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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Scruffy Paws Nutrition's Kidney-Vitalize Helps Support Your Cat's Kidney Health

Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in with another product review for you. If you're a long time reader of our blog, you know that one of our goals is to bring all of you information that can help your cats live a happy, healthy life. Telling you about products that are on the market is one of the ways we do this. 

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Today we're working with the folks at Scruffy Paws Nutrition to tell you about their Kidney-Vitalize Chews. 

Cat with a white paw reaching for Kidney-Vitalize by Scruffy Paws Nutrition

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is more common in cats than most people think. The folks at International Cat Care state that "CKD can be seen in cats of any age but is most commonly seen in cats over 7 years old, and it becomes increasingly common with older age. It has been estimated that around 20-50% of cats over 15 years of age will have some degree of CKD present. CKD is seen about three times more frequently in cats than in dogs." 

close up of Kidney-Vitalize Chews by Scruffy Paws Nutrition

CKD is a progressive, incurable disease, which is why supporting your cat's kidney health is so important. That's where Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews come in

Kidney-Vitalize Chews provide kidney support to cats of all ages with or without CKD. The active ingredients are perfect to help younger cats maintain kidney function to prevent the onset of CKD, and are also beneficial for older cats who are showing the signs of kidney function decline, to revitalize their organs.

The active ingredients of Astragalus Root Extract (60 mg) and Rehmannia Root Extract (30 mg) have been extensively studied and are scientifically backed to be effective in alleviating symptoms of CKD or supporting kidney health. They also fight inflammation and reduce proteinuria. (Addressing proteinuria helps to reduce the weight loss and organ damage caused by CKD.)

Tabby cat with Kidney-Vitalize Chews by Scruffy Paws Nutrition

Your cat should be given 1 chew per five pounds of body weight as follows: 

  • Up to 5 lb.: 1 chew/day
  • 6 – 10 lb.: 2 chews/day
  • 11 – 15 lb.: 3 chews/day
  • 16 – 20 lb.: 4 chews/day
Note: You should not exceed the recommended amount or give to cats with diarrhea. 

Scruffy Paws Nutrition Kidney-Vitalize dosing information

Just like all of Scruffy Paws' products, Kidney-Vitalize Chews are made with only the best natural ingredients and are manufactured right here in the USA. 

You can purchase a container of 80 chews for $29.99 on the Scruffy Paws website. If you sign up for monthly deliveries you can save 10% on your monthly order. 

Now the big question that's on everyone's mind... did Lola and I eat them? 

Tabby cat taking Kidney-Vitalize by Scruffy Paws Nutrition

Yep! Even finicky Lola gave them a try. 

Black and white cat taking Kidney-Vitalize by Scruffy Paws Nutrition

I enjoyed them as well. 

We've had the pleasure of working with Scruffy Paws Nutrition in the past. Check out our review on their Scrub and Shine Dental Powder.

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As always, make sure your cat gets a full checkup from their veterinarian and discuss all treatment options with them. 

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Do you give your cat any supplements? We'd love to hear about them in the comments. 


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  1. We don't get any supplement, but this one looks like a great product. Purrs

  2. Something that encourages kidney health and looks like enticing treats has to be good.

  3. Yummy and helpful for kidney health is really a good thing!

  4. Sweetie's BUN score was at the top edge of 'normal' earlier this year, and no doubt she has some sort of kidney issues. I'll check out the website, thanks!

  5. There's nothing better than a medicine or supplement that tastes good.

  6. Tasty AND good for kitty kidney levels? Awesome!

  7. This sounds like something Boodie might benefit from. She's 19, and although she hasn't been tested lately, I'm sure her kidneys aren't what they used to be!

  8. Thank you Lola and Lexy. I'll go to their website and see if there are any studies.

  9. They look really epic, We'll have to check if they're available in the UK XOX

  10. We have some of these. Unfortunately, Harley (our CKD cat) didn't like them. But if they work for other cats, that is awesome! Great review!

  11. always good ot be reminded about kidney health!


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