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Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's Love Your Pet Day!

Hello and happy Caturday! Did you know that today is Love Your Pet Day? When Lexy and I were meowing about what to post for this day, we decided on something cool.  We polled some of our Facebook friends and asked them how they know their humans love them.  This is what they had to say: 

Since I have lost most of my hearing due to old age, when my mother sees me drinking from the water bowl in the kitchen, she will avoid going in there so she doesn't startle me. - Minnie Pearl

My mom brings a can of whipped cream home and gives me a little bit with my wet food! - Gus

My mom sits on the middle cushion of the sofa so Rascal and I each have an end table and reading lamp , as well as the arm of the sofa to lean against when we want to nap! - Coco 
(p.s. Coco is in my book!) 

Mom lets us hog the couch...even though her feet are cold she won't move us so she can put on socks. - Ruby, Lucinda and Kelli

Mom rescued me from the shelter. At 12 years my former family dumped me there. When mom rescued me I got in the car and howled all the way home. I was so excited. - Rover

Our mom goes to work each day to support us. . .some days, if it wasn't for us, she'd just stay home or quit her job! She lets us hog most of the bed; she drives around to several places to get us the kind of food we like; she can't imagine life without us! - Domino and Kathleen

Our mom also shares her bed, most of it, and wakes up to pet us whenever we mew, or head butt her, or tap her with our paw, etc. - Meet My Four Kitties

Our Mom shares her computer chair with Pia and Quint, at the same time, and her keyboard space with Viola and Patrol Sergeant Zuzu. Then she gives Miss Newton and Olivia special love brushies each afternoon, with extra bonus points if sunshine is streaming on our furs and window beds. Not to be outdone, sister Tessa a.k.a. Danger Cat gets held for five minutes each day around 1 p.m. which is clearly the best time to do so, and Ruby Roo snuggles every night while Mom reads. And Dad plays toys with us every evening and gives us nightly brushies before bed. Yeah, we think they might love us a wee bit. - Pia, Quint, Vila, Zuzu, Miss Newton, Olivia, Tessa, Danger Cat and Ruby Roo

Diego: Mama feeds me in her office sometimes cuz Nola can't eat fish and I like it sometimes. So we sneak in there just mom and me. Nola: mom brushes me until I drool. I love brushing. - Diego and Nola 

My cat mom shows me she loves me everyday by giving me bites of cream cheese each morning! She has the warmest lap and spoils me rotten! - Cheesecake

I am a cat but don't much like to be picked up, but I love being petted, especially on my head and cheeks. I lay on top of my human mom when she goes to bed and she pets and cuddles with me making sure I don't get overstimulated. During the day I will meow for her to pet me. She will sit back in her chair and I will lay just below her shoulder. Mom will pet me any I time I do this and I do this several times a day. MOL. I even let her kiss my cheekies, although I am not crazy about that. She says my purrs are like music playing. She always talks to me as she pets me telling me I am her good friend and that she luvs me. My mom makes sure I have everything I need, specially my head petting. - Orhpie

Our mom give us treats and neck scritches and our dad gives us the BEST ear rubs! - Sadie Mae, Shiloh and Vincent

No matter how tired mommy is, she always takes care of us first. She makes sure we get our food, our litter box is clean and we have fresh water. She always puts us first! - Spooky, Gracie, Ferris, Buddy and Finnegan

Daddy stays in bed until I can come in and get my morning pat, he even keeps my sisters out just so we can have special pat time together. - Frosty

Papa Bob is just the best: he comes home from work very tired but he sees to my needs first, he then eats his noms. He will sit on the couch and I will jump up, sit next to him with my head on his lap and he will brush me, stroke my head and back, tells me he loves me very much, then I will settle back and sleep against him. He won't move for a really long time, some days it is right up to the time for him to go to sleepy town, then I will jump in bed with him and sleep the night away, safe and secure. I purr and purr to let him know I love him. - Tookie

Awwww, you guys are so sweet! Thanks for sharing! 

How do you know your human loves you? 

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  1. That is a lot of love in one post! I know my human loves me because she takes me so many places! I love our alone time.

  2. I love this post and what a great idea for getting the other's stories which are all so heartwarming!! ;-)

  3. What a wonderful post. M and D show they love me by: D gives me a lap whenever I want one cuz he's always glued to his recliner anyway. M is able to read my signals and always knows what I want - if I want to play, I sit in a certain place; if I want the sink filled with fresh water, I hop up by the sink; M plays with me every night no matter how much her back hurts her, and if she doesn't play long enough, I don't sleep with her. he he

  4. My Mom was the one who made the decision to adopt me. She held my littermates first (who wanted nothing to do with her), I sat in her lap and didn't move for an hour. Mom KNEW I was "the one"
    Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. We know our mom loves us because we have the best home...we get to eat the bestest food and we have the funnest toys and lots of comfy places to sleep.

  6. Great post, so sweet. I think every day should be love your pet day.

  7. We enjoyed reading the other's stories. We're lucky, it's Love Your Pet Day every day here. Happy Love Your Pet Day ! Purrs

  8. Aw, this is so, so sweet. We loved reading about all the love!

  9. The mom always pets me whenever I jump up on the bed and meow in her face, too. :)

  10. Dat was pawsum girls. Looks like we missed another holiday. MOL Dat's okay it's luv us day everyday here. MOL Have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. Glad post! My peeps kiss my lots and spend a lot of money on me.

  12. Mom holds me upside down in her lap while she types, even though that am hard to do... -Katie Ann Kitty Too

  13. What a beautiful post. And I just have to say...Minnie Pearl and Cheesecake are two of the cutest names ever!


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