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Friday, July 10, 2015

Adopted Cats Who Support The Rescue Community - Part 4 (Meet Prince Pan Pan!)

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I'm very excited to introduce you to Prince Pan Pan! He's the royalty of Kittyland on Facebook! (And one of our oldest friends.) He is a master fundraiser, MC of many Kittyland functions, and has his own art gallery.  Prince Pan Pan is joining us from sunny Florida! 

Pan Pan looking regal on this throne. 

Oh hi, Pan Pan! And good morning! Thank you for doing this interview with us! We know you’re a rescue kitty,  just like us.  Could you tell us a little bit about how you came to be rescued and about how old you were? 
Good Morning!  I was actually born in a feral colony in November, 2010 in one of the worst neighborhoods in Kissimmee, FL. After a dog killed one of my littermates, a local rescue group that does TNR in the area, decided to trap the rest of us, along with our Mom. Unfortunately, she escaped, but I know they probably saved my life, because with my light colored coat, I would have been easy prey living on the street. After I was rescued, a wonderful lady fostered me, ( Je t'aime, Ms. Josette!), and eventually met my Mommy at an adoption event at Petco.

The house where Pan Pan was found.

How long have you been in your forever home? 
I was adopted in March 2011,  and I’ll be celebrating my 5th birthday this November!

You have an interesting name! Tell us about it! 
My foster Mom, who is French, called me "The Little Prince" because she thought I was very well behaved (compared to my sister, who she called, "the Little Witch" - MOL). Pan Pan is actually a lost Hindu Kingdom that existed somewhere in the 3rd to 7th Century in what is now Malaysia. It's also a call in radio communications that is less urgent than "mayday. It stands for "Pay Attention Now". Anyway, we all have names that start with "P" so my Mommy thought Prince Pan Pan was the purr-fect name for me!

What’s the best thing about having a forever home? 
For any dog or cat, finding a forever home is the equivalent of winning the lottery. The odds are not in our favor, and far too many are never rescued or adopted, and that is a very tragic situation.  Pet overpopulation is a huge problem, which is why low cost spaying/neutering is so important.  Of course, having a forever home means we have food, toys and comfy places to nap, but the most important thing is that we are wanted and loved.

Do you have any siblings? Do you get along with them? 
I have two brothers, Puck, who is all white, and Prince Pippin, a Snowshoe/Siamese.  My sister, Pinky, is also all white, and a real diva. She pretty much hates the rest of us, because she was here first. Then there’s Moxie, who is a Jack Russell Terrier, who thinks she is a cat. She is pretty crazy, barks a lot, and loves to eat cat food. I’m a very mellow guy who gets along with everybody.  

Pan Pan's family.

You’re a busy kitty with a couple of Facebook pages.  Tell us how you came up with the idea for Prince Pan Pan’s Royal Art Gallery
Since the beginning of recorded history, cats have had a prominent place in art throughout different cultures. A lot of people may not know that famous artists like Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso, and many more, have famous works that feature cats. I wanted to share them with my fans because I am a big art lover, like my Mommy. The first painting I posted on my page was “Starry Night Kitty” by Gina Stark, and I dedicated it to Wyatt the Greybie when he made his journey to the Bridge.  It was very popular, and became the inspiration for the Gallery, which opened June 1, 2012.

What kind of events have you held there? I had a fabulous time at my book launch and reading! And I’ve danced my paws off for ….  Well, that’s not for me to tell! I’m meowing too much.  You tell everyone. 
Wow. We have hosted weddings, Celebrations of Life, fashion shows, and Kittyland Dancing with the Stars. Then there are our annual charity events such as Smoky’s Black Cat Ball, which is a huge costumed event at Halloween, and the Masquerade Ball, which is actually my birthday party. During the holidays, we produce “The Nutcracker – A Purr-fect Tale”, our version of the popular ballet, “After PAW-ty”, our live show where Bobbie Jo the Philosopher Kitty and I ring in the New Year in almost every time zone, and on the last Friday of the year, a special exhibition of all the art we have dedicated to our furriends at the Bridge.  I know I forgot some!

And what about the Cruise For A Cause page, and the Royal Art Gallery Gift Shop
The Cruise for a Cause page is where we host our annual charity event “Pirate Cats of the Caribbean”, when all my furriends sail with us to “Paw-ty Island”. It is one of our definitely one of our most popular events. We also set up the albums for the fundraisers on this page. Originally, the Gallery Gift Shop was going to sell items designed by my Mommy to benefit various charities. Unfortunately, she didn’t really have the time to stay ahead of the orders, so it became our “Design Studio”, where Prince Pippin and his crew create beautiful costumes and events.

Pirate Pan Pan.

How do you choose the causes you raise money for?
First, they must be non-profit, 501c3 charities and related to the welfare of animals. A lot of the events I host, like Kittyland Dancing with the Stars, and the Masterpiece Photo Contest, give the entrants an opportunity to compete for their favorite causes.  The winning charities receive the proceeds from a fundraiser dedicated to them. This is really fun and rewarding, and also promotes the organizations.  

Can you tell us some of the shelters/rescues/causes you have helped to date and about how much in total you have raised? 
Last year we raised close to $13,000 for our featured charities: Abandoned Angels Cat Rescue, Advocates 4 Animals, Feline Rescue of Northern Nevada, The Grannie Project, Jethro’s Anipal Sanctuary, Meow Stories, Princeton’s Meow and the Randolph County Humane Society. We are well on track to meet or exceed that number this year!

Holy cats that's a lot of green papers! That sure does help a lot of kitties. How can people find your events so they can put them in your calendar?
They are posted on my main page, as well as the others, and I advertise and promote them as much as I can! I may start creating “events” (sending invitations via FB), but we’ll see.

Do you have anything in closing you would like to say or share? 
Our next big fundraising event is the Pirate Cruise coming up in September, so be sure and look for that! We will also have some great exhibitions in the Gallery on Friday nights this summer (8:00 pm EDT).  We hope to see all our furriends there!

Thank you, Pan Pan, for a great interview and for all you do to help kitties and people. We’re glad we have such giving friends like you guys. 

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Lexy has another interview coming soon.  You'll be meeting a graceful black cat named Smoky who will tell everyone how much Black Cats Rule! 

Tomorrow we are posting some of our photos from the events we participated in at Prince Pan Pan's Royal Art Gallery. Just WAIT till you see them.  Everyone will be lining up to be in the next event! 

P.s.  Miss Dixie is having a book reading tonight in the gallery.  Stop by! 


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  1. Wow, Prince Pan Pan has done a LOT of amazing work to help other kitties in need! What a cool guy.

  2. It's so nice to meed Prince Pan Pan. He is such a busy kitty with so many great projects! Thanks for sharing this interview with us :)

  3. a grate interviews two day lola.....we troo lee enjoyed it...

    prince pan pan ~~~~~~ waves...itz veree nice to met ewe... N how total lee awesum oh ewe, yur mom & yur familee ta raiz funds for thoz diffrent charities...high paws N head bonx ....ouch....two ewe !! yur pie rat crooze sounds WAY fun....we hope it iz a huge success ♥♥♥

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  4. Such a sweetie, I am glad you have a good home now.

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    Dezi and Lexi

  6. You are an amazing kitty, Prince Pan Pan, and I am so happy to meet you!

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