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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Frolicat Flik Interactive Cat Toy is Tons of Fun! #ChewyInfluencer

Lola: Hello, and Happy Friday! Guess what? I’m doing our Chewy review today! 

Lexy: What was that? I always do the Chewy reviews around here. 

Lola: Well, I ordered something I wanted so I’m doing it! 


Lola: Okay, friends. Are you ready? Today I’m telling you about a super fun toy… the Frolicat Flik Interactive Teaser Pet Toy by Petsafe. It’s super fun! 

Let me tell you what it is. The Flik is an automatic teaser that throws then hides a string! Strings are one of my favorite toys so this is just too purrfect. It’s super easy for humans to figure out. All you have to do is put three AA batteries in the compartment and turn it on! It couldn’t’ get any easier than that, that’s for sure. 

Let me tell you why kitties like it. It’s just like stalking prey! The string tries to hide but I pounce on it before the Flik gets it.

Let me tell you about all of the features: 

  • Automatic teaser throws then hides a string to entice your cat to play.
  • Cats can’t resist trying to grab the “tail” flicking back and forth, just like a wild cat stalking hidden prey.
  • Perfect to set on the table, shelf, or floor for easy play or storage.
  • Shuts off after 15 minutes or after pressing the off button.
  • Requires 3 AA which are not included.

I should say a little something about safety. You should supervise your kitty when they are playing with the Flik, just to be safe. Mommy doesn’t let me play alone, she has to be in the room. I think she’s overprotective, but she says she’s being safe. As long as I get to play, I don’t care. 

You can get a Frolicat Flik for your kitty at for $19.95. That's a 20% savings off of the regular price of $24.99. (It’s currently in stock, so hurry over!)  As always, shipping is free for orders of $49 and more, and Chewy’s customer service is terrific.

This has been my most favorite product we’ve gotten from Chewy! Do you think your kitty would love it? I bet they would! 


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  1. Oh my, Simon and Seal would go nuts with that one!

  2. That looks like a really fun toy!

  3. Wow! That does look like an awesome toy! And like your Mom, ours wouldn't let us play with it alone, either. That just might have to come to our house soon!

  4. How fun! I think Sophie and Woodrow would really like this toy.

  5. We love to see you play and enjoy being a kitty, Lola. We know it wasn't always so easy for you. But this looks like so much fun!!! Bear's OBSESSED with string. Many times I pooped him out by chasing a cat-safe string. Maybe we'll get to try this one eventually. By the way, if you'd like, I can contact Maya with Art of Paws and see if she's interested in sending you a shelf. I can't remember if you did the heated mat - that was what the original offer was - but I knew mine wouldn't be interested.

  6. Mudpie LOVES this toy!!! At first she was scared of it but she quickly became obsessed!

  7. Glad you ladies are having fun. I had one, but my cats got bored with it so I gave it to a friend whose cat loves string.

  8. String toys are fun. I bet a lot of kitties would like it.

  9. Oh boy, would I love one of those! I just can't get enough of string play. Now if only I can convince the tightwad money manager known as "mom"...

  10. That looks like fun we love string stuff!
    Have a great Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  11. That looks like lots of fun! Both Gracie and Ava would probably love it!

  12. This toy is insanely addictive. My cats love it, my Sister's cat loves it...every cat that we have given it to loves it. They will pretty much play with it as long as you keep pushing the button. Can it break? Yes, if your cat decides to haul it around by the string, it can get the string holder off of it's track and jam. However, this can be easily lifted back on with a long, thin implement (screwdriver, chopstick, nail file, etc.). It CAN come apart at the screws, but it is not terribly simple, as it has a bit of heat sealing. I have one very hyper and determined cat, and one cautious and mellow cat. My hyper, determined cat has only derailed it once, and I know of one other cat derailing it once. So, it is not a common problem, unless you have a defective model. If it only had a motion sensor light and all-day setting like the Froli-Cat toys, it would be perfect. As it is, if requires a human pushing the button every 12 minutes; could be worse.

  13. Lexy and Lola, I've heard about that toy, but I've never been around one in action. You look like you're having fun. It is very sleek. Do you think it comes in red, 'cause I sure like the color red. I would have to make sure Mom didn't steal the batteries to operate the TV remote. Tee hee hee!


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