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Monday, May 9, 2022

Tabby’s Place is Saving Cats with FeLV

If you’ve been following my blog for a good amount of time, you know that I have a long-standing relationship with Tabby’s Place in Ringoes, NJ. Tabby’s is to me what Disneyland is to a lot of people; one of my favorite places. I first visited the sanctuary in 2011 and have continued to visit and support them over the years. It has been exciting to see Tabby’s grow in leaps and bounds over the past 11 years, and they haven’t stopped. Today I’m thrilled to tell you about their new project, Quinn’s Corner, a haven for cats infected with feline leukemia virus (FeLV.)

Quinn's Corner Twitter Graphic

Who is Quinn? 

One cold winter's day, a woman with a heart of gold rushed a tiny kitten she found frozen in the snow to Tabby's Place. That kitten was Quinn. Quinn survived her ordeal but unfortunately tested positive for FeLV. At that time, Tabby’s Place was not equipped to handle a cat with this diagnosis. The future of Quinn’s life changed when a woman walked into the sanctuary looking to adopt a cat; specifically a cat no one else wanted. When she and Quinn met it was love at first sight. 

black and white cat at Tabby's place
Quinn, the cat who inspired Quinn's Corner

Quinn flourished in her new home, living a healthy and active life. Quinn's mom was so inspired by her beautiful cat that knew she had to change the world for FeLV cats. This desire led her to make a generous donation to help Tabby’s Place expand so they can provide care for these vulnerable cats. 

What is Quinn’s Corner? 

Quinn’s Corner will be a haven for some of the most vulnerable cats; those diagnosed with FeLV. FeLV positive cats are infected with a poorly understood disease that is difficult to predict. Many of these beautiful cats have almost nowhere to turn because not many shelters in the world can accommodate them. Infection with FeLV is untreatable, can weaken a cat’s immune system, and the virus is transmissible via casual contact. This results in very few facilities having the capability and expertise to house these cats in a manner that avoids disease spread while giving them a high quality of life. The outcome can be tragic with many of these cats being euthanized upon diagnosis. Until now. 

Thanks to the remarkable gift from Quinns mom, Tabby’s Place is beginning a substantial expansion that will provide the care and quality of life FeLV positive cats deserve: Quinn’s Corner. 

rendering of Quinn's Corner
A rendering of a Quinn's Corner Cat Suite

Quinn’s Corner will be a state-of-the-art facility designed around FeLV positive cats’ needs and will increase the size of Tabby’s Place from 7,000 to 12,000 square feet. Tabby’s Place is happy to announce that “the cats who wandered the world looking for love will find cage-free bliss, matchless medical care, and the dignity and tenderness that every Tabby’s Place cat enjoys.” 

How You Can Help Quinn’s Corner Capital Campaign 

Currently, Tabby’s Place has raised $1.8M beyond its initial gift, and the construction on Qunn's Corner is nearly completed. But they still have work to do. Providing care for FeLV positive cats is costly; Tabby’s Place is counting on supporters to provide a firm foundation for these vulnerable little ones.

The first $200,00 raised in donations will be matched by generous benefactors, carrying each gift twice as far for so these cats can live happy and healthy lives in a cage-free environment.  The Capital Campaign for Quinn’s Corner is a unique opportunity for cat lovers to “take their place in the history of compassion.” 

Rendering of Quinn's Corner
A rendering of the future Quinn's Corner lobby

Donors can make history by donating online, or by mailing a check to Tabby’s Place at 1100 US Highway 202; Ringoes, NJ 08551 (make the check out to “Tabby’s Place,” and write “Quinn’s Corner” in the memo). Beautiful Naming Opportunities are available for donations of $10,000 and over. You can contact Development Director Angela Hartley at for more information on this. 

Donors can also engrave a paver for a gift of $1,000 or more. Each 12” x 12” paver allows for several lines of text and will be installed in the Welcome Garden of Quinn’s Corner at the front of the sanctuary. For more information on pavers, contact Development Director Lisa Lauria at 

Quinn - FeLV positive cat

I hope many of our readers are inspired to donate to this landmark project. Even $1 will help Tabby’s Place provide a safe haven for FeLV positive cats. 

If you have missed any of my posts on Tabby’s Place, you can catch up on all of them here. The pandemic put a damper on my visits, but I’m looking forward to a trip in the summer, and of course, I will be writing a detailed post on Quinn's Corner with lots of photos when it is completed. 

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And just because she’s cute, here’s a photo of my sponsor cat, Rose, that she sent me for my birthday through my good friend and Tabby’s volunteer, Lisa. 

special needs cat at Tabby's Place
My beautiful Rose

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about Quinn’s Corner in the comments.


Photos (except Rose) provided byTabby's Place

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  1. Bravo to Quinn's Mom and to all who work hard on behalf of FeLV+ cats and thank you for promoting this worthy cause.

  2. Thank you Dawn for telling your readers about this project of love at Tabbys Place. I was thinking of doing that but your blog will reach people were mine won't. Thank you again and again. I think very highly of Tabby's Place.

  3. We know that scientists are working hard to find a cure for FeLV, and new therapies are being tested.
    So fantastic that Tabby's Place has this facility for these sweet kitties!

  4. What a worthwhile cause for FELV+ kitties! Tabby's Place sounds wonderful! Adorable pictures of Quinn and Rose.

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  6. That sounds like an amazing place. I will make a donation. XO

  7. We love Tabby's Place and are so happy that they now have a place for FeLV cats. ~Ernie and the mom

  8. What a wonderful idea! I love the look of Quinn's Corner from the renderings. That will be a lovely place for FeLV kitties to enjoy their days. There really need to be more places like this. Sharing!

  9. WOW this is such fantastic news! Quinn's Place looks and sounds just amazing.

  10. We love Tabby's Place too and we still sponser 2 kitties there, Carrot and who ever needs help the most.

  11. That looks like a wonderful place for the cats with Felv.

  12. We're longtime Tabby's Place supporters, too, and were so excited when we saw this campaign!

  13. Wow, that is going to be a great sanctuary for FeLV cats!

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