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Monday, February 23, 2015

20 Random Things About Lexy

Last week Lola shared 20 Random Facts about her. Today is my turn. I hope you like them.


  1. I’m a rescue cat. I was left behind by my family when they moved.  They left me outside.
  2. When Mother saw me at an adoption event she wasn’t even looking for a cat. But it was love at first site.  She wanted to take me home right then and there.
  3. Mother describes me as “contemplative”.  I can be seen looking out of the window as if I’m deep in thought.
  4. I LOVE catnip.  I can smell it a mile away.
  5. I really like Lola, even though she’s indifferent to me.  I always get her to play chase with me, though.
  6. Mother has to hide the treats and she has to make sure the dry food is in a container.  I can open any cabinet and package to get what I want.
  7. I am the inspector of the house.  Everything that comes into the house has to have my seal of approval – grocery bags, mail, clothes, you name it.  I have to approve.
  8. My favorite toys are small, soft, toys.  I have a couple of mice and fish that I love to play with, but my absolute favorite is my toy weiner. It’s an appeteaser from Fat Cat.
  9. I am terrified to leave the house. When I go to the vet I shake and I try to stay as close to Mother as I can.
  10. I’m learning something from Lola – I’m meowing more! I like talking to Mother.

  1. It takes me a while to trust people.  When someone comes into the house I sit and watch them to make sure they’re OK.  The second time they come I’m their friend.
  2. I love boxes!! I will squeeze into any box that Mother leaves out for me.  I also will squeeze into her mail basket on top of the microwave because it’s small and cozy.
  3. I’m not as picky of an eater as Lola is, but I won’t eat pate. Fancy Feast grilled for this girl.
  4. Mother is my favorite person.  There is no one in the world I love or trust more that her.  And she knows it
  5. I am NOT a lap cat! And please do not pick me up.
  6. My favorite place to sleep is my basket.  Mother put a very comfy blankie in it, and I even have pillows. (Thank you, Aunties Lisa and Sharon!)
  7. Every morning I follow Mother into the bathroom, jump on the sink, and ask her to pet me.  I even give her head bonks.  When she gets ready I sit and watch her.  The morning is our time together.  All other times of the day I usually ignore her.
  8. When I first moved here I wouldn’t let Mother sleep.  I kept her up all night because I was lonely.
  9. Mother and I are from the same home town!
  10. I like to sit on the kitchen chair (or table) and watch Mother when she’s cooking or cleaning.  I find her very interesting, and of course I have to approve of what she’s doing.

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  1. Lexy, you sound like a VERY busy cat...so much to snoopervise!

  2. Wow, Lexy, I knew almost none of these things about you! Sparkle was like you about leaving the house - my human says she trembled like a leaf. Which was funny because she was bold in every other way.

  3. Lexy, we just finished reading Lola's list and enjoyed reading yours just as much. The lady wishes I were more interested in the things she does like you are with your mom.

  4. We enjoyed learning more about you, Lexy. How sad that your first humans left you behind. We're glad you have a great home now.

  5. Hmm my Cousin Kitty from grandma next door doesn't like to be picked up,she is very timid,xx Speedy

  6. Oh Lexy, what great things to learn about you, you are a sweetheart...so glad you are with Mom.


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