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Monday, August 29, 2016

Pate, Shredded, Morsels... Wet Food Options for Your Cat

Hello and Happy Monday! Today we're sharing some great info from Petco about feeding your cat wet food. Read on for some of their great hints!

How do you feed your cat? There are plenty of options, but if you haven’t investigated the range of soft cat food, you may want to give it a try.

Wet, or soft cat food comes in an array of types, from pate to shredded, flaked, cubed, morsels, and broths. Each one of those relies on differing textures as well as varying amounts of liquid. If you are going to try wet cat food, there are certain considerations to follow. Wet food can’t be left out all the time, but dry food can. Instead, you have to train your cat to eat at certain times of day and store it in the fridge when your cat isn’t eating.

But one distinct advantage of wet cat food is that liquid: It can provide essential hydration to your feline, especially if you add more water to the food bowl. Even so, you should always offer water to your cat, even if you have to offer it at different locations in the house.

Want more tips on feeding your cat well using wet food? Use this graphic to get started. You can also find more info here in this article

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  1. My human has always found that the feeding instructions on cat food packaging tends towards too much! She feeds us a lot less than what they recommend, and we are lean, but not underweight.

  2. Paws up for feeding wet food. We're on wet food diets, and though it's tough to convert over from kibble, it's totally worth it!

  3. Great information. Our kitties are on about 80% wet food diets with a little dry food just for snacks.

  4. We eat mostly wet foods...sometimes Ernie eats some freeze-dried raw. We only get a little bit of dry and that's because I insist on it! The mom has tried to get me off of dry, but I always want a little bit. ~Wally

  5. Excellent post, canned food is so much better because of the moisture in it.

  6. Gracie and Zoe both enjoy their wet food (their main food), but get some kibbles to nosh on throughout the day.

  7. Great information ... thank you for sharing and for linking to an article with more information!

  8. Great info here, thank you for sharing!


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