April 2015 | Lola The Rescued Cat
Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mommy's First Blogpaws!

Exactly four weeks from today Mommy is leaving to go to the Blogpaws Conference in Nashville.

I'm Going to BlogPaws 2015! Join me!

This is very exciting, because it's our first step towards being serious bloggers! Mommy says she's going to learn a lot of new stuff that will make our blog a whole lot better.  (OK, just between you, me, and the lamp post, how could a blog get any better than having photos of cute kitties doing cute stuff? I mean, it can't get much better than that,can it?)

Anyhoo.. Mommy says there's lots to learn!  Some of the sessions she signed up for are Pinterest Power: How Publishers Can Grow Traffic With This Powerful Visual Search Engine; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; SEO (that sounds REALLY boring, but Mommy says it's important so people can find our blog on search engines); and How To Get Noticed By Media That Matters. She's very excited about the CWA (Cat Writer's Association) Writing Track.  She's hoping to learn how to market our book better to increase our sales so we can maybe start on a second book! Me and Lexy want to be Pet Celebrity Spokescats, so we signed her up for that session.

The FAB part of the conference is that she'll get to meet some famous kitties! We're not sure who all will be there, but we know for sure that Coco, The Couture Cat  AND Summer will be there! (Oh, we forgot to say... Summer's human is speaking at the conference and Mommy cannot wait for that!)  Coco's mom and our Mommy are going to exchange pawtographed copies of our book! How super is that?!? Mommy is really looking forward to meeting Summer's human, because they have been big supporters of our blog since day 1. (I asked Mommy to give Summer and Coco a smooch on the nose for me, but she said that may not be a good idea, because not all kitties like smooches on the noses.  She said she'll give them a scritch on the head instead.  I can live with that, although smooches on noses are better.)

Let's see... who else will she be meeting? Well, The Kitties Blue mom and dad will be there and they even signed up for some of the same sessions as Mommy! Mommy also met lots of people on the Blog Paws Community that she can't wait to meet, too.  (A side note: If you're a new blogger and new to the Blog Paws Conference, the community is a great place to meet people and learn a lot of stuff.)

And of course, we can't leave out Katie's and Waffles' mom, Glogirly. Miss Debbie helped us get ready for the conference by designing our business cards and media kit, and our blog, too! She also gave Mommy lots of ideas for the conference. And you know what else? She designed our table banner for book signings. We are now looking professional and ready for business! (I asked Mommy go give Miss Debbie a smooch on the nose for me, but she said "Lola, that would be very inappropriate."  *shrugs* I don't see the big deal, but whatever...)

If you or your human is going to Blog Paws, please let us know! Mommy would love to meet you.

Monday, April 27, 2015

How To Make Your Human Late For Work....

... on a Monday Morning!

First thing you do is make yourself nice and comfortable on top of them while they're still in bed.

Then you start to lay on the charm and look cute.  (This is easy for kitties, since we're cute all the time.)

Works like a charm! Mommy just couldn't get out of bed.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Caturday Meow!

Happy Caturday, Kitties! This week we'd like to dedicate our Caturday Meow to Brian of Brian's Home.  Earlier this week he was rushed to the emergency vet. He's doing better now, but still recovering.  Let's meow loud enough for him to hear us all the way over at his house so he can feel the power of the MEOW!

Are you ready? 1... 2.. 3! LIVE from NEW YORK it's Caturday Night! All the kitties in the house say MEE-OWW!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Prayers for Brian!

Our friend, Brian from Brian's Home was taken to the Emergency Vet last night.  Let's all put our purr power together and pray for a speedy recovery.  Get better soon, Brian!

Lola, Lexy and Mom
Saturday, April 18, 2015

Caturday Night Meow

Are you ready? LIVE from NEW YORK it's Caturday Night! All the kitties in the house say Mee-ow!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Review - The Cat's Meow Toy

I admit it. Even though I've never met a box I didn't like, I can be a picky kitty.  I'm picky about my canned food, and I'm picky about toys.  So is Lola (and she's REALLY picky about food, too. But don't tell her I told you.) It takes a special toy to hold our attention on an ongoing basis, and we have a toy box full of stuff to prove it.  Mother has bought many a toy with the vision of the two of us jumping for joy while playing with it, only to have her bubble (and wallet) broken.  Well, that was until she brought home The Cat's Meow.

Photo courtesy of asseenontv.com

I have one word for this toy, and that is MEOWZA! It is unbelievably F.U.N. and I can't get enough of it! Here I am sitting next to it waiting for Mother to turn it on for me.

Excuse me, Mother.  Could you use those thumbs to turn this on?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

It's Time For The Caturday Meow!

Last Caturday we told everyone about our Caturday Night Meow party on Facebook.  Since not everyone is on Facebook, we have decided we're going to start meowing on Saturdays right here on our blog.  We hope to hear a lot of Meowing!  (It may only be Caturday morning here in NY, but it's Caturday Night somewhere in the world!)

Are you read? LIVE from NEW YORK it's Caturday Night! All the kitties in the house say mee-oww!

Lola and Lexy
Saturday, April 4, 2015

LIVE from NEW YORK, It's Caturday Night!

