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Monday, June 1, 2020

Lola and Lexy's Top Five Ways to Celebrate Adopt A Cat Month

Hello, and Happy Monday! Today is June 1st, which marks the start of a very important month. It's Adopt A Cat Month! Lexy and I just love meowing about it because adoption is very important to us. 

Today Lexy and I are sharing our Top Five Ways to Celebrate Adopt A Cat Month. But it doesn't stop here! All month our Top Five will focus on adoption, and there will be other posts about rescue as well. June is going to be a great month! You can read our post from last year here where we explain everything in detail, including some very important statistics. 

So, without further ado, here are our Top Five Ways to Celebrate Adopt A Cat Month! 

Lola and Lexy's Top Five Ways to Celebrate Adopt A Cat Month

1. Get Social!

Fill your social media accounts with messages encouraging people to adopt a shelter cat. Here are some ideas:

  • If you adopted a shelter cat, post their photo with the message “June is Adopt-A-Cat Month. Save a life and adopt a cat like I did.” Or, make up your own creative message! 
  • Use the hashtag #AdoptACatMonth on your posts.
  • Retweet/share posts from shelters sharing posts of adoptable cats.
  • Share an adoptable cat on your social media profile (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) each day this month! You can search for pets near you looking for their forever homes on Petfinder or Adopt A pet.

2. Come to a Shelter’s Rescue

The world is upside down for many industries right now, and shelters are no exception. Many shelters have Amazon Wish Lists for much needed supplies. Shelter staff will be very grateful for your donations that are shipped directly to them. There may be restrictions on in-person donations right now, so you may want to contact your local shelter to see what their guidelines are. You could also make a monetary donation to them. You can find a shelter near you on Petfinder.

3. Educate the Next Generation

It’s so important to educate children and young adults about the importance of animal rescue and advocacy. It’s imperative that they learn Humane Education as well as how to treat animals with respect, kindness, and compassion. Pass on the importance of pet adoption and get them involved with Adopt A Shelter Cat Month by showing them photos of cats in shelters waiting to be adopted and let them see your involvement with sharing their information to help them find their forever homes. It’s never too early to start to teach humane animal treatment.

4. Adopt or Foster a Cat

Before you adopt a cat, make sure you (and your home) are ready. (We’ll be talking more about that in future posts!) If you know you’re ready, what better time to adopt than during Adopt A Shelter Cat Month? If you’re not in the position to adopt right now, consider being a foster. Fostering a cat is a tremendous help to shelters. It frees up space so they can save another cat, and it helps socialize the cat you are fostering and gets them used to being in a home.

5. Fundraise

There are many ways you can raise funds for cats. Here are just a few:

  • If you’re a blogger, you can do a comment-thon for your favorite rescue or shelter. (Here’s one we did last year.). We’ll be having a comment-thon for one of our favorite shelters coming soon, so stay tuned! (Can you guess which one it is?)
  • Sell crafts and donate the profits to a shelter. Our friend Zoe Blue and her mom made face masks and sent a nice donation to their favorite cat sanctuary.  
  • Create a virtual fundraiser! We created a virtual campaign for ASPCA. “Your donation will help support the ASPCA’s life-saving services for millions of animals nationwide. “ You can view our campaign page and join our team here (As a free “Thank You” gift donors in the month of June will receive a free ASPCA sticker. Supplies are limited, so donate today! (And thank you in advance if you do.)

Bonus Tip

Celebrate Adopt A Shelter Cat Month with American Humane by sharing your shelter cat’s story. “This June, in honor of Adopt-A-Cat Month®, American Humane is encouraging cat owners to share their special stories and photos of their feline friends.” You can share how much joy your adopted cat brings you and upload a photo here

Those are our five top tips to celebrate Adopt A Cat Month, plus a bonus. How are you celebrating this month? Let us know in the comments! 

Lola and Lexy

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  1. What a wonderful article, thanks for the link, we'll add a story to it and thanks for the tips, we'll try to focus all our social media more towards adoption this month. Thank you for all you do for homeless pets - you are a Superhero!

  2. Since we have always adopted, and will continue to do so, I chat up other cat owners, and encourage adoption. And don't declaw, and how canned food is better than kibble!

  3. Those are all excellent ideas. The vet I used to go to let me have my crocheted items for sale for a local shelter, I need to see if my new vet will do that. XO

  4. Great ideas, and good tips ! Purrs

  5. Those are good suggestions. We regularly donate to a local shelter. We used to take food but now we send money instead until we can visit them again.

  6. Great ways to celebrate this month...and help get more cats adopted.

  7. That's the Fab Five fur sure you two!

  8. These are awesome tips! Thanks for them.

  9. Thank you Lola. These are wonderful tips for everyone Mom has filled out paperwork to be a volunteer at our shelter.

  10. Excellent! Those are some super ways to celebrate this special month, Lola and Lexy!

  11. Great tips Lola and Lexy😸Pawkisses for a Happy Thursday🐾😽💞

  12. These are all excellent ideas! You two are the best!


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