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Monday, October 23, 2017

Frisco Scratching Post/Tower - A Cat's Scratching Delight

Hello, everyone. This is Lexy checking in with our monthly review. Last month Mother thought she was very humorous with her choice of products. The folks at Chewy must have felt bad for me because this month they offered me the opportunity to review one of the most spectacular scratching posts I’ve ever seen… The Frisco Scratching Post/Tower!|Frisco Scratching Post

Cats need to scratch. What better way to deter us from the furniture and beloved belongings than to provide us with the scratching post of all scratching posts? Covered with woven sisal on all four sides of the tower, the Frisco is a whopping 33.5 inches of vertical scratching space for us to sink our nails right into!|Frisco Scratching Post

This is no flimsy scratching post, either. The base is double layered baseboard covered with a plush material. It provides a sturdy foundation of support so the tower doesn’t wobble at all.  Lola often likes to scratch horizontally, so the base is the purrfect surface to distract her from using Mother’s carpet. There’s also a perch on top for the cat who is not faint of heart when it comes to heights. It’s a little small for my zaftig frame, so I don’t use it.|Frisco Scratching Post|Frisco Scratching Post

I admit, when I saw that there was some assembly required, I was a little worried. (After all, you saw our bookcase.)  Even Lola questioned Mother’s ability to pull this off.|Frisco Scratching Post

I’m happy to announce that it was simple as pie to put together! The step by step instructions were easy to follow and there were only a few screws. Trust me, if Mother can do it well, anyone can. 

Key Benefits

  • Scratching post and tower in one gives kitties of all ages and sizes an appropriate place to scratch, which satisfies their natural instincts and helps keep their nails healthy.
  • The double-layer baseboard gives extra stability as your kitty exercises her nails and scratches away at the post.
  • This 33.5-inch vertical tower is the ideal height for stretching and provides a perch that’s high off the ground so they can keep an eye on their territory.
  • Dual-textured with a 360-degree sisal covering around the post and comfy, soft plush material on the base and perch.
  • Simple solution to keep cats from scratching the furniture, and easy to assemble with an instruction booklet and all the tools you’ll need.

Fully assembled the tower is 33.5 inches high; the base is 16 inches by 16 inches, and the perch is 7.25 inches by 7.25 inches. Maintenance is easy – just spot clean and vacuum up for with a small attachment when needed. That’s all there is to it! 

Frisco is available exclusively at! You can get a Frisco Scratching Post/Tower of your very own for $33.99, which is 26% off the list price of $45.99.  If you choose the Auto Ship option, you can save an extra 5%, and as always, shipping is free for orders of $49 and more. Did I mention Chewy’s customer service is terrific? I didn’t? Well, it is! 

I saved the best bit of info for last. My opinion. Do I like this scratcher?|Frisco Scratching Post

You bet I do!|Frisco Scratching Post

It gets four paws up from me, that’s for sure. It also gets two thumbs up from Mother because it just happens to match our d├ęcor purrfectly! 

Do you think your cat would love this scratching post? 


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  1. Wow, that really is a cool scratcher!

    P.S. My human says making pies is NOT easy. Unless you just go to the store or Marie Callendar's and pick one up.

  2. We have a scratcher similar to that one and really like it.

  3. Wow! That scratcher looks awesome. I need to pick one up.

  4. Whoa! TW has yet to capture me using it although she HEARS me using it all the time. I hope they sell a million of them.

  5. Nice review. We love ours, even Sammy who is about 16 pounds.

  6. Our tall scratcher is screwed into the floor, bc the cats would knock it over otherwise! Chuck is so very looonnnngggg...he really stretches out, and UP! It's good that offers this scratcher!

  7. This looks like a great scratcher! And you did a very good job with the review.

  8. Looks like the scratcher we have, this one looks nice and sturdy too. We're probably due for an update and will look into this one.

    But wait, looking at the photos of Lexy reminds me of the Scratching Post Secrets Revealed Caturday Doodle we did recently, she even has the same pose MOL. Super photos of the ladies.

  9. Oh wow Lexy that is one epically epic scratch post, we luffs it!

    In fact we're putting a request to get our mittens on one right now! MOL MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil and co xox

  10. Pawsome review, Lexy. I bet you and Lola get lots of enjoyment from sinking your claws into that scratching post.

  11. Seeing Lexy and Lola beside each other always throws me ... Lola, you are TINY! Looks like Lexy can't decide the best part for her ... the box ... the scratcher as balance beam ... or scratching! Success all around! Ellie uses the scratching posts on our cat tree - I should get her one of these ... especially since the longer she's here, the more she copies Bear and rips up carpet instead!

  12. Great review Lexy. We luvved it so much we had to offur everypawdy da chance to win one. And yep, our mommy's all thumbs too, but had no trouble puttin' ours together. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  13. This is really nice, I love the color and the natural look of the sisal. It would match my couch too! It's great that it is easy to put together and has a sturdy soft bottom pedestal to prevent cats scratching on the rug!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  14. That looks really nice, and it's great that they approve too! I bet they're having a blast with it.

  15. It looks like an awesome scratching post, but I'm not sure Peanut Butter would climb up that high to perch now that her eyesight is just about gone. I think the plush part at the bottom would be her favorite part!

  16. We have a scratcher very similar to this and we love it. It's really great to get a long stretch in!

  17. That is a SUPER COOL scratching post! I will definitely look into those for Jasmine. Her case that treats has seen better days and she needs something new to scratch!

  18. It looks great! My cat doesn't pay any attention to the scratcher we have. It is okay because he doesn't scratch anything. (He still has his claws, but maybe after being a stray, he is just happy to not have to use them.)

  19. This scratcher is pawsome! I know that Manna and Dexter would love it. Dexter would probably climb it. He is a silly kitty. I can't blame the 2 of you for wanting to play with it before it was even assembled. Good job helping your humans put it together too!

  20. It looks like you're loving your new scratching post! What a fun adventure you had helping your mom put it together! Enjoy!

  21. Lexy, that's an awesome scratcher, and you look great using it! Thank you for sharing about it with us.

  22. I remember seeing this scratcher. I like the sleek design. I bet Lexy loves the tall height too. We know our cats like to stretch, scratch and climb!

  23. Lucky Lexy - what an awesome scratching post. Great review, Nala would have loved it.

  24. My cats would adore this scratching post! Right now they only have a small on the floor one but they like to use my chair instead.


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