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Thursday, June 16, 2022

We're Back! And We Moved!

Lola: Hello, and Happy Purrsday! Oh, I've so missed all of our friends! Our lives have been so busy that our heads have been absolutely spinning. 

Lexy: Hello from me, too! I've missed blogging more than I imagined I would. And yes, our heads are spinning. Well, Mother's head is mostly spinning, and if it weren't for Alexa and Siri, she wouldn't know what day it is. 

Lola: But we've got some very exciting news! 

Lexy: As you can tell from the title of this post, we have moved. We are no longer city cats. Mother, Lola, and I have packed up and moved to the suburbs. 

Lola: I was nervous at first because I never knew what a suburb was. I was born and raised a city cat. But Lexy told me the suburbs are very pretty, and she's right! 

Lexy: Our new apartment is much bigger, and when everything is unpacked Lola and I will have our own room. Well, it's slated to be Mother's office as well, but it's really our room. I'm sure she knows who's really in charge.

Lola: The move was a little scary, and we're still settling in and getting used to so much more space. 

Lexy: And we didn't have much furniture when we first moved in because Mother decided not to take everything. But things are being delivered little by little and the place is looking more and more like home. 

Lola: Okay, enough babbling! We're going to share a few photos. Now, the place is still a bit of a mess, but we did manage to snap a few pics so you can see how we're doing. 

Lexy: We have a spectacular balcony! I really love the view. (Don't worry, safety netting is going to be installed. It arrived today and someone is coming Monday to install it. And we have a baby gate in front of the balcony door.) 

Mother is going to buy us a bigger Meow House to put in front of the window. 

And our windowsills are huge! Lots of room for lounging and birdwatching. 

Lola: I'm still getting my sea legs in the new place, and I'm not in the windows much yet. But I did decide to take my breakfast in the kitchen window yesterday morning. My new breakfast nook is pretty nice.

Then I started to lick the new curtains. Old habits are hard to break! MOL 

I also checked out our new bed. I approve. 

Lexy: I gave it my pawstamp of approval as well. Before I started to nod off. 

Lola: Mommy says I'm having a little bit of a difficult time adjusting. But on the whole, I'm doing good. She says that sometimes I'm a little too meowy, and she can hear me in the hallway. I swear I've been a princess. Who are you going to believe? Her or me? 

Our Catit cat tree is in front of a beautiful window. It will look much better once we get the curtains up. (The lighting wasn't the best for this pic.) 

Lexy: Mother hung up this cool decal in our room. I can't wait until Lola and I are finished decorating it. 

Lola: Mommy hurt her back while she was unpacking, so it has been taking a little longer than we expected to get everything organized. We'll get there soon! 

Lexy: It's very peaceful here. We're near the water, so we get a lovely breeze, and sometimes we can smell the salt water. 

Lola: It is very peaceful. I couldn't get used to the quiet at first! I miss my doggie friend who lived next door to us in Queens, but I hear lots of other dogs in the building. 

Lexy: There are some perks for Mother, too. There is an elevator in the building, and she parks in a garage now. That's a big deal for humans. 

Lola: So there you have it, friends! That's what we've been up to, and why we haven't been around much. We miss everyone with all of our hearts, and we're hoping to really start blogging again soon. Mommy has some ideas for posts, but she said she has to get her head on straight first. It doesn't look crooked to me, though. 

Lexy: Thanks for visiting us today, friends! Let us know what you've been up to. 

Lola and Lexy

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  1. I'm so excited for y'all! It looks so exciting, and I love all the windows you have! I hope Mommy feels better soon and can finish unpacking without any more owies. Looking forward to seeing more of you as things get setted!

  2. How beautiful, purr-fect for kitty life, and for you! I find moving is an adventure and so much fun to decorate and begin anew, refreshing. It is a lovely apartment and the lighting is just amazing, Enjoy, Enjoy! [ah, yes, tho we often get hurties with the unpacking of boxes/lifting/arranging, be better soon!] Hugs and purrs, Ann and June

  3. Good to see you back! The kitties and I missed your posts. Looks like good window views and lots of space, cool!

  4. Oh Girls! My mom and me both LOVE seeing your new blog and we are both so glad you are back! I have to say that I love your decal on the wall in YOUR room. Love your new home ans so glad all of you are getting used to it now. XX

  5. YAY!! I'm SO thrilled for all of you, I know this will be an amazing new chapter for you and your mom. xoxo

  6. Concats on your new home!
    Love how deep the window ledges are; purrfect to cat entertainment.

  7. How exciting! Your new home in the burbs seems to be purrfect for you kitties - enjoy!

  8. HURRAH HURRAH!! Youss' moved to a new place....furry kewl..... wee did wudner why youss wer so quiet Lola an Lexy. Now wee know ;)
    Yore fotoss are lovelee...such BIG window sillss....wee not have any here.
    An quiet soundss wunderfull. Wee are purrty fed up with traffick noise an Ambulancess an Fire Truckss screemin all timess of day an nite. An wee fed up with peeple fightin an screamin outside or inn buildin...
    Sunflower curtainss are purrty; BellaSita Mum has Sunflower theme in her kitchen two!
    Give yore Meowmy are guud wishess an **purrss**
    HI'5'SS BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

  9. The stress of moving will be worth it when you are all properly settled in. The new apartment looks lovely and you have nice green views.

  10. Wow ! Glad to hear you are all settling in and liking your new place ! Purrs !

  11. Welcome back! I missed you. Your new place is beautiful. I love those wide window ledges- ours are about 2 inches wide. Sorry your mom hurt her back. I hope she feels better soon. XO

  12. That is very exciting and it sure looks like you will be very happy. You'll be completely settled in before you know it!

  13. Wow. Moving is hard. I hope that you live the new place. Seems like you girls have it made, a nice view, although I don't like heights. Just seeing you looking out scares ne. I hope your mom puts in a very secure fence on the deck. I would get nervous being on the deck. Love your breakfast nook and the stencil is beautiful in your room. We missed you on fb.

  14. Congratulations on the move! Out here in Los Angeles, pretty much everything outside of downtown is a surburb or something. I don't think they know the difference here!

  15. How exciting to be in a new place! Looks like the apartment is coming along nicely. That will be fun to eventually go out on the balcony.

  16. Concatulations to you two, and to your mommy, too! Now you live closer to us, so we hope we get to see you more often. :)

    Hugs to you all, and purrs and prayers for your mommy's back to feel better soon!

  17. WOW! That is a pawsomwe place! Such big windows and windowsill!!
    I am pretty sure you will like living there. Purrs your mums back will be better soon!
    I saw your comment at Eastside Cats and came over to say HI!
    Purrs, Julie

  18. Welcome back, girls! Your new place sounds fabulous! What great windows you have to keep up on everything going on in your new neighborhood. ~Ernie

  19. Welcome back and congrats on the move! Having moved from busy, crowded and very noisy London to a smaller more quieter town in Essex, UK four years ago, we understand how stressful that can be for both humans and cats! Your new home looks amazing and we wish you many happy times there.

  20. Welcome back! We missed you! Your new digs look great!

    We have a new addition to our family! Come over and meet Momo-Chan!

    The Chans

  21. We're so happy you guys are settling in! And Lola, you know I'll always believe you no matter what anyone else says (including photographic proof)!

  22. That's so exciting, we hope mew've settled in and are loving the new views!


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