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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Catit Playground New York! (A Report)

Hello and Happy Tuesday! A couple of weeks ago Catit came to New York City with an awesome kitty playground. Mommy was very excited to be invited to their Black Cat Soiree and she had a great time.  I asked her to make sure she brought home a full report so I could share it with you.

I'm going to tell you about the best part first… the playground! 

Is that heaven, or what? A cat could spend hours in there and never get bored with all of those toys! And guess what else was in the playground? Kittens! 

A local shelter was there with adoptable cats. (The night Mommy was there two went to their forever homes.  How cool is that?) 

This kitten is very serious about tracking that fire ball. 

Where did it go?

These two little cuties got tuckered out from all that playing. 

All of the Catit products were on display and lots of humans bought some cool stuff to bring home to their cats. 

Before the event Catit had a contest to guess what inside this new product.  I’m a little embarrassed to tell you what Mommy guessed – OK, I’ll just tell you.  She guessed litter. She thought it was one of those things humans put the litter in after they scoop it.  Well, she was wrong. The mystery item was...

A grooming kit! Catit has two new grooming kits, one for shore haired cats and one for long haired cats. That canister is for hair, not litter. 

Aren’t Catit’s boxes just the cutest? 

Cat furniture was also on display. Too bad we don’t have room in our apartment for one of these.

You may remember that we reported on the Catit International Art Contest. There was a spectacular display of winning artwork. 

Mommy was very excited to see a painting by our Facebook friend, Raphael Vavasseur, a fab artist! 

But that’s not all! The Catit folks gave out neat goody bags with a t-shirt, mug, Catit Magic Blue cartridge, and a copy of Pure by Lucas De Boeck. Mommy got her book purrsonally autographed, and got to speak with Lucas for a while.  He told her about his ideas for Catit for the future and told her that the playground is going international! Mommy also got to talk to Melissa, the person she works with at Catit.  She said it was great to finally get to meet her in person 

And there were lots of things for the humans, too.  There were drinks and noms 

and even cat cookies. 

There were props that the humans could use to take selfies with.  

Hey, who’s that lady with Mommy? Oh, that’s Aunt Tamar of I Have Cat! Imagine them running into each other there! 

Catit Playground New York was a success and a lot of fun for kitties and humans alike. We hope the playground comes to New York City again! 


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  1. What an awesome event! My human is SO envious... and I am too! The Catit toys are so cool!

  2. Thanks for this most PAWESOME recap! Looks like it was a blast and I LOVE the new green Catit color (my Catit track is blue)...........loved seeing you with Tamar. This looks like it was incredible! Summer probably would love that grooming kit!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. Oh boy does that place ever look like a TON of FUN! many cool things to be seen and to know two kittens got a forever home the day your Mom was there....way wonderful! Thanks for sharing......CATIT's got it ALL going on doesn't it?

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. Wow, looks like a really fun event! So happy that two kittens were adopted.

  5. Glad your mommy got to go. We would have luvved to be there. Dat play room looks amazin'.

    Luv ya'


  6. L & L....we hope de playground comes ta yur city again two....we loved see inn all thiz.....rite heer on yur blog...we NOE yur mom hada total lee awesum time !!!! how KEWL ☺☺☺
    best fishes two de wee kittehz who finded ther foreverz peepulz that day all sew ...high paws N headbonx ♥♥♥

  7. What a fun event! That playground looks amazing!

  8. That does look like a big bunch of fun and how cool you ran into Tamar, she is a fun one!

  9. How fun!! That playground is so amazing. I can imagine how fun those kittens had. Their grooming kits and furniture are so cute. I love those cookies!

  10. That is the kind of party I would love to go to Those grooming kits are very nice and the art is all beautiful.

  11. This is an awesome event! I would go in a heartbeat! I love the artwork. What a great piece. All of the goodies are really wonderful.

  12. What an awesome event! That playground must be a dreams for playful kitties :)


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