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Thursday, July 27, 2017

6 Reasons You Should Brush Your Cat

Hello and happy Thursday Purrsday! Lexy has been doing most of the talking lately, so today I decided to take over the blog. Lexy and I recently got a new brush that we both love, so I thought it would be fantastic to write about the benefits of brushing your cat on a regular basis! (I thought this was a brilliant idea, but that’s just my opinion!) Keep reading to learn about six reasons you should brush your cat. 


1.  Helps Reduce Shedding

Lexy sheds a lot! Me, not too much. But Lexy’s fur is just about everywhere, and I’m sure a lot of our readers have this same issue. Did you know that if you take just a few minutes a day to brush your cat, the brush will pick up the dead hair that is embedded in your cat’s coat? Then you can just toss it right into the garbage. Less hair on the furniture and carpets means less vacuuming for you! 

2.  Helps Distribute Natural Oils 

With regular brushing, you spread natural oils (known as sebum) throughout your cat’s fur while at the same time increasing blood circulation and improving muscle tone. This keeps your cat’s skin healthy while giving them a shiny coat. In a previous post Lexy admitted that she struggles with dandruff from time to time. Our Mom notices that when she brushes her regularly, Lexy’s coat is smoother with less dandruff. 

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3.  Helps Reduce Hairballs

The more hair you brush hair off your cat, the less hair they will swallow. Cats naturally have little barbs on their tongues to assist them with grooming, so it’s normal for loose hair, debris, and small foreign objects to get picked up by their tongues. These things get swallowed and pass through their body,  exiting in their stool. Occasionally they may have a difficult time digesting large amounts of hair and it gathers in their stomachs until they eventually need to vomit it back up. The result is a hairball, and it’s yucky! I may be one of the very few cats that do not get hairballs, but poor Lexy is pestered by them from time to time and I feel so bad for her when I see her retching them up.  Regular brushing will lessen the frequency of hairballs so your cat will be more comfortable, and you’ll have less to clean up. (And there will be fewer stains on your carpet, too. I should probably point out a couple to Mommy so she can get the stain remover out.) 

Photo via Flickr

4.  Helps prevent mats

With frequent brushing, you can address tangles before they turn into mats! Tangles and mats can be very painful for cats. It’s best to prevent them before they happen so your cat won’t have to go to the vet to have a big, tangled mat removed. So it’s a good idea to your make your cat comfortable with regular brushing.  (Please remember it can be dangerous to cut out a mat with scissors! Mommy had a friend a long time ago who tried to do that and ended up cutting her cat. And she needed stitches!) 

5.  Helps With Bonding

Time spent brushing your cat can help deepen the bond between you and your cat by creating a physical connection beyond simply petting your cat. Now, I’m sure you’re familiar with the old myth that cats are independent and aloof. The truth is, most of us love attention from the humans that we love! Brushing us is a great way to give us a little extra loving. 

6.  Helps Reduce Stress

Lots of cats enjoy being brushed, and Lexy and I fit into that category for sure! It feels really good, almost like we’re getting a massage! (If you’re interested in pet massage, read this post). It’s very relaxing, and if your cat really enjoys it, it can reduce any stress they may be experiencing. And you know what? It can be relaxing for you, too! 

Photo via Deposit Photos

Now, you busy people may be saying “But I don’t have time for all of that brushing!” But guess what? You can spend as little as five minutes a day brushing your cat and they will still reap all the benefits. (Longer haired cats may require more than five minutes.) The result will be a happy, healthy cat that you will have a strong relationship with. 

Do you brush your cat on a regular basis? 

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  1. I like getting brushed! Angelique is really the one that "needs" brushing here, but we all enjoy it.

  2. I love brushings! They make me purr.

  3. This is gold, thank you! Very informative post! We have short haired cats, but our male looooves to be groomed!

  4. L & L...ewe betcha....eye look for werd ta me brushingz on caturday N SUN day N sum time eye get a nice combin thru out de week ta get that undercoat !! ☺☺♥♥

    tuna of moon ~~~~

  5. mom doesn't brush us as much as she knows she should, but this sounds like a good tool

  6. I am definitely on that list to try to win an Eazee tool! Recently, I got a chance to brush Sweetie, the friendly feral who still has lots of feral. I brushed and combed and brushed and combed, and she purred and I purred...it was a little slice of heaven!

  7. Everyone here is a big fan of regular brushing, except for Sister Sascha!

  8. I'll admit that I need to do more brushing of the cats. This is a great post and reminds me why I should!

  9. I've been getting brushed more lately and I love it! ~Zoey

  10. This was definitely a pawsome idea for a post Lola, and I love that picture of the Eazee tool with your precious little paws! I try to brush Mudpie every day, at least every other day if I get too busy, and it is insane how much fur I get out. She loves it and her fur feels so much healthier afterwards.

  11. I love the top and bottom pics of your paws, Lola! I enjoyed reading these reasons of why brushing is so good for kitties. Annie loves to be combed and brushed. Pierrot only kind of likes it and only at certain times.

  12. What a great post. I have always brushed my cats (and dogs). When I was little, we had a big old male tuxi who had a long coat. We brused him everyday because my Mom hated to find his fur all over everything. He even liked to be vacuumed! (Nellie LOVED it too and her coat was very fine but she shedded a lot).
    love Barb

  13. I've brushed Bear his entire life. I can't tell you how many times he's been complimented on his shiny and well-kept coat. For the longest time, I didn't make the connection until there was a couple months that I stopped brushing him and he started looking a bit raggedy. Now that he's older, he's really struggled with fur balls - but the Furminator leaves bald spots. I can't wait to try the Eazee!

  14. You and your sister always look so healthy and pretty. Our cat tolerates being brushed, but he doesn't really enjoy it.

  15. Very good points! Mom brushes me almost daily & oftentimes more than once during the day. I enjoy it 'cause I have itchy, dry skin. And like Lexy, I also get dandruff. Brushing makes me feel good & relaxes Mom. It is part of our quality time together. Mew Mew!

  16. Good points ! We enjoy being brushed, but for a short time only ! Purrs

  17. We have one cat and she does love being brushed. It is a social time for us as well. We visit and she tells us about her day. :-)

  18. With the exception, we all loved being brushed, and teh brush we love most of all is the Zoom Groom! Nothing beats the Zoom Groom!

    The Chans

  19. Lola, you did a fine job with your post today. Thank you for sharing about how important brushing our cats is! Gracie loves to be brushed, but Zoe isn't as fond of it.

  20. I brush my gang of seven religiously every night, even if I'm exhausted! I've incorporated it into our routine and I especially love the bonding aspect of it. It gives me time to wind down from a long day before I finally settle on the couch and this way, every cat gets some extra special attention devoted just to them! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang

  21. Really, really great points!


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