Happy Caturday everyone! We've been blogging now since December, and we've been so busy learning the ropes and trying to fit in that we totally forgot to tell everyone about our Caturday Night Meow! Every Caturday at around 8:00 PM EST (or EDT, depending on the time of the year) we host a meow party. Kitties and humans come around and shout out their best meows. Now, you don't have to be a kitty to meow with us.  Doggies, bunnies, birds... you name it.. everyone is welcome! And if you want to woof instead of meow, that's fine with us.

Here's a little background on our CNM. When we started our Facebook page  one of our very first friends was Calculus Q. Jones from Maryland.  Mommy became very good friends with his humans as well, and they were instrumental in helping us with getting our book together.  CQ's (or simply Q for short) dad designed our logo and helped us with the photos for our book.  His mom helped us make initial edits to the manuscript and gave us ideas to make it flow better.  She encouraged us to keep writing - and we did! We love them all very much.

Every Caturday Q would start his famous Meow Party. He would announce it by meowing out "Live From Germantown", cause that's where he lived. So many people and kitties looked forward to meowing with him.  A very sad thing happened and Q got sick and went to the bridge.  We were heartbroken, and Caturday Night was never the same.  One day, Q's dad suggested we take over the CNM.  We couldn't believe it! It was such a honor! We didn't think we could do it, but with the help and encouragement of friends we continued the tradition.  We hope Q is looking down from the bridge and meowing along with us each and every Caturday Night. And we hope he's proud that we're trying so hard to keep his legacy going.

Okay, so here's how it goes.  Every Caturday Night we post this photo

to get the party going.  This lovely photo was made by our friends Prince Pan Pan and his brother, Prince Pippin. (Cause, you know, Mommy can't do this kinda stuff. Sigh... but we love her anyway.) After we post, the meowing starts by everyone leaving comments under the photo.  It's fun!

We're hoping some of our blogging friends will join us. And we may even start meowing right here, we're still thinking about it.

Happy Caturday and MEE-OWW!


Lola and Lexy
Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rescue Stories: Lennie - From Scared Shelter Cat To Happy Man Of The House!

Today we are very excited and honored to share the story of Lennie from OldCatsRule. Gina, the editor of OCR, has been a friend of ours for four years, since Lola was adopted and we started our Facebook page.  We cried when Bubba and Chyron went to the bridge, and are so happy Gina found it in her heart to adopt another kitty. Please visit their blog or their Facebook page.  

There is an important message in Lennie's story: cats in shelters may be stressed or depressed, and may not present as perky and friendly.  This may result in cats who could be wonderful companions being passed up.  When adopting from a shelter, please look at all the cats closely. You may find your soul mate hiding in the back of a cage. 

Lennie's Story, Or The Cat Least Likely to.....

Handome Lennie.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Review: Sweet Pickles Designs Collars

Not that long ago we had a giveaway for a Sweet Pickles Collar and we had a much bigger response than we had anticipated. So I decided to write a proper review for these collars.

I Have Cat is having a Sweet Pickles Designs giveaway.
Click on the photo for info on how to enter! 
Pickles is a CEO, designer, model, supporter of animal rescue - and our friend.  She's a feline fashionista who is always well dressed and gives fashion advice to any kitty who needs it.

I am CEO. Hear me RAWR!
 So how did she start her business? Well, after being rescued from the side of a highway in 2010 and settling into her forever home, she needed a collar.  Pickles's Ma, Shana Freimark, went on a hunt for the purrfect collar for Pickles.  The pickings were slim and mediocre, so Shana got her sewing machine out, watched a you tube video to figure out how to use it, and the rest is history!

From a purrsonal point of view, Lola and I just LOVE her collars!

Besides being so pretty, all collars are hand crafted with love by Shana and her employees (with Pickles doing quality control, of course).  They are made of high quality webbing for durability, covered with hand selected ribbon. Sweet Pickles Designs uses high end D-rings and durable hardware that secures easily into place. Double stitch stress points make these collars both sturdy and gorgeous.  They never  snag or fray, either, so you kitties will always be looking your best.

I better tell Ma we're running low on bow ties.

Sweet Pickles designs have been featured in Family Circle, Modern Cat, Tails, The Oregonian, and The Portland Business Journal.  They are also featured on Wag.com and there is an exclusive line for Pet Smart. But one of our favorite things about this company is the work they do for Oregon Humane Society.  Shana dresses kitties available for adoption in a Sweet Pickles collar for a photo shoot.

Who could resist adopting a beautiful kitty who is wearing a cute collar?

Pickles and Shana expanded their line to include bow ties, and then kitty corsages.  You can choose your own combination, ask for advice for what color would look spectacular with your fur, or opt for a matching set.  (Our wardrobe is ever increasing!)  You can have an outfit for every season or occasion. You can also see their entire collection in their Etsy Store. (And don't forget to send Pickles a photo of you modeling your new outfit! She'll post it on her Facebook page.)

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

P.S.  In case you didn't know, my little sister, Lola, has a signature Sweet Pickles Collar. It's aptly named The Lola! Check it out! 


Disclaimer: We did not receive any compensation for this review.  All opinions are strictly our own. Photos courtesy of Sweet Pickles Designs.