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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Lola: Hello, and happy Wednesday! Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, Lexy and I wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday. We hope your Thanksgiving is full of love and blessings. 

cat on a pillow

Lexy: We also wanted to take a few minutes to share what we're thankful for. It's always important to take stock of the good things in your life and give thanks for them. 

Lola: Okay, I'll go first! Here are four things I am thankful for: 

  • Pillows! I just love a good pillow. I’ll take a pillow over a cat bed any day. 
  • Fancy Feast. I really love my Fancy Feast, especially chicken and turkey. Our vet told Mommy to feed me what I’ll eat, so Fancy Feast is on our menu!
  • My acupuncturist. Dr. Barotz has really helped me a lot! I look so much better and I’ve gained a pound. My sneezes are better, too. 
  • Laps. I’m a lap cat, that’s for sure. I can curl up in a person’s lap for hours. 

Lexy: Here are four things I am thankful for (in no particular order:) 

  • My bed. It’s called “My Lap Pet Bed”, because it looks like a person’s lap. Mother put a pair of her pants on it and it smells just like her. I sleep in it all the time. 
  • Our cat tree. Mother made sure she put it back in just the right spot after she moved some furniture around so we can still watch the birds.
  • Toys. We’re very lucky because we have SO MANY toys! I love to bring at least five a night to Mother when she’s sleeping – and I meow loudly to let her know I’m there with one. 
  • Our fountain. I used to love drinking from the faucet, so mother bought is a fountain. Now I have cool, fresh running water all the time. 

Lola: Lexy and I have some things in common that we’re both grateful for. The first one is our family and our home. We are surrounded with so much love that makes our hearts happy. Every day Mommy tells us how much she loves us and gives us hugs and kisses. 

Cat on a cat tree

Lexy: And even though Lola and I may tussle a little every now and then, and we don’t cuddle, we’re thankful that we’re sisters and we have each other. 

Lola: And the second thing we’re both thankful for is you! We’re thankful for each and every one of our friends who take the time to visit our blog and comment when they can. Without you, there would be no Lola The Rescued Cat blog. Thank you, from the bottom of all of our hearts, for your support. 

Lexy: Lola, Mother, and I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving full of all of the things you love.  

Love and Purrs,
Lola, Lexy, and Dawn

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  1. Those are all wonderful things to be thankful for! Dexter, Olive, Sophie, Woodrow, Harley and I (Rachel!) hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. We also love Fancy Feast.
    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but We are nonetheless thankful for Our Home, Our Mummy and each other.
    And We wish all a truly meowvellous Thanksgiving.

  3. That's a lot of great things to be thankful for ! Happy Thanksgiving ! Purrs

  4. Purrfect, purrfect, purrfect! Happy Thanksgiving sweet friends!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Those are all good things to be Thankful for.

  6. What wonderful things to be thankful for! We wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

  7. You are lucky kitties. Happy Thanksgiving! XO

  8. Happy Turkey Day Lola and Lexy. I'm thankful to be your furrend. Sounds like you and me have many of the same thankful things.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for you! This is a lovely post. We love you.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be grateful for!


  11. Happy Thanksgiving! We are scampering round catching up * paw hugs * but so glad to visit you.

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  12. those are great things to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving, Lexy, Lola, Mom Dawn and Will!


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