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Saturday, September 5, 2015

It's Happy Cat Month!

Hello and Happy Saturday Caturday! Did you know that September is Happy Cat Month? The folks over at the Catalyst Council created this annual event to debunk the myth that cats are aloof and need less medical care than dogs do.  The goal of this event is to negate these stereotypes and make sure all cats get the proper care they need.  Pretty cool, huh? 

So today I decided to share a few things that make us happy. (Oh, by the way, the Catalyst Council says that taking us to the vet on a regular basis is a way to keep us happy.  Umm... I hate to burst their bubble... but getting a thermometer put you know where does not make a kitty happy).  

black and white cat
As long as Lexy has something to lie on she's happy. She lies on the strangest
things sometimes, like laundry bags, grocery bags, and shoes. 

black and white cat
Boxes make Lexy happy! She LOVES boxes!

black and white cat
Treats! Treats make Lexy happy! 

Sleeping in human beds makes me happy! 

tabby cat
Being next to Mommy makes me happy. Here I am
taking care of her after she had an
operation on her paw hand.

                                                           Toys make us both happy! 

What makes your kitty happy? 
Tonight is Caturday and we're holding our weekly Caturday Night Meow over at our Facebook Page. Come meow with us! We start at 8:00 pm, but you can meow at whatever time you want! 


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  1. Yeah, maybe someone should try takin dat council's temperature and see how dey like it!

  2. Oh yeah, these are ALL happy photos - and I noticed that not one of them is you kitties at the vet! BTW, I'm glad Lola checked out okay - we were concerned there for a little while.

  3. Cats are wonderful companions. We hope your mom's paw gets better soon!

  4. Those are definitely happy pics!! Whoever said going to the vets makes us kitties happy must be bonkers!! MOL I am always happy when I am outside with the humans. I love it!!

  5. adorable video and photos! Yep we knew about Happy Cat Month cause we mentioned it the other day on our blog ;)
    Food glorious food makes Cody the most happy!

  6. Lexy, you're so cute. Pierrot loves to lie on things too, doesn't matter what. Lola, you look deliciously happy on the bed. I'm like that when the bed is stripped waiting for new sheets. That makes me happy. So do sun puddles and treats. You two look very happy in all these pics.

  7. I think you both look like very, very happy kitties. Toys make Mudpie the happiest, especially her beloved brown mousie!!! (And after experiencing the thermometer just the other day, that did not make her happy *at all*!

  8. Aw, we can see all the happiness in those pictures, Lola. What makes us happy?? Food, treats, toys, comfy place to nap and the love of the mom. :)

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