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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day - Hobbes, AKA Stinky the Cat

Lexy: Today we’re joining Deb Barnes and the Zee and Zoey gang to celebrate Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. 

Lola: We’re writing about one of our best friends who made his journey to the rainbow bridge two years ago. His name is Hobbes, AKA Stinky the Cat, and we miss him so much. 

Lexy: Hobbes was known throughout Kittyland on Facebook as the best dancer.  He loved all types of music but disco was his favorite.  His favorite song was Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees, and he would often make his entrance at parties to this song. His “Stinky Dance” became quite famous. 

Lola: Stinky (I called him by his popular name, Stinky.  Lexy always liked to call him Hobbes) was very fond of wearing speedos.  He started a trend of cats wearing speedos. Spaghetti Bob and George were not so fond of speedos and started a movement to have them banned.  But Stinky always defied this and strutted around in his speedos. I hated those speedos and always teased him about them! 

Lexy: One of the things I miss the most is the Mysterious Stranger, which was Hobbes’s alter ego.  

The Mysterious Stranger went around and played pranks on his friends, such as: spraying whipped cream on them or dipping their paws in water as they slept, hiding their toys, dipping their toys in spicy stuff, etc.  Hobbes wore a disguise and claimed he was not the stranger, that the stranger was some cat from Finland. I remember one time when he sprayed whipped cream all over Lola, and he hid her toys. She couldn’t find them for days! I have to admit, he was my partner in crime. He would sneak up the fire escape and I would let him in the bedroom window.  Then I would sneak him out. 

Lola: I knew it was Stinky the whole time, but I played along. So I created the Masked Stranger! 

I used to sneak in and paint his nails with red nail polish! I also sprayed perfume all over him. MOL Those were fun times.  One time Stinky played a big trick on me! He posted a picture of himself with lipstick marks all over his face and blamed me! 

He had all of Kittyland thinking I did it! But the he got busted. Here’s proof he did it himself. 

Lexy: Lola, don’t forget the magic show! 

Lola: Oh yes! We were part of a magic show that Prince Pan Pan held, and I got to saw him in half! Now that was the best!

Lexy: He was also part of the Cat Pack, along with Spaghetti Bob, George, Lord Ugly Boy Byron, Billy Bob, and Gentle Ben. When they did a concert, all the girl kitties swooned. 

Lola: If I remember, Lexy, you were quite the fan girl!

Lexy: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Lola. Anyway, We really miss Hobbes.  Life hasn’t been the same since he left for the bridge after being diagnosed with cancer.  He had a tumor in his mouth that was removed.  After a while he didn’t want to eat and was on a feeding tube.  The cancer spread to his brain, so his mom kept him comfortable until he let her know it was his time to make his journey. 

Lola: Friends live forever in our hearts, and Stinky will always have a home in ours.  He’s always nearby, fluttering around with his beautiful angel wings, watching over us. One day he was just a cat we met on Facebook, and the next his whole family became our dear friends. 

Lexy: We will always have fond memories of Hobbes, and we are so glad we got to share part of our life with him. 

Lola: So that’s a little bit about our bestie.  We hope you enjoyed reading about him! 
Lola and Lexy

Photo Credits: Fatboy Babushka, Prince Pan Pan's Royal Art Gallery. 

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  1. I never knew Hobbes. This was a nice tribute.

  2. I didn't even know this was a day....how lovely

  3. Awe, I didn't know Hobbes, but he looks like he was quite a character. We have only females cats so no speedos for us. LOL!

  4. What a nice tribute to Stinky Hobbes ! Purrs

  5. Nice Remembering Hobbie,Stinkymiss you!!!

  6. Nice Remembering Hobbie,Stinkymiss you!!!

  7. Nice Remembering Hobbie,Stinky,miss you!!!

  8. Nice Remembering Hobbie,Stinky,miss you!!!

  9. Hugs fur your furiend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  10. What fun and fond memories you have of Stinky. Wish we would have known him. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Beautiful tribute to handsome Hobbes. XO

  12. I love Hobbes!! Thank you for sharing him with us! (((hugs))))

  13. Oh, I loved Hobbsie too!! He was my second nephew here on Facebook! He was a good friend to my kitty Curry.

  14. we miss Hobbes...he has visited it us in the past..we know it was him...he is (and still is) forever loved....<3 Holly/Abbee and Karen..

  15. Hobbes was one cool dude, for sure! Hugs to you as you remember him, and all the joy he brought to so many.

  16. Thank you for sharing your memories of Stinky/Hobbes!

    Gus, Pearl, and Jaq
    As the World Purrs

  17. What a wonderful tribute, and a nice trip down memory lane! Miss Tiger, Baby Jude and Abbykat are all over the bridge with Stinky now, but Roxie B and I remember the dance parties so well!

  18. It sounds like you two had lots of fun times with him!! Hugs and purrs to you.

  19. Thank you ladies for sharing Hobbes/Stinky with us. We enjoyed getting to know him and his fantastic quirks. Sending love to all of you :)

  20. I remember Hobbes Stinky Cat and how sad we all were when he crossed the Bridge. Sending hugs to his mom on this special day.

  21. Awww.. what a beautiful tribute to your furriend, Lola and Lexy. We love the picture of angel Hobbes with the wings :) Soft Pawkisses <3 <3 <3


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