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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Five Ways You Can Help Feral Cats - National Feral Cat Day 2021

Thank you for joining us for another post in our Community Cat Awareness series. Today is National Feral Cat Day and we're joining Alley Cat Allies in advocating for the lives of cats. 

Some people believe you have to be an "expert" in rescue to intervene in the lives of feral cats, but that's not true. Read on for five ways you can help feral cats. 

Monday, October 4, 2021

Maintaining Feeding Stations for Community Cats

So far in our Community Cat Awareness series, we have discussed building shelters for outdoor cats, helping community cats in cold weather, debunked five myths about community cats, and more. Today’s topic is feeding stations.

Every town is different, and it’s not possible for every colony caretaker to have feeding stations. In many municipalities, it is against the law to feed community cats. For the safety of the cats, and themselves, they need to blend into the environment and keep a low profile. In other instances, the colony may be on someone’s property who does not want a visible station, or someone could be feeding cats in an urban area where it just isn’t practical to have one. (I know someone in Manhattan who feeds cats through a fence because it’s the only way she can get food to them.) Most of these tips are for people who are lucky enough to be able to have a feeding station for their community cats, or perhaps someone who feeds cats in their backyard.

feeding stations for outdoor cats

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Cat Pawsitive Pro Program Helps Cats Get Adopted - #RememberMeThursday 2021

One of the things I enjoy about being a writer is having the opportunity to promote pet adoption and encouraging people to support their local shelters and rescues. Although I’m currently not able to physically volunteer at a shelter, be a foster, or do TNR, I can help by volunteering my time writing. 

I have been volunteering for the Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive Pro (CPP) Program for about three years now. For those of you not familiar with CPP, it is a groundbreaking program developed by Jackson Galaxy and a team of animal behavior experts that helps cats in shelters to find their “mojo” and their forever homes. Cat Pawsitive training applies positive, reward-based clicker training that positively reinforces good behaviors which helps cats in many ways. A shy cat can learn to feel comfortable coming to the front of its cage to meet a potential adopter, a feisty cat can learn to play nice, and an outgoing kitty can even learn to give an endearing "high five" to his visitors. The training also reduces the stressors that might keep a cat from connecting with a potential adopter and can help seal the adoption deal.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Mark Your Calendars! Our #RememberMeThursday Blog Hop is Thursday!

Hello, and Happy Monday! Lexy and I are popping in today to remind everyone that Remember Me Thursday is this Thursday! We hope you'll all stop by our blog to join the blog hop.

It's easy peasy to join the blog hop. Here's how! 

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Then start hopping! Be sure to visit the other blogs participating in the hop to read about how others are shining a light on orphan pets!

We can't wait to read all of the wonderful post for Remember Me Thursday! See you then! 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Remember Me Thursday is 9/23/2021 - Here's How You Can Participate

Hello, and Happy Thursday Purrsday! Lexy and I are very excited that it's September. Can you guess why? Never mind, I'll just tell you. One of our favorite things to celebrate and participate in, Remember Me Thursday, is right around the corner and we're super excited to partner with Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) to host the fourth annual Remember Me Thursday Blog Hop. (Don't forget to scroll to the bottom to see how to join.)

We've been participating in the Remember Me Thursday movement since 2016 and hosting the Blog Hop since 2018. This day is very important to us because we want to use our voices to be advocats to save animals in shelters. You can catch up on all of our Remember Me Thursday posts here

Monday, August 23, 2021

5 Myths About Feral Cats Debunked

Welcome back to our Community Cat Awareness series. In our last post, I gave readers some pointers on how to tell how old a kitten is. Today I’m going to debunk five myths about feral cats. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

The 2020 Cat Writers' Association Certificates of Excellence

 A few weeks ago the Cat Writers' Association announced the Certificates of Excellence Winners in the 2020 Communications Contest. Similar to last year, I was blown away by the results because once again I was the top Certificate of Excellence winner. This year I was honored with 13.