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Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Midnight Photo Shoot

I sleep with Mommy every night without fail.  She goes to bed, and I follow her in a few minutes to go to bed, too.  I usually sleep right on top of her - her legs, her chest, her side, her face (well, I don't really sleep on her face, but that sounded funny. MOL).  If I'm not on her, I'm right next to her. When the weather starts to get warm, I don't sleep on her, though. It's just too hot. But I am still on the bed.  Now, Mommy tosses and turns A LOT during the night! And when she doesn't feel me right next to her, she feels around on the bed to see where I am before she tosses and turns.  If she doesn't I could get covers or pillows thrown on me, I could get kicked a little, or worse... well, let's not meow about me getting squished. *shudders*

One night recently Mommy felt around and got my tummy. I was sleeping on my back with my paws up. She thought I probably looked cute and grabbed her phone and started taking pictures in the dark. As you can see, some of my poses are a little... ehmmm... uncomfortable.  When I asked Mommy why she didn't put the light on so I wouldn't have these embarrassing pictures she said to me, she said, "Lola darling, if I put the light on I knew you would have gotten up and I would have missed the photo op."  How can I argue with that?

How embarrassing!
Geez Mommy 

Finally, a good shot
I know what you're doing, Mommy. You're busted. 
Does your human take embarrassing photos of you?


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  1. My human takes TONS of embarrassing photos of me! Very few of them get published, though!

  2. awww how cute do you look ,xx Speedy

  3. Those are great photos of you :) Thanks for visiting us on our blogoversary and for being our friend.

  4. Oh my word im sorry mom took such silly photo of you! My mom does that too so i totally understand! Thank you for posting such amazing blogs! - Isabella

  5. Oh, yes! Our Mama taking embarrassing photos. It she took a midnight photo shoot of us, she would probably get some very similar picture.

  6. MOL Yep Lola mommy takes all kinds of embarrassin' fotos of us. Fankfully weez not have one of those cool fones so mommy dusn't take a camera to bed wiff us. Cuz like you, we sleep on da bed and on mommy. She dusn't move at night tho', so weez not have to worry 'bout da squishin' of it all. MOL Anyways, we fink yous look just bootyful.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. A midnight photo shoot...what a great idea!!! I'll need to give that a try with Truffles :) Although now that it's warmer she won't come into bed with me at all :(

  8. Aw, Lola, those are cute pictures of you. Yep, the mom takes real embarrassing photos of us too. One time she got a picture of me in the litterbox! ~Ernie

  9. What adorable pictures of you, it is so cute the way you sleep with your Mommy!

  10. Awww! Yep! It's what humans do. Embarrass us!! It's their life's work I think! MOL


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