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Monday, September 12, 2016

Snuggle Schmuggle Part 2

Lexy: Lola, why is Mother staring at us? 
Lola: She wants me to snuggle with you.

Lexy: Well? Go ahead then. If you do she won't make us move so she can make the bed.
Lola: But I don't want to! 

Lexy: Lola, this is not snuggling. 

Lola: Yes it is. We're touching, see? 

Lola: Snuggling is exhausting work. 

Do your kitties snuggle? 

You can see part one of our snuggle saga here

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  1. We only snuggle marginally more than you guys! Sometimes I think Binga's version of snuggling with Boodie is beating her up.

  2. We love snuggling several times in the day. Usually, Pixie goes to Zorro and "asks" for some snuggles by putting her head in his chest, like she did when she was a kitten. Purrs

  3. Snuggle? With each other? NO! I think we've snuggle like you two above maybe once or twice.

    Cute pics!

  4. Gracie and Zoe DO snuggle sometimes. Very cute. :)

  5. So that qualifies as snuggling? If so, then I think Olive and Sophie may have snuggled once. By mistake of course.

  6. I think touching is a partial snuggle.....FULL snuggle would be "entwined" or "entangled" or even "spooning" but touching....well....not quite! I don't have anyone to snuggle with but I do snuggle with my fleece blankies - Mom says for me that counts!

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. Lola has a point ... the two of you ARE touching. Bear and Kitty never snuggled. Not from lack of trying on Bear's part though.

  8. MOL Aaaaaaaaaw You girls are adorable. Me doesn't yeat snuggle with Raena, but it's not like da girly can be still long enuff to snuggle anyways.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. L & L. total lee awesum two see ya gorgeouz gals again, hope
    thiz mezzage findz ewe both happee N fulla sazz~~~ yur foto
    shootz two day iz awesum, we like one de best! ❤️❤️❤️


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