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Monday, April 27, 2015

How To Make Your Human Late For Work....

... on a Monday Morning!

First thing you do is make yourself nice and comfortable on top of them while they're still in bed.

Then you start to lay on the charm and look cute.  (This is easy for kitties, since we're cute all the time.)

Works like a charm! Mommy just couldn't get out of bed.


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  1. But if your human doesn't get out of bed, then who feeds you?

    1. She gets up eventually to use the human litter box. She use that thing more than me and Lexy!

  2. We sure know how to work it, don't we? Excellent job!

  3. lola.....pawsum...ewe haz yur staff wrapped round yur paw....eggs act lee wear her kneadz ta bee...inn deed...awesum fotoz by de way...we iz total lee lovin number three ♥♥♥ ~~~

  4. Nice work, Lola! My assistant is feeling drowsy just reading this post

  5. You are adorable! I love mitted tabbies :)

  6. We bet your mom was really really late for work! :)

  7. Lola - you really know how to work it. Your cute faces will get you far in life. I can hear you purring from here.

  8. I have the opposite problem. My "Boomer" & "Jack " have decided it's their job (and duty) to get me out of bed very early in the morning!!


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