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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Selfie Sunday 7/31/2022 and Some Other Stuff

 Lola: Hello, and Happy Sunday! 

Lexy: We're delighted to be back with you all today.

Lola: We just love Selfie Sunday! We picked a few today that will help us tell you a little bit about what's been going on. 

Lexy: We've been doing some of our same old things, just in a new place. And we've even branched out and have been trying something new. 

Lola: Okay, I'll go first. Of course, I'm still sleeping on my own personal pillow on the bed. And of course, I look so cute I convince Mommy (on many days) not to make the bed. 

Tabby cat on a pillow.

And here's something new. Mommy bought me a new cat tree, but I've been pretty much ignoring it. Until the other day! 

Tabby cat on a cat tree

Let me tell you why it's in that corner. In our old house, I had this super highway that Mommy made when she did some catification for us. 

meow house

I used to run and jump all the way up to the top of the curio. That cabinet did not move with us, so I had nowhere to go "up." That's why Mommy bought the cat tree and put it in the corner where the curio used to be, so I'd have a little bit of "normalcy" (as she says) and I could still do zoomies and run and jump. I've also started sleeping in the hidey-hole. 

Lexy: Of course, I still bring Mother toys at night. 

black and white cat with her toys

This night was a particularly busy one. 

And I've found something new I like. I actually like relaxing under the bed. 

black and white cat hiding under a bed

Mother wasn't too thrilled with this at first because she doesn't like us under the bed, but she made accommodations for me. She left one spot right near the edge so I can enjoy my private space, and she can pull me right out because that storage container has wheels. Our good pal Coryelle will be glad to know we compromised on the situation. 

Lola: Mommy has also been up to something new. She participated in a BlogPaws Reels challenge, and her first one wasn't too shabby. Of course, Lexy and I are the stars!

Lexy: What she hasn't been up to is something old, which is helping us keep our blog up to date. I had something to say about that.

Lola: Our cat room is still a mess, but as soon as the furniture we're waiting for gets here it will be just fab! We can't wait to update you on that. What Mommy? It's supposed to be your office, too? Oh, okay. *giggles*

Lexy: Mother wants to say a little bit about what's been going on, so we'll give her a few seconds. 

Dawn: Hi, everyone. I do apologize for the lack of updates on our blog. We moved two months ago, and the time seems to have flown. The move was a stressful one for all of us. I had to pack up an apartment that I'd been in for almost 18 years, and I had accumulated a lot of stuff in that small place! Packing, finding a place to put boxes, and making sure they wouldn't topple over on the girls in a one-bedroom apartment was a tricky task. 

The physical move itself was also stressful and didn't go as smoothly as I hoped. After I packed the girls in their carriers, closed the door behind us, and left the building for the last time, I found the movers locked out of their truck. There I was with two unhappy cats in carriers with no place to take them. I ended up putting them in my car with the windows down and the car running with the a/c. I was running back and forth between my car and the idiot movers (who did not speak much English). My neighbor was able to open the truck door for them and finally, we were off. (I could tell you more stories, but I'll spare you!)

I barely got the girls secured in a safe space in the new apartment when the front door flew open and they started bringing my furniture in. After my good friend, Jenna, helped me get boxes situated safely we let the girls out. Lexy stayed in her carrier for an hour or so, and Lola roamed the house meowing. (And she meowed all night for several nights!)

It has taken both of them these two months to settle in. They fluctuate in being comfortable. Lexy will be okay and Lola will be out of sorts, and then Lola will be okay and Lexy will be out of sorts. For the past couple of weeks Lexy has seemed to have found her sea legs in our new home, but Lola has been having some difficulty and has not been herself at all.  Although, the past few nights she has been hanging out with me more in the living room, which we did every evening in our old home. And she even did some zoomies last night! I'm hoping we're over the hump now. We had a couple of sessions with our wonderful friend, Coryelle Kramer, which really helped us all.

I had planned on writing a series for the blog on moving with cats, but it won't happen. The girls have really needed my attention and that's where my focus has been. 

I've also had to adjust. My commute to work is longer, and I'm still experimenting trying to find short cuts. I'm just about unpacked and I can finally shower and get dressed without rummaging through boxes. I'm still waiting for some furniture, so some of my clothes are still in plastic totes. But we're getting there! 

My major concern has been my senior girls, and the toll the stress of moving took on them. I think we're moving towards a better space, though. Now, if I can get Lola back to eating normally, I'll be very happy. 

Thank you all who have been keeping up with us on social media, or who have messaged me. I really appreciate all of you! (And for some reason blogger isn't cooperating, so please forgive typos and grammatically incorrect sentences.) 

