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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Selfie Sunday November 2020

Hello, and Happy Sunday! Oh boy, Lexy and I are excited to be participating in Selfie Sunday today. We haven't had the chance to join in quite a while because of Mommy's schedule.  We're so excited to share our selfies with you today. 

This is me, enjoying a sunny day in the window. I love watching the world from the window, seeing what's going on in our neighborhood. 

Tabby cat looking out of a window

Don't tell anyone, but I like spying on the doggie next door. 

Lexy decided on doing a super close up selfie today. 

closeup of black and white cat

She also did a glamour photoshoot a few days ago. Maybe she'll share those soon. 

We hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. To see more super selfies, visit our friends at The Cat on My Head

Lola and Lexy
Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday Sale 2020

Hello, and Happy (Black) Friday! We know a lot of people aren't going out to stores to shop today because of the pandemic, so we decided to do something to help make shopping at home easier! 

Do you want to cross the cat lovers off of your holiday list today? Well, we've got the purrfect gift for them! 

Welcome to our Black Friday Sale! Now through December 2, 2020, our book is on sale at 25% off! 

Get your purrsonally pawotgraphed copy for $11.25. 

Shipping and handling: 

$3.00 via media mail. Please note that delivery via media mail can be two to ten days.

$7.75 Priority Mail

Our Black Friday sale is only available directly through us, not through any online booksellers.

If you'd like to purchase a book, please do the following: 

  • Send your payment (including postage) to: 
    •  PayPal:
    • Venmo: @white-dawn
  • Email us at with "Book Purchase" in the subject. Please include the following in your email: 
    • Mailing address (we can mail to someone for you!)
    • How you would like the book personalized

Here is what people are saying about our book: 

"What a delightful book. I couldn't put it down. Lola and her friends made me laugh and cry."

"Wonderful true story!"

"What a beautiful story. Well written and very emotional. Loved it! I recommend this book to all ages." 

We're sure all the cat lovers on your list would just love our book! So make sure to get your orders in to lock in the Black Friday price and get it in time for Christmas! 

If you read our book already, we would really appreciate it if you could leave us a review

Lexy and I can't wait to start pawtographing! We hope you get yours today! 


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving 2020


Lola and Lexy

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

5 Tips to Catify Your Small or Rented Home

Space in most city apartments is limited and unless you own your apartment, drilling holes into walls and making other permanent changes are not always possible. This can make catifying your home a little challenging, but not impossible. There are a ton of alternate solutions, and with an open mind and a little creativity, your cat can be living a "catified" life in no time.

If you’re worried about looking like the stereotypical “crazy cat person”, fear no more. I have five tips to help you catify your home in a way that are environmentally enriching for your cat and aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

catify small spaces

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Lola and Lexy's Top 5 Household Poisons for Cats

Hello, and happy Tuesday! It's me, Lola, and I'm welcoming you back to another of our "Top Five" posts. In our last post, we discussed some tips on how to get your picky cat to eat. (Mommy said that was about me, but don't believe her!) Today we have another very important topic to discuss with you, household poisons.  Let's get into it! 

Top 5 Household Poisons for Cats

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Hauspanther's MaxScratch Oversized Cat Scratching Post & Perch

Scratching is a natural behavior in cats that serves many purposes. In a recent post I discussed the importance of cats having appropriate scratching surfaces. The Hauspanther MaxScratch Oversized Cat Scratching Post & Perch is just what you need to give your cat a place to scratch. 

Hauspanther MaxScratch Scratcher