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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Lola and Lexy's Top 5 Signs Your Cat May Need Dental Care

Hello, and Happy Friday! It's me, Lola, and I'm welcoming you back to another of our "Top Five" posts. In our last post, we discussed the top five things responsible pet parents do. One of those things is making sure your cat gets regular medical care, which gave us the idea for today's post.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Both Lexy and I have had dental work. I had a cleaning and I had my canine teeth (plus a few more) removed, and Lexy had a cleaning with a few tiny teeth removed. We weren't very happy about it, but we know that it was important for our overall health. 

Today we are sharing our top five signs that your cat needs dental care. 

Lola and Lexy's Top Five Signs Your Cat Needs Dental Care

1. Drooling and Pawing

If your cat starts to suddenly drool, you should take note. Pawing at her face and/or drooling is a sign of dental disease, especially if the drool is tinged with blood. Drooling can be caused by gingivitis, cervical lesions., and other sources of dental pain.

2. Bad Breath

Sometimes people think that it’s normal for your cat to have bad breath. Yes, it’s true that we may not have minty-fresh breath from Scope Mouthwash, but the dreaded “dragon breath” isn’t normal. Bad breath is the most frequent sign of emerging dental problems, and if it smells like rotting eggs, your cat could have a bacterial infection.

3. Changes in Eating Habits

If you notice your cat approaching her food bowl and walking away, it could be a sign of mouth pain. Other signs of mouth pain are chewing on only one side of her mouth, dropping food from her mouth while eating, or vomiting unchewed food.

4. Yellow or Brown Teeth

If you notice yellow or brown stains on your pet's teeth, especially around the gums, there is a good chance this is tartar buildup. Tartar buildup often goes hand in hand with bacterial infections and bad breath.

5. Swollen or Bleeding Gums

Swollen or bleeding gums red, painful, sensitive gums that bleed easily (gingivitis) are commonly caused by plaque buildup. If not treated, gingivitis can spread through your cat’s entire mouth.

If you notice any of these signs with your cat, get her checked out by the vet to see if they need a dental procedure, and to make sure there is nothing else wrong. 

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We hope learning about these signs is helpful! Has your cat ever gone to the dentist? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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Lola and Lexy

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  1. It's so important for humans to periodically check the condition of their cats' mouths. Thanks for the signs they need to look for!

  2. Yes, tooth pain is awful, I know first paw. Those pretty much nailed it!!!

  3. Lola and Lexi, those are excellent tips about kitty dental health!

  4. Eric had gingivitis from about 6 months old when his adult teeth started to come through. We kept it pretty well under control with daily brushing and massaging it into his gums. He didn't mind as the paste was chicken flavoured.

  5. Great post ladies. Dental issues are so painful, we don't want any kitties suffering. XO

  6. This is very important information! I think many of us tend to forget about our cats' dental health.

  7. Great post! It's so important to take good care of our cats' teeth and gums!

  8. Great post! Dental health is so important. Luckily none of the 3 need a dental -yet. I do try to do the right things with supplements and the right crunchies, but trying to brush their teeth is not on the table (as far as they are concerned). |Thanks for the great information and have a marvellously Happy Day!

  9. I'm afraid Katie will be in for some bad news. Her breath is less than good.

  10. Good info and Dad is waiting till we can get to the vet for our checkups as we may need dentals this year. Ugh


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