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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eight Photos of Happiness

Hello and Happy Thursday! A couple of weeks ago we were nominated by The Lone Star Cats to participate in the Eight Photos of Happiness Challenge. (Thanks Travis, Crockett and Angelique!) 

These are the guidelines for the challenge: 

  • Thank your nominators and link them to the post.  
  • Link to the creator of the tag, Ariel's Little Corner of the Internet. 
  • Post your eight photos of happiness. 
  • You can either write a brief description of why the photo brings you happiness, or you can just let the photo speak for itself. 
  • Tag up to 10 other bloggers. 
Here we go! 

This was taken a couple of weeks after I came to live here. This makes Mommy happy because for the first time I looked so peaceful and relaxed.  

This is Lexy a few minutes after she came to live here.  Mommy loves this picture because Lexy was so happy to sit in the window and watch the world after living in a cage for almost a year. 

Mommy finally got photos of her hugging us! (She should really crop out the mess in the background.  I mean, really, she should.) 

Our book makes us all happy! We get to help others because of it. 

This is Rose, our sponsor sister who lives at Tabby's Place. We sponsor her every month so her special needs can be taken care of.  Tabby's Place is on of Mommy's favorite places on earth and she loves to visit Rose. 

This is Will, Mommy's boyfriend.  He's a cat man and that makes all of us girls happy. 

We couldn't figure out how to get a photo for number eight, so we'll just explain it.  Our friends make us happy! We have so many friends, old and new, that are so special to us and we love you all! 

OK, now we have to nominate others. Hmmm.... this is hard cause lots of blogs have already been nominated, but here we go.  (If you already did this challenge, we apologize.) 

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  1. Great pictures of happiness! There's nothing better than the first time you feel your cat is happy in his new home :)

  2. I love all your happiness photos :)

  3. Oh! I still need to do this. I LOVE your happy pics - and compared to what we have to deal with, your living room is not cluttered at ALL!

  4. We love your photos of happiness ! Thank you so much for nominating us ! We already did the challenge (twice ! ) : here http://www.swisscatblog.ch/en/2015/08/happy-birthday-switzerland/ and here http://www.swisscatblog.ch/en/2015/08/8-photos-happiness-for-my-birthday/. Purrs

  5. hay ewe gals......manee thanx for nominatin uz for thiz challenge....we troo lee apurreciates it !!! yur fotoz rock de houz....we have a hard time pickin a fav o rite !! ♥♥♥

  6. So sweet! We are thrilled to be nominated and will add it to our to do list!

  7. Oh your photos made us sooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just darling and you are sooooooooo pretty!

  8. We love that second photo especially. You really do look happy and relaxed on the windowsill.

  9. We can see the happiness in every one of those pictures!

  10. These are all indeed happy photos! Made us smile here :) xxx

  11. Aww, such nice pictures of blissful cats. Meow. :)


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