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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Lola and Lexy's Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in with our newest "Top Five" post. August in New York is hot and muggy, and it's not unusual for temperatures to soar into the 90's. Mother always worries about our safety in this weather, but she has some tips and tricks to make sure Lola and I are comfortable. 

Today we're sharing our top five tips to keep your cat cool during the dog days of summer. 

Lola and Lexy's Top Five Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

1. Water

The number one safety tip to keep in mind for your cat during the summer is water. If you’re a Harry Potter fan you know that a potion made from the Philosopher’s Stone that extends the life of the drinker is the Elixir of Life. Think of water as the Elixir of Life for your cat!

Water is essential to all living things and is critical to every system in the body. Water assists in lubricating joints, transporting nutrients through the bloodstream, regulating body temperature through respiration, flushing waste materials out of the body by way of urine, cushioning the brain and spinal cord, and the list goes on. For all of these reasons and more, it’s important to ensure your cats have access to plenty of fresh, clean water.

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Here are a few tips to help make sure your cats have plenty of fresh water to keep them cool on hot days:


Fountains keep water circulating so it is constantly fresh, filtered, and cool. We really like the Pagoda Fountain by Petsafe and the Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Steel Fountain


If you use bowls instead of a fountain, make sure to clean them frequently so your cat always has clean water. (It’s a good idea to have several bowls placed around the house for easy access.) If it’s a particularly hot day, change the water a couple of times throughout the day and try filling it with water from the fridge and adding an ice cube or two to the bowl to keep the water cooler longer. If you’re going to be out of the house for several hours, consider the Polar Bowl by Neater Pet Brands. It’s a double-walled, stainless steel bowl with a non-toxic gel core. After popping it in the freezer for a bit, it will keep your cats’ water cold for hours. Just what we need on a hot, humid day.

Whether you choose fountains or bowls, the important thing to remember is that your cat has plenty of access to water to keep them well hydrated.

2. Grooming

Mats can trap in body heat and raise your cat’s body temperature. Daily brushing removes excess fur and mats, keeps our coats tangle free, and keeps us cooler. (This is particularly important for long haired cats.) We use the Cat Hair Grooming Kit by Catit and the Furminator to keep us looking sleek and feeling cool. Another item you can consider is Catit’s Self Groomer Cat Toy. Our mother’s friend has this and her cats just love it.

5 ways to keep your cat cool

Another tip is to wipe your cat down with a cool cloth after grooming them (or in between grooming sessions). Just dampen a washcloth with cool water and give your cat some pets on the warmest parts of their body which are their bellies, armpits, paw pads, under the chin, and on the outside of the ears.

3. Shade

To prevent strong sunlight from entering and heating up the room, lower the shades or blinds. Mother lowers the blinds but leaves just enough room for Lola and me to enjoy birdwatching and get fresh air.

5 ways to keep your cat cool

You can also create a shady spot for your cat to sleep in. If your cat loves boxes as much as I do, place a box on its side to create a nice, cozy spot for a nap. (You can even place our favorite blanket or a nice terry cloth towel in it for some added comfort.) A nice hideaway cat bed is a perfect place for us to take a shady snooze.  

One of my favorite napping places is this basket. Mother always makes sure there is room for me in it. It’s in our entryway, which is a nice, shady spot away from the sun.

5 ways to keep your cat cool

4. Air

Air circulation is so important for us on a hot day! Follow these tips to make sure we’re comfortable:

Don’t confine your cat to one room, especially a sunroom. We need the ability to move around to seek shade and coolness. A closed up room gets very hot very quickly and this can result in us becoming overheated and possibly suffering a heat stroke.

A nice breeze from an open window can make your cat feel nice and cool. For their safety, make sure you have appropriate screens in the window to prevent your cat from getting out. This is particularly important if the window is on the upper floor of your house, or you live in an apartment building (like we do.)

If it’s oppressively hot (like it is today here in NYC when I’m writing this post) and you’re going to be out for the day, leave an air conditioner on a timer. 

