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Friday, September 16, 2016

Helpful Hints for a Happy Cat - Happy Cat Month

Hello, everyone, this is Lexy checking in.  As you know, September is Happy Healthy Cat Month.  We’re teaming up with the folks at Wellness Natural Pet Food to bring you some hits to keep your cat happy and healthy.

·       Instinctively, felines are natural hunters – help your cat or kitten stay on top of their skills with plenty of play time together. Not only does this keep your cat active to support a healthier lifestyle, it also keeps stress levels down and encourages bonding for a happy, purring kitty. Just be sure that you keep any laser pointers away from your cat’s eyes!

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Cats may not have the same thirst drive as dogs, but that doesn’t make hydration any less important. Meal toppers, like Wellness TruFood Complements, are a great way to mix up your cat’s meals and get some extra moisture in their diet. Add them to your furry friend’s dry food, or feed separately as an exciting snack during the day!

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·       Due to their sedentary lifestyles, indoor cats are especially prone to weight gain, which can lead to a wide variety of health issues. That’s why it’s essential that your cat’s diet features a well-rounded mix of proteins, fats and nutrients to support a healthy weight. Wellness Complete Health Indoor Health contains a balanced mix of meats, grains and fruits for felines that lounge more than they lunge.

·       Cats experience boredom, too, and they can express it in ways you may not be so fond of, such as chasing other household pets or shredding items other than their toys. Excite your feline friend by bringing a taste of the wild indoors, with perches by a sunny window or potted plants that are cat friendly. A few to avoid are tulips, lilies and English ivy – these are all toxic for pets!

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 Hairballs are unpleasant for cat and cat owner alike, but they can be managed with some extra grooming time and a proper diet. Long haired cats are more likely to have hairballs, so a few minutes of daily brushing can go a long way. Wellness Natural Hairball Control is made with a special natural fiber blend, which is also helpful in preventing hairball formation.

If you missed parts one and two in our Happy Healthy Cat Month series, you can read them here and here

What are some things you do to keep your cat happy? Tell us! 

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  1. These are all great ideas. Annie & Pierrot have a big window. I try to play with them most days and I grow cat grass every few months. Lexy & Lola always look happy. :)

  2. Yes, great tips. unfortunately, I won't touch wellness food. M has tried it so many times on me and every time I refuse to eat it.

  3. Great posty gawjus girlys. Luv da grass. It looks so lush. Have a great weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  4. Great tips! Good food and lots of toys keeps us happy. :)

  5. Nice tips! Pierre, our canned food eater, isn't a fan of Wellness. Or wasn't in the last round of taste tests. He may change his mind next week.

  6. We need to get some cat grass for Miss Rosie! Toys, treats, and cuddles is the key for us.

  7. Great tips! I try to spoil my cats, but I need to bring out da bird toy more often.

  8. We love the Wellness infographic with its catchy sayings to remind us what to do. We are getting some Wellness food here in NZ I will look out for Wellness foods you mention!

  9. Love this post and wonderful tips! For our multi-cat household, we give top priority to living space and we watch for signs of stress or potential bullying. So climbers, shelves, kitty bar stools and catio are key! Then of course their daily dose of Da Bird works wonders too!

  10. Those were terrific happy things! Laptime and snuggles make me happy!

  11. Those are some really good tips! We have to get a little cat-safe greenery around here...


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