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Friday, October 2, 2015

World Farm Animals Day

Hello everyone, this is Lexy checking in. Today I'm going to tell you about World Farm Animals Day.  

This day was created in memory of Ghandi who believed in treating all living beings with respect.  World Farm Animals Day was founded to bring attention the poor conditions suffered by some farm animals, and promote awareness in the hope something may be done to improve their lives. It makes sense that this day is observed during Vegetarian Month! 

Mother visited a farm animal sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, in upstate New York.  She was actually there twice.  Once she attended their Thanksliving Celebration  and another time she and Will took a drive on a Saturday to visit.  They both loved it! 

The guest of honor enjoying his meal at Thanksliving

WFS was founded in 2004 by Jenny Brown and Doug Abel with a group of rescued chickens from a factory farm, and a rooster who had been dumped in a NYC schoolyard. 

Today WFS regularly takes in farm animals that are victims of cruelty and neglect. Most of these animals are rescued during investigations of farms, stockyards, auctions, and slaughterhouses; others arrive from humane societies and SPCA cruelty cases.

This cow's name is Elvis!

Believe it or not, a large number of the animals come from right here in the streets of New York City. For the first time in their lives, these animals that have only known fear, isolation and pain now enjoy warm and clean barns, nourishing food, veterinary care and love.

In 2015 the sanctuary moved from Woodstock, NY (yes, THAT Woodstock) to a larger farm in High Falls, NY.  Mother can't wait to visit the new place! 

WFS's philosophy is kindness and respect to animals is our duty and that all the creatures that share this earth are here with us and not for us. Like our faithful dogs and lap-sitting cats, farm animals are feeling individuals who deserve to be treated with compassion and to live free from fear and suffering. That's a philosophy we love. 

Here are a few more photos Mother took during her visits.  We hope you enjoy them! And don't forget to hug a farm animal today!
Of course Mother and Will found the resident cat!

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  1. My human only reluctantly eats meat... and someday I imagine she will stop altogether because she loves farm animals. Of course, I can't share her feelings, being an obligate carnivore!

  2. What an awesome experience... our human does eat some meat but she also eats a lot of vegetarian/vegan meals so we fully support the philosophy of this organisation. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What an amazing sanctuary! I love in a very agricultural state (my dad grew up on a dairy farm) so I adore farm animals of all kinds. I eat meat (although very rarely) and would have no trouble cutting it from my diet altogether!

  4. That looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  5. Gweat fotos. Weez luv fawmin'.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. Oh what wonderful photos! We live in a rural area and have lots of farms around.......we love the peace and quiet AND the opportunity to get to know farm animals up close and purrrrsonal!

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. Such a wonderful way to celebrate so many special critters!

  8. This place looks awesome! I love the picture of the turkey enjoying his "Thanksliving" meal. That's too cool.


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