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Monday, September 28, 2015

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Hello and Happy Monday! Yesterday we celebrated Lexy's birthday. That was a very fun day, but yesterday was also another very important day - Puppy Mill Awareness Day. 

Puppy mill dogs live a cruel and inhumane life.  The life of a mill dog is one of intense suffering.  Most females are bred as frequently as possible, with little to no recovery time in between.  Approximately 800,000 dogs are suffering on puppy mill production lines.  Despite this puppy mills are a billion dollar industry AND... they're LEGAL! This is just terrible! Horrible! 

A story always tends to stick in people's minds more than random facts, so I'd like to introduce you to my friend Maddie Belle, a puppy mill survivor.  

Maddie Belle shared her rescue story for my book and we cried tears when we read it.  Maddie Belle was raised in a puppy mill in Louisiana in a 2' X 2' cage and was forced to have puppies whenever she was in season - twice a year for 12 years.  That's right, I said 12 years.  When she was finally rescued, Maddie Belle was covered in feces, fleas, soaked in urine and her hair was heavily matted.  She couldn't eat or drink because her mouth was full of heavily rotted teeth and infection.  

Maddie Belle was nursed back to physical health, but her emotional health still had a way to go. When she was adopted by her forever family at first she was very scared.  All she wanted was to be held and had terrible separation anxiety.  She had to learn to love and trust people and to play with toys.  She has chronic stomach problems (puppy mill dogs often develop ulcers from the stress) but her medical needs are easily managed.  

Today Maddie Belle is proud to be a spokes dog (with her mamma's help) for legislation to stop puppy mills.  She shares her views and information on her Facebook page.  She also reminds people about spaying and neutering, adopting older dogs, and adopting black dogs and cats. Her most important role is that of Ambassador to Ninna’s Road to Rescue, the rescue that saved her.  She attends all adoptions and functions in which Ninna participates and also serves as a fundraiser for the rescue. She has been on local TV sharing her life and the importance of spaying and neutering. That's very special to be on TV! 

Maddie Belle is one lucky dog, but there are thousands of others who are not lucky.  Since sharing her story with us, Maddie Belle welcomed a sister, Chantel, into her family.  Chantel is not a puppy mill dog, but she also came from Niina's Road to Rescue.  Both of these gorgeous girls have the motto "Adopt Don't Shop!" 




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