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Friday, July 24, 2020

The Feline Meow House Cat House by Petique is the Cat's Meow!

One of my goals here at Lola The Rescued Cat is to bring information to our readers that can help their cats live happier lives. (Well, not only cats but their people, too!)  I accomplish this by doing product reviews so pet parents get a glimpse of different cat-related products out there that can enhance the lives of both their two-legged and four-legged family members.

Petique Feline Meow House

Petique Feline Meow House

In 2019 I attended Global Pet Expo and had a blast learning about so many cat-related products and connecting with brands. One of the people I had the pleasure of speaking to was Kathy Tsai at Petique. I was immediately drawn to Petique's products because of their uniqueness. I had never seen cat furniture like this before and I wanted to learn more about it. When Kathy and I were speaking, I could clearly see her passion for her company, and I knew Petique was a brand I would love to feature on the blog. 

Okay, I know what you're saying; "Let me see the product!" So let's get into it. 

Feline Meow House Cat House by Petique

When I saw Petique's Cat Houses, I knew they'd be a hit with Lola and Lexy. Corrugated cardboard is one of their favorite scratching surfaces, and Lexy loves a good hideout cave.

Petique Feline Meow House

Petique's Feline Meow House is made out of durable, non-toxic corrugated cardboard. It is designed to help reduce stress and anxiety and to relieve a cat's natural tendency to groom their claws. With six scratchboards inside and around the house, your loveable feline has plenty of scratching surfaces. 


I usually have some help when I'm assembling something for a review so I can take photos and because.... well... I'm not always that adept at it! But with Lola's help, we forged on together.

Petique Feline Meow House

Petique Feline Meow House

The instructions are very easy to follow and no tools are necessary! All of the pieces fit together by inserting tabs into their coordinating slots and then placing the cardboard scratchers into place.

Petique Feline Meow House

Of course, Lola and Lexy had to do quality control during the process.

Petique Feline Meow House

Petique Feline Meow House

The assembly took me a total of 18 minutes, which included taking photos of the girls. Success on the first try! 

It's absolutely adorable, and Lexy agrees.

Petique Feline Meow House

Key Features

The first thing I wondered about the product was how sturdy it would be. When I first saw it, Lexy was on a weight loss journey and was down to about 12 pounds (she's now about 11.5 pounds). I was hoping it would hold up to both her and Lola, who is eight pounds, jumping on it. I leaned on it, rocked it, and pushed it, and was very impressed with how strong it was! I was told it can hold pets up to 20 pounds, and I have no doubt it can..

The Feline Meow House is made of compressed cardboard to form strong side panels and the entire unit is very sturdy. No worries about the girls' safety

Petique Feline Meow House

I also wondered if Lexy would fit in the hidey-hole on the second level. It's actually roomy, and she loves lounging there, watching what I'm up to in the living room.

Petique Feline Meow House

There is even more room on the bottom level.

Petique Feline Meow House

Key features include: 

  • Easy to move around compared to heavier scratchers
  • Made of non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainable material
  • Compostable and sustainable
  • Three levels to accommodate several cats
  • Assists cats in exerting excess energy
  • 100% eco-friendly materials protect your pets and the planet

We already mentioned: 

  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of compressed cardboard which makes it very sturdy
  • Relieves your cat's natural tendencies, such as grooming their claws
  • Aids in reducing stress and anxiety
  • Can hold pets up to 20 pounds.

The Feline Meow House weighs only 9.46 pounds, which made it very easy for me to carry up to my third floor apartment, and easy to move around. It's a great size for small spaces, too.

The Final Verdict

Petique's Feline Meow House Cat House gets two thumbs up from me, and Lola and Lexy each give it four paws up. I love that I don't have to worry about the girls getting hurt from it toppling over or falling apart, and I love that it's multi-functional. It doubles as a scratcher (with plenty of scratching surface) and a cat cave, and with three levels there is no need for the girls to have a hissy fit over who wants to use it. Lexy wanted to make sure I told you exactly how much she adores it.

Petique Feline Meow House

My current project is "catifying" my apartment, and I needed something to place next to a cabinet that would help the girls jump from the floor to the top of it. The Feline Meow House is just what I needed for that space! The girls can get onto the cabinet with no more struggles. I placed a small piece of Gorilla Grip Area Rug Gripper Pad underneath so it won't slide on the wood floor and it stays put and doesn't move. 

Petique Feline Meow House

Lola and Lexy think every cat should have a Meow House! 

About Petique

Petique, Inc. is a woman owned business that was founded in 2017. Their team has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, product development, and design. Petique is proud to specialize in non-toxic pet supplies and consumables (which are backed by research) to help cats, dogs, and small animals live longer and healthier lives. 

I had the pleasure of communicating with Kathy Tsai, President of Petique, who is an absolute doll. Kathy, who is owned by a nine-year-old Pomeranian named Hershey, once volunteered at Best Friends LA. Kathy told me that "volunteering helped me learn a lot about the different behaviors of cats and dogs." She feels the more you volunteer, the more you know how to respond with each dog and cat. "Because the dogs and cats are locked up all day, you help socialize them more. Get them family ready!" 

When I asked Kathy what sets Petique apart from other brands, she replied "we make sure our manufacturers develop quality products and test materials for harmful chemicals. We focus on providing non-toxic pet products to dogs, cats, and small animals."  Petique sells a wide range of non-toxic pet products from pet travel gears, to pet beds, eco-friendly cat houses and other lifestyle accessories that help them live longer and healthier lives as well as help our planet become a cleaner place to live in. Good for pets and the planet? You know that's something Lola The Rescued Cat loves! 

Kathy would also like our readers to know that Petique products are extremely durable and are truly quality products. "Many of our customers love using our products and love seeing how happy their pets are." Their customers "can have peace of mind knowing their pets are enjoying products that are safe for them to play, sleep, and consume." 

Discount Code

Kathy is very generously offering our readers a 10% discount on their products! Browse around their site to see all the great products you have to choose from. In addition to the Meow House, there are other cat houses to choose from. I really, really, wish I had room for the Feline Fortress! When we move to a larger home you can bet Lola and Lexy will have this!  (BTW, the houses aren't only for cats! Small dogs and other small animals can enjoy them as well!)

Petique Feline Fortress

They have a unique collection of beds, toys, carriers, strollers, toys, and eating accessories.

Petique cat bed

In my opinion, the Biodegradable Eco 2-in-1 bowl (which is microwaveable and dishwasher safe as well as BPA free) could go right in your lunchbox and no one would know it's made for your pet!

Petique Biodegradable Bowl

Petique is currently offering free shipping with no minimum order required. 

Enter LOLA10 at checkout to receive your 10% discount!

Petique Feline Meow House
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Take a look at Petique's products and tell us what you think your pet would love. And let us know what you ordered!


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