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Saturday, February 21, 2015

20 Random Facts About Me

I was nominated by a couple of my Facebook friends to share 20 Random Facts About Me.  This was a lot of fun! Lexy will be working on hers next

1 . I’m a rescue cat. I was saved from the city shelter by my Aunt Leslie.
2. Because I was so sick when I was young, I have something called chronic sinusitis. I sneeze a lot and often have a runny nose.
3. I don’t react to catnip. It does nothing for me.
4. I’m a picky eater sometimes. I drive Mommy crazy.
5. Mommy always brings me my breakfast. I’m usually sitting in a window waiting for it.
6. I’m an author! We donate ten percent of the proceeds of our book to animal rescues and shelters.
7. My favorite toys are my string and the cat dancer toy. I don’t play with my mousie as much as I used to
8. I take over Mommy’s Queen sized bed at night. I either sleep on top of her, or right next to her so she can’t move.
9. Whenever Mommy opens the bookcase (or another cabinet in the living room) I come running because I think she’s taking out the cat dancer.
10. One of my most favorite things in the world is Mommy’s jewelry! Whenever she opens her jewelry box I come running!

11. I’m very chatty! I meow ALL the time.
12. I’m very bossy. I boss Lexy around all the time and I run the show around here.
13. I pretend I don’t like Lexy, but I do. I’ll stand up on the bed to see where she is. When I find her, I RUN and make her chase me. Then I swat at her and sometimes hiss.
14. I have a collection of autographed books written by cats (or about cats).
15. I HATE leaving the house. I carry on something terrible in the car until I get back home.
16. I have a loud purr.
17. Sometimes I follow Mommy around the house and meow until she picks me up. Then I meow again when she puts me down to make her pick me up again.
18. I can often be seen just sitting and staring at Mommy.
19. When Mommy watches TV at night I’m usually laying on the arm of the couch to be near her.
20. Mommy has to keep my feeding station in the living room

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  1. Some of these I knew... and a lot of them I didn't!

  2. hehehe you're a quirky demanding girl,love it,xx Speedy

  3. We enjoyed learning more about you, Lola. Y'know, I hate leaving the house too and I sing up a storm when I'm in the car. ~Ernie

  4. Lola, we finally figured out how to get your blog into our Reader!!! Thank you for leaving so many fun comments on our blog.

    Have you ever tried silvervine? Sometimes kitties who don't do catnip go CRAZY over the 'vine!

  5. That was fun learning more about you, Lola!! We laughed and laughed at #17 :)))))

  6. What fun to read these things about you! I agree about trying silvervine. You're a sweetheart.

  7. Oh Lola, what a special relationship you have with your Mommy, we are so happy you are with her and so loved.


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