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Friday, May 22, 2020

Working From Home With Cats - Part 5

Hello, and Happy Friday! I'm back today with part five of our "Working From Home With Cats" series. I was a busy bee in this post,that's for sure! Here's what we've been doing since we left off last time. 

As always, I like to take control of Mommy's makeup routine. I did a fab eye look this day. 

On this day I was up bright and early (and I'm not a morning cat) and ready for our meeting. Then I find out I'm banned! Banned? I still don't get it. (See this post to see why Mommy said HR banned me.)

One day I just couldn't wait for break time. I was a little peckish and just needed to nosh a little. 

Can you believe Lexy called in sick one day? Seriously? I was the one working my paws off all week! 

When Lexy finally did come back to work, she was told to get her butt off of the keyboard! MOL Looks like her butt did something to the laptop. (And the tupperware is on the table again! She hates that!)

Are you working from home with cats? Tell us about it in the comments! 

working from home with cats

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  1. You really are working hard, but it looks like Lexy is not pulling her weight!

  2. You two are the cutest little office helpers ever!

  3. Lola and Lexy, you both deserve a big raise!

  4. You gals sure work hard to make sure your Mom gets everything done on time!

  5. I love your human's work table! I'm glad you two are keeping an eye on her.

  6. You are such cuties. You both deserve a day off. XO

  7. Girls, no office could be better run and surely, that was NOT inappropriate in adventure #3. You did tend to flash a bit though, know what I mean? But never inappropriate! By the way, if you are available for consultation, I would love your advice on makeup for mom. I told her rose tones might be more...well...her.

  8. You were very busy!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. What an exhausting week guys, mew need some extra nap time fur sure!

  10. Seriously, what would your Mommy do without you two supervising her work from home?

  11. Wow, you're working really hard. I just eat and nap while my Mom & Dad work.


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