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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

BlogPurr Cat Writer's Event in New York City

Last month I was very lucky to be invited to a cat writer's event here in New York City, BlogPurr, sponsored by Merck

Merck Animal Health|BlogPurr

It was a very intimate gathering of ten bloggers, most of whom were friends that I was very happy to get to spend time with again. The speakers included veterinarians and a cat behavior expert, and we discussed topics such as learning the secrets behind common cat behaviors, information on the latest treatment for protecting cats from parasites, making trips to the vet easier for cats, and understanding reasons why cats receive less health care than dogs. 

Merck Animal Health|BlogPurr|cat writers
Cat Writers L to R: Paula Gregg - Sweet Purrfections; Julie McAlee - Sometimes Cats Herd You; Leah Mastilock - Rascal and Rocco; Layla Morgan Wilde - Cat Wisdom 101; and me . 

The lineup of speakers was fantastic and very engaging. Everyone was knowledgeable and brought something different to the table to share with us.  I appreciated everyone’s expertise and gained new perspectives on different topics.

Amy Shojai

Amy Shojai (award winning author, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, and founder of Cat Writer's Association) discussed different types of pet parenting, from the Drama Momma (who always thinks the “sky is falling”), to the Doting Dad (to whom the cats will always come first), and everything in between (such as the Shrinking Violet who is afraid to ask questions.) The presentation also included the differences between cats in single cat homes vs. multi-cat homes. Amy also shared some very insightful blogging tips and ideas, especially how to engage your readers. We also delved into handling negative feedback in a polite and professional manner.  Lots to think about! 

Merck Animal Health|BlogPurr

Dr. Margie Scherk

Dr. Margie Scherk from Vancouver, Canada presented on how and why cats are not getting the same level of health care as dogs. She cited a study that states 81% of dogs go to the vet regularly, while only 55% of cats received the same care.  In 2012 it was estimated that in the US there were 74 million cats and 70 million dogs.  Yet cats are not going to the vet regularly! (Did you know that Canada has twice as many cats as dogs? And Russia also has more cats than dogs.) Dr. Scherk stated that two of the reasons cats are not going to the vet is because pet parents don’t recognize the subtle signs of illness, and they aren’t aware of preventative care.  It’s also not always fun to take your cat to the vet. (I have to start the crating process at least 20 minutes before I have to leave. Sometimes that’s not even enough time!)

Merck Animal Health|BlogPurr

Dr. Scherk founded the first every feline only veterinary practice.  I love her passion for cats and her drive to educate people and debunk myths about felines. She believes vet practices should be more cat friendly to lower the stress of the vet visit.  Cats are often viewed as “difficult” during an exam, when in reality they are frightened.

Dr. Cathy Lund

Dr. Cathy Lund, who founded City Kitty (a feline only veterinary practice) in Providence, RI spoke to us about fleas and ticks and the assumption that indoor only cats don’t need parasite control. (I admit; I do not use any flea or tick prevention on my cats. I do have to say that I learned a lot and will now have an informed discussion with my own vet.) Dr. Lund discussed that many pet parents find fleas and ticks embarrassing to talk about, and some even think because they “live in a good neighborhood” that their cats are safe from this. ( I didn't know fleas and ticks were particular about where they reside!)

Merck Animal Health|BlogPurr|City Kitty

Dr. Lund participated in the field study for Merck’s new Bravecto product for cats.  The field study lasted approximately 18 months and included approximately 1,000 cats. Participants in the study were happy with the results, stating “My cat is happy again”, “I can have people over again – the fleas are gone”, and “He was scratching and miserable and nothing worked before.”  I can only imagine what relief these pet parents felt to finally find relief for their cats and households. 

Dr. Robert Armstrong

Dr. Robert Armstrong, a veterinarian with Merck, presented on the various studies conducted that contributed to the development of Bravecto flea and tick prevention for cats. Dr. Armstrong informed us of the risks for cats who contract fleas or ticks (such as blood loss, anemia and tapeworms), and that cat people tend to be more concerned than vets about ticks.  This can be contributed to the fact that vets tend not to see many cats with tick borne diseases.  He also discussed the life cycle of the flea, which lasts 12 weeks, and how using a parasite control that addresses the entire life cycle of the flea is highly effective.  

After this jam packed session we had a lovely lunch and then headed over to a cat cafĂ©. What better way to end the day? I’ll be sharing that experience in another post. 

Do you use parasite control for your cats? 

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  1. My human is SO envious! She missed out on this... and I am kind of annoyed that she dragged her feet on it.

  2. that is very interesting....we would be interested to know if the Bravecto has been tested in shelter situations and if they work with shelters and non-profits on discounts. we have found (doing applications for our rescue) that it is very true that some don't take their cats for annual visits...thinking if they don't see anything then they don't need to go. it is an interesting difference with dog owners

  3. This was an excellent trip and so informative. You've reminded me that I need to do my writeup for Blogpurr.

  4. It really was very informative and so fun to get travel across the country and visit with you and a few other blogging friends.

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