Lexy: Alright Mother. That's enough. We know you can be quite verbose at times. 

Lola: Okay friends, that's the update. Sorry it was a long one! We hope you all have a very happy Sunday!

Lola and Lexy

We're joining our friends at The Cat On My Head for their selfie Sunday blog hop. Hop on over to see more selfies! 

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  1. Moves are stressful enough for us peeps, but kitties seem to take it much harder. Hope Lola will begin to eat better, too. That is a great cat tree they have!

  2. Oh, moving is the PITS! So glad you can find your clothes finally, haha, but in this weather you may not need them! Lexy is so like me-we have to be related!

  3. No-one, Kitty or Human, should have to endure the stress of moving to a new apawtment! Caspurr still hasn't completely recovered from the trauma of moving to Our Purresent Apawtment, eight years ago. Mummy says She hopes neffur to move again - and We agree one zillion Purr Cent!
    The new cat tree looks pawsome!

  4. We are glad to hear you are all figuring out your new place. That must have been so tough on all of you to move after being in your old apartment for so many years! Please take all the time you need to get settled, and take good care of yourselves. We will be here when you are ready! XO

  5. I hope you girls get completely comfy in your new digs soon. That really is some nice cat tree. Dang, that sounds like quite the ordeal on moving day.

  6. We are glad for you that the move is over and the girls are starting to settle in. It is stressful for both people and cats and then there is the stress of the Peep who worries about the cats! We do hope everyone feels at home soon. We have missed you guys (even though we too have not been around as much). Sending you Purrs, Purrayers and keep on being awesome! Marv and Mom

  7. This is why I'm not moving!
    The cats are happy, the humans are happy (well, I will be when the 2nd bathroom gets fixed), and working from home is the bestest thing ever.

  8. Moving can be stressful for everyone, I'm glad to hear things are settlilng. Enjoy your new digs kitties!

  9. We're glad things seem to be settling down for you. Moving is super stressful.

  10. I am glad you are both settling in now. It must have been very stressful, and for your mom too.

  11. We send purrayers and POTP that Lols and Lexy and you all get settled in comfortably ! We are just glad to hear from you !

  12. You ladies have been through a huge change! It's understandable that everyone needs time to adjust. We've missed you though, and enjoyed reading the update!

  13. We've missed you! Moving is just an ordeal begin with, it doesn't need any extra added trouble. Take all the time you need to settle in.

  14. Moves are stressful and we can relate. packing a flat full of stuff and getting four cats half way around the world had me wincing in sympathy at times. Things WILL settle down, the girl WILL be fine. And after 15 years in New Zealand we still have one box unpacked in the garage (true story.....)

  15. Nice to see a post from you. I am sorry the move was so stressful on the girls. Maybe Lola would benefit from mirtaz ear gel to stimulate her appetite. I am glad Lexy still brings you toys. My Emmy used to do that for me ( must be a tuxie thing), but she is too sickly now. Those movers sound awful. XO

  16. Lovely to see mew today and we're glad mew're setting in! Moving home is absolutely horrid on so many levels. The P.A. moved 5 times in three years before she came to BBHQ and she's stayed put for the last 23 years.

  17. I hope everyone gets acclimatized to their new digs. Moving is stressful but generally a relief when it is over.

  18. Lola you an mee ARE Sisturss of THE Fur fore sure!! Mee two has a pillow of mee own on BellaSita'ss bed an funny you an mee sleep on same side of THE bedss!
    An how furry sweet an kind of Meowy Dawn to buy you such a snazzy cat tree!!! Pawtastick!
    An Lexy yore so adoorbss bringin Meowy Dawn toyss to play with. Yore furry considerate. An mee likess yore under-THE-bed hideaway....
    Mee can go under bed butt THE Dusty Bunnyss wuud 'get' mee! Mew mew mew ....
    Miss Dawn you sure went thru alot to get soundss like a 'ruff ride' all THE way around.
    BellaSita iss wurried if wee had to move how mee wuud ree-act two!
    Take all THE time youss' need!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Sistur
    Pee S: Yore Selfiess are beeuteefull Lola an Lexy =^..^=

    1. Pee Pee S: A sirtain BellaSita pawed THE wrong button!! Sorry mee frendss! Iss mee BellaDharma an of coarse BellaSita Sistur

  19. Just love all of this and so good to know that all "three of you" are happily settling in to your lovely new home. As always, delightful pictures of your girls ... by the way, we first looked at your August 5 post (but couldn't find a place to comment)
    and want to wish you the very best come award time. You're truly an amazing blogger and writer of substance and interest ~ good luck! Ann & June

  20. I hope Lola being to settle in more soon. And you did great on the Reels challenge!


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