special auction to benefit Jethro's Anipal Sancutary, the shelter they danced for.
Lexy dancing with Jake

This is me dancing with Elwood, Jake's brother.  We never do as well as Lexy and Jake do, but we always have fun together.
Lola dancing with Elwood
Friday, July 10, 2015

Adopted Cats Who Support The Rescue Community - Part 4 (Meet Prince Pan Pan!)

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I'm very excited to introduce you to Prince Pan Pan! He's the royalty of Kittyland on Facebook! (And one of our oldest friends.) He is a master fundraiser, MC of many Kittyland functions, and has his own art gallery.  Prince Pan Pan is joining us from sunny Florida! 

Pan Pan looking regal on this throne. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Trying to Get My Secretary to Work!

Ummm.... 'scuse me, Mommy.  Mommy? Helllll-ooooo Mommy! Can we please get to work here? I have important things to meow about in our blog. (You might want to get the duster out too, and the windex. And maybe clean up the entrance way a little bit.) 

Lola The Rescued Cat, cat blogger
Do I have to bribe her with treats? 

Do you kitties have trouble getting your servants secretaries to work? Tell me about it! 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Adopted Cats Who Support The Rescue Community - Part 3 (Meet Miss Dixie!)

Hello and Happy Monday! I'm here today to bring you another great interview in the series that Lexy started about adopted cats who support the rescued community.  

Today you'll be meeting a lovely calico named Miss Dixie. Miss Dixie lives in Alabama and she has a book! Imagine that! One of our friends also has a book.  I have to say, we're a talented bunch of kitties! *giggle* OK, down to business.  Here is Dixie's interview. 

Oh hi, Miss Dixie! Thank you for sitting and meowing with me today, it’s an honor. So, can you tell us about your early life and how you were rescued? (We just LOVE a good rescue story with a happy ending!)
Hi Lola! I was a kitten when I was dumped - but Mommy saved me when I was about 8 months.   I am 2 1/2  will be 3 Nov. 1. Mommy saw me at Winn-Dixie grocery store one day and realized I was lonely and hungry . She and Daddy started coming every day to feed me and leave me fresh water. Several people had tried to trap me, but Mommy was the lucky one !

Friday, July 3, 2015

I'm Still Too Sexy For This Storage Box

Hello everyone, this is Lexy checking in with an update on my storage box.  It's still here! And I still look as stunning on it as I did the last time.  Living with a lazy human can be to a kitty's advantage (sometimes.)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Adopted Cats Who Support The Rescue Community - Part 2 (Meet Shiloh!)

Hello everyone, this is Lexy checking in with another fab interview in our series. Today you'll be meeting Shiloh. Shiloh is a four year old Snowshoe mix who hails from Ohio.  He is the spokescat for Abandoned Angels Cat Rescue and he shares his tail with us today. 

Shiloh waiting for belly rubs!