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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rescue Stories: Lennie - From Scared Shelter Cat To Happy Man Of The House!

Today we are very excited and honored to share the story of Lennie from OldCatsRule. Gina, the editor of OCR, has been a friend of ours for four years, since Lola was adopted and we started our Facebook page.  We cried when Bubba and Chyron went to the bridge, and are so happy Gina found it in her heart to adopt another kitty. Please visit their blog or their Facebook page.  

There is an important message in Lennie's story: cats in shelters may be stressed or depressed, and may not present as perky and friendly.  This may result in cats who could be wonderful companions being passed up.  When adopting from a shelter, please look at all the cats closely. You may find your soul mate hiding in the back of a cage. 

Lennie's Story, Or The Cat Least Likely to.....

Handome Lennie.

A long, long time ago in a clowder far, far away, there was Bubba, Chyron, Stanni and yours truly. Throughout life’s ups and downs, the four of us became a close and happy family. The years flew by and before I knew it, Bubba was 23. He had a full life with TV and magazine appearances — he even found time to become the creative force behind OldCatsRule. So when it was time to go to the Rainbow Bridge, he left quite a legacy.

A few years later, 18-year-old Chyron joined Bubba. She was a quiet, elegant calico who cherished serenity and adored Bubba. That left Stanni who was the pesky 14-year-old kid sister. She accepted her place in the pecking order while gleefully asserting her supremacy in the cute department with lots of rolling around and kicking toys with her back paws.

Stanni and me continued on as a duo for several months… until I landed a temporary job that came with a long commute. This meant Stanni would be alone about 13 hours a day. She had always had company, so I decided it was time to welcome a new family member. This decision was made reluctantly because the loss of Bubba and Chyron was very difficult. However, being a one-cat household never felt quite right. Filled with dreams of Stanni purring and head butting, I headed to the ASPCA. Not one of the many cats, kittens and senior cats said, “Take me home.” The staff kept trying to talk us into a senior. We would have happily adopted a senior, however, we kept looking for a sign, something that would scream, “this is the one.”

After a second walk through, we spotted a muscular orange fur ball curled up with his back to the cage. He was in an area where the cats were named after characters from “The Simpsons.” Were we signing up for a Bart? Nope. They simply dubbed this 3-year-old boy Simpson. Simpson, who was rescued from an alleged hoarder, gave us a non-committal look. We didn't know what to think but his bright orange fur was such a happy color that the two of us were on the way home faster than you could say Fancy Feast.

He neither cried nor struggled in the carrier. Aside from one small “mew,” he never spoke. After the litter, food bowls and bed were set up in the bathroom, I took Simpson out of the carrier. Without a second of hesitation he climbed on my lap and unleashed a purr that could power a jet. Head butts and drooling quickly followed. His apparent depression from being in the shelter vanished. Within minutes, my jeans were soaked from the drool and I simply said, “Welcome home.”

Comfortable at home.

Simpson became Lennie and Stanni’s little brother. The fantasies of Lennie and Stanni curled up together went out the window because Miss Stanni refused to have any of it. The epic hissing matches easily outdid any fights on a “Real Housewives” show.

Seeking refuge from Stanni.

Five months later, they are not BFFs but they live together in relative harmony. Lennie’s sunny orange fur is matched by his sweet, slightly dopey nature. He’s not a cuddler but when he runs around the apartment, looks out the window or gives me a cockeyed look it is easy to see his joy.
There is no way a casual observer would have imagined the indifferent shelter cat sleeping with his face to the wall had a nice, silly disposition waiting to come out. Lennie was not a scampering kitten or an attention hog. On the surface, he was the cat least likely to capture someone imagination and win a trip to a forever home.

Lennie is not the only cat like that in a shelter. But taking that chance makes me feel like I won the feline lottery.

Posing for a photo.

Lennie lives in New York City with his mom, Gina, Editor of OldCatsRule (OCR)

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  1. If humans could somehow solve the problem of kitties like Lennie withdrawing and not showing well, there would be a lot more happy tales like this one!

    1. You're so right! We hope Lennie's story inspires people.

  2. What a great story about Lennie! I just love that Gina took a chance on him. This is really a great message and reminder that kitties that seem withdrawn or unsociable at a shelter can be for that very reason: they're in a cage at a shelter.

    Thanks for sharing Lennie's story! :)

  3. This is OCR.

    Thanks to everyone who read Lennie's story. Watching him is a reminder to try and hang in and savor life's simple pleasures.

  4. veree nice to meet ewe lennie !!! we R mega happee yu mom finded ewe, N ewe finded yur for evers...way kewl ~~~~ YAY !!! we will pop over & say meoloz on yur blog

    heerz two a happee easturr... dino eggz onlee…. burd free kinda week oh end two everee one ♥♥♥

  5. Lennie is a cutie! I am glad he has his forever home, I wish all kitties could be that lucky.

  6. What a wonderful story. Just proves you can't tell a cat by its fur! Too bad Lennie and Stanni are not BFFs. But who knows what goes on when their Mom is away 13 hours each day. They may be snuggle buddies. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Lennie sure is a handsome guy. It sounds like he has a great home. Thanks for sharing his story with us.

  8. I LOVE this story! Thank you so much for sharing. Please give Lennie a pet & hug for me!

  9. it is always so nice to see the ones that make it out being so happy.


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