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Hi, I'm Lexy. After I was abandoned by my family, who moved away and left me behind, I found myself at the Hudson Valley Humane Society in Rockland County, NY, where I lived for almost a year. One day when I was at an adoption event at Petco in Nanuet, NY, Mother came in with her family to buy things for her niece's new puppy. She eventually found her way over to the adoption table to see the cats, and there I was. She says it was love at first sight. One week later she came back to get me and brought me to my forever home with her. I quickly accepted my reign as Queen of the household and we've been best friends ever since. (By the way, Mother and I are from the same hometown.)


I am not a lap cat and I do not like snuggles. But Mother knows I love her because I'm very sweet and show my love to her in many other ways (such as rolling over and showing her my belly and pawing at her arm when I want her to pet me.) Mother is my favorite human. 

My favorite things include small toy mice, organic catnip, treats, and boxes. The smaller the box the better, and I never met a box I didn't like. 

I join Lola in her quest to bring attention to rescued pets and to tell people animals should be well respected and taken care of. I'm proud to have a voice against animal cruelty.

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