5 ways to keep your cat cool

The air conditioner in our living room can be put on the temperature sensor, but the one in the bedroom is older and does not have a sensor. Since Lola and I spend a large portion of our day in that room, Mother purchased a timer that can be programmed to turn the air conditioner on at certain times during the day. Now she doesn’t have to worry about Lola and me not being cool and comfortable during the hottest times of the day!

Another idea is to leave a fan on while you’re home so your cat can enjoy an additional breeze.

5. Treats

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a cool treat on a hot day. Our pal, Summer has a recipe for delicious popsicles that your cat will love! 

Here are a couple of other ideas:

Making a tuna sandwich? Put the tuna water (make sure it’s water and NOT oil) in a blender with a few ice cubes. Now you have a tuna shaved ice slushy! Try it with chicken broth, too!

Do your cats like squeezable treats? (We love our Inaba Churu puree treats ). Place a pouch in the freezer and leave it there for an hour or so, or until it just starts to freeze. Remove from the freezer, massage the pouch a little, and voila! You have a frozen treat!

This is a fun one! Make a big ice cube, place it in a tray and leave out for your cat to lick.

Bonus Tip

We have a bonus tip for you today. 

  • Freeze a bottle of water overnight and take it out of the freezer before you leave for work. Wrap it in a towel and place it in your cat's favorite sleeping spot. This will be a spot for them to cool down if they feel warm. (Note: stay away from gel packs - your cat's nails could puncture it and the contents are toxic for us.) 

5 ways to keep your cat cool

We hope you found this information helpful! Join us next time when Lola and I discuss five ways to encourage your cat to drink more water. 

How do you keep your cat cool during the dog days of summer? Tell us in the comments. 

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Lola and Lexy


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  1. These are great tips, and really valuable right now! Thanks for including my popsicles!

  2. When it's blazing hot, I worry about 1) The PO'M, who lives outside, and 2) Sweetie, in the upstairs apartment that gets hot as the day goes on.
    However, Paddy seems to be well; he's got his shady napping locales, and I keep a fan aimed in Sweetie's general direction as she naps all day.
    But my fingers are crossed nonetheless.

  3. Those were terrific and timely tips! Simon loves to play with ice cubes, he gets his paw cool then licks the cool water off!

  4. L & L....a few fresh minnow in de fountin werkz all sew.... we iz big inta playin with ice cubez as well....never had one like B ball size tho :) ☺☺♥♥

  5. Great tips! I want to try that big ice cube one. :-)

  6. I like to lay right next to the air cooling thingy vent. In some rooms in our house, it's in the ceiling so I like to lay right under it. Keeps me cool for sure. ~Ernie

  7. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful tips with us. Our kitties at home love staying under the bed to nap and cool off. Then later on they lay in a sun puddle for a little. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  8. These are wonderfully important tips! I change Mudpie's water bowls and brush her a few times a day in this heat. I let as little sunlight in as possible and have the AC on as much as possible. Is it fall yet?!?!?!

  9. Great tips ladies. I do a lot of these already, but I will definitely try freezing the squeezies treats. XO

  10. Those are all good tips, and I loved the video.

  11. Yes to all of these! We're going to try that water bottle thing. Guessing that Ava will like that. :)

  12. Good ideas all. We tend to stay in the AC when it is really hot and only peek at the Cat Yard to make sure there are no introoders

  13. we have a heat wave here so thanks for the advice!

  14. These are super good ideas. We don't get real heat waves till Sept/Oct so the Human is preparing because I am old now and do NOT do well in the heat. She ordered me a cooling pad from Amazon that's supposed to be here this weekend--don't worry though: It uses ice not gel. We live in San Francisco and it doesn't get toooooo hot very often, so hardly anyone has a/c and there are a couple weeks out of the year we could really use it. Thanks for these tips though! She's gonna go find the popsicle recipe!

  15. Those are all great tips. I'm fortunate to be an indoor kitty with air conditioning. We're having a 100+ heatwave this week, so we're making sure to try to stay cool.

  16. Great ideas. We have water bowls scattered around. Because of a cat's low thirst drive, I make it a point to make sure that no matter where my cats are, there's always a bowl within 10 feet. At one point, moving the food bowl away from where Bear spent most his time helped him lose a little weight - but cats have trouble getting enough water as it is - so water is a different story.


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