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Monday, July 6, 2015

Adopted Cats Who Support The Rescue Community - Part 3 (Meet Miss Dixie!)

Hello and Happy Monday! I'm here today to bring you another great interview in the series that Lexy started about adopted cats who support the rescued community.  

Today you'll be meeting a lovely calico named Miss Dixie. Miss Dixie lives in Alabama and she has a book! Imagine that! One of our friends also has a book.  I have to say, we're a talented bunch of kitties! *giggle* OK, down to business.  Here is Dixie's interview. 

Oh hi, Miss Dixie! Thank you for sitting and meowing with me today, it’s an honor. So, can you tell us about your early life and how you were rescued? (We just LOVE a good rescue story with a happy ending!)
Hi Lola! I was a kitten when I was dumped - but Mommy saved me when I was about 8 months.   I am 2 1/2  will be 3 Nov. 1. Mommy saw me at Winn-Dixie grocery store one day and realized I was lonely and hungry . She and Daddy started coming every day to feed me and leave me fresh water. Several people had tried to trap me, but Mommy was the lucky one !

What is the best thing about being in a forever home? 
Having all the food and love I could ever want - and my rescued sisters and brothers are so much fun. I was so lonely before.

Do you have any brothers and sisters? Do you get along with them? 
Yes, I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters . we all love each other and play well together - except Baby Boo likes to chase us girls and scare us.

You do a lot for the kitty community on Facebook so we have lots to meow about. But first, let’s talk about your BOOK!! This is so pawesome! Tell us what it’s about and how you and your mommy come up with the idea? 
My book is my life story . It is a true story . The things that are in my book are all true. There really was a lady that tried to catch me with a fishing net - MOL! The idea of writing my life story came while Mommy was really sick with cancer. She was going thru Chemotherapy when she wrote it. Mommy wanted to try and reach as many children as she could - to get the message out that ALL LIFE MATTERS.

Your illustrator is well known in the kitty community. Can you tell us about her (and her kitty!) and how you came to work with them? 
I have been a fan of Oreo as long as I have been on FB . And we LOVE his books. It just seemed a natural fit for Oreo's Mommy Tina Mandugno to do the illustrations  - she is awesome!

Where can people buy your book? 
Through  - I will be having a special book signing 7/10 at Prince Pan Pan's Royal Art Gallery where people can buy a signed and pawtographed copy  -  AND All of my royalties go to various cat rescues.

OK, you’ve done LOTS of fundraising on your Facebook page.  What are some of the organizations you have helped? And we know you help every day people with pet expenses, too.  
I have helped Helping Paws Pet Haven, Have A Heart Animal Rescue, Moses Crusade of Love, West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue, Furever Home Kitty Rescue, Spartan Cats , Hope for the Hopeless, The Delta Cat Whistler, Humane Society of McCormick County and several cats that needed help with their vet care . This is just to name a few.

Do you have an idea of how much you have raised? 
Last year I helped to raise over $20,000.  This year I have raised almost $10,000 so far.

Oh my stars! That's A LOT of green papers! That is just pawesome. How can people help raise awareness about feral and stray kitties? 
Get involved with local rescue groups - they need so much help. So many of them use their own money and time and have no help.

Do you have anything in closing you would like to say or share? 
 I would love for every cat to have a home - but since that's not realistic - PLEASE love the feral and strays - they deserve food and love - Don't walk away - help  <3

Oh, thank you so much, Miss Dixie for sitting with me today! This is a pawesome interview.  I hope together we can help many kitties get saved. 

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Stay tuned for part 4. I'll be back with royalty and his name is Prince Pan Pan! 


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  1. Miss Dixie is doing an AMAZING job of helping kitties in need! Paws up to her!

  2. I just love this series! Thank you for sharing all of the pawesome work that Dixie does to help other kitties in need.

  3. Oh my gosh, she has raised a TON OF MONEY! That's amazing! I will definitely check her books out.

  4. Miss Dixie, you are an inspiration! We at Squeedunk Cats are just starting to put our paws into action to do the same! We need to read your book! Thanks for all you are doing, we know it's a labor of love for you and for your humans...purrs from Z-Girl and the gang at Squeedunk, Coco, Valentina, Manhattan (rescued), Bessie (rescued), and Lulu (rescued).

  5. ~~~~~~ waves....veree nice two meet ewe Miss Dixie; we troo lee enjoyed yur interviews two day N we iz on R way ta amazon to chex out yur book !!! high paws two ewe & mom for all yur doin ta help all thoze shelterz & de kittehz who needed sum care ♥♥♥

  6. WOW! Miss Dixie, you do so much for the pet and rescue community. Thank you!!! We will have check out your book. It surely was great to meet you. Great interview!

  7. Well done, Miss Dixie ! You do a pawsome job for pets in need ! Purrs

  8. Miss Dixie is adorable. And paws up to her for everything she's done for pet rescue!

  9. This is so good to see. We need more cats like Miss Dixie.

  10. What a sweetheart Miss Dixie is! I need to put her book on my wish list :)

  11. Paws up for Miss Dixie for giving back to other kitties in need.

  12. Gweat innewview Lola. Yous do a pawsum job Dixie. And how pawsum to get a pawtogwaffed book. Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  13. Lola, what a great interview! Dixie is so pretty and truly amazing. We are so impressed by her fundraising for kitties. She and her mom have such big hearts for homeless kitties. We will definitely check out their book.

  14. Great interview. That sounds like a wonderful book.

  15. Paws up to Miss Dixie for all the great work she has done for kitties!

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