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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Save Kittens With Tailspring Milk Replacer

This post is sponsored by Tailspring. 

Orphaned kittens are fragile little beings who require around the clock care and feeding. Many people may not be aware that neonatal kittens cannot be fed just any type of milk. Because they lack the proper enzymes to digest lactose, feeding them cow’s milk can cause diarrhea and dehydration very quickly. The best replacement for their sensitive stomachs and underdeveloped immune systems is one that gives them nutritional benefits similar to their mother’s milk.

I am excited to be partnering with Tailspring and Mews & Merlot, an organization dedicated to saving the tiniest lives, to tell you about Tailspring’s milk replacer.

Tailspring Milk Replacer for Kittens

Meet the Kitties

Kelsie McKenzie, the founder of Mews & Merlot, received a young (8 to 10 months old) momma cat and her five kittens who were rescued from a hoarding situation in North Carolina when the kittens were only two days old. After spending five days with a temporary foster, they were transported to Kelsie in northern Virginia by a gentleman named David. (Kelsie tells me that David is a saint in the rescue world in her area. In addition to Luna and her babies, David was also transporting several other cats/ kittens to rescues in VA, MD, and PA.)


Kelsie was concerned about not being able to get Luna and her babies Nova, Orion, Galaxy, Sunny and Kalani sooner. “Neonates are so incredibly fragile, even if they have a mom. The first week is critical to ensuring they're healthy. This involves weighing multiple times a day (at each feeding if they're bottle fed) and monitoring for any signs of illness. The most often is not hanging out near the rest of the litter—a subtle but crucially important sign.”


Tailspring to the Rescue!

Although Luna was underweight when she arrived at the rescue, she was still very attentive to her babies. This was a first for Kelsie, who had been used to feeding kittens on her own.

Kelsie first started using Tailspring with Luna by sprinkling some of the Tailspring Milk Replacer Powder on her food to increase her calorie intake. Luna took to the powder right away, had has since gained ¾ of a pound!


The kittens, however, were not gaining weight at the rate they should have been. Kelsie was especially concerned about Orion, the only boy in the litter. On day three she started bottle feeding Orion with the Tailspring Milk Replacer liquid three 3x/day, and on day five she started feeding his four sisters 1x/day. I am happy to report that Orion (who had no issues accepting the milk replacer right away) is now down to two feedings per day and is starting to thrive. (All kittens are being bottle fed in addition to being nursed by Luna.)


Kelsie’s Thoughts on Tailspring

Goat’s milk as a sole source of nutrition can be a controversial topic in the rescue world, with neonatal veterinarians having varying opinions. Kittens’ stomachs are so sensitive, and diarrhea can easily dehydrate and kill a neonate if you are not careful, and they are not constantly monitored.

Kelsie had considered using goat’s milk in the past but was unsure about the mixing ratio (which there are varying thoughts on.) Tailspring does that for her with no guess work. Kelsie loves that Tailspring “has the beneficial ingredients that kittens need” and is easy to use.


Why You Should Consider Tailspring

Tailspring is scientifically formulated to closely match mother’s milk. Developed by a neonatal nutritionist with over 30 years of experience, their formula includes all the essential nutrients, amino acids, fats, and vitamins that kittens need to thrive. Additionally, Tailspring

• Has goat milk as the number one ingredient

• Is 100% human grade

• Can be digested easily by little ones

• Is the cleanest label on the market

• Contains no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors


Tailspring also has a line of puppy milk replacers. If you have an orphaned baby and need to supplement their diet, Tailspring is the product for you.

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To keep up to date on Luna and her celestial babies, and to see more of the wonderful work Kelsie does, visit her website and make sure to follow Mews & Merlot on social media.

Have you ever had to bottle feed kittens? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.


Thank you to Mews & Merlot for the kitten photos and video!

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  1. I've heard about this milk replacement before, and it sounds awesome!

  2. It's awesome they're making this - it can help a lot of orphaned kittens!

  3. I am in love with the babies and momma. I have not heard of the milk replacement before and I will remember it and all about it thanks to this great information here from you, Lexi and Lola. Ever since a baby was found on school grounds and brought to the house ( my son's home and his son found the baby)...and neither of us having a clue what to do...I have gathered needed food and care information against the next time if it happens again. The baby, 2 weeks old, was found a foster and turned forever mom within a day. She grew into a beautiful lady cat and has truly lived happily ever after.

  4. That sounds really good, we've done the bottle feeding thing before and always have problems finding the milk replacement in our area so we always try to keep some in our stock.

  5. Never had a tiny kitten before so it is good info for me just in case. By the way, all the Tailspring web links you have here just take me to your blog.

    1. Thank you for letting us know there was a problem! We appreciate it.

  6. This is great information to have as kitten season is close, if not here already . . . I'm saving the link in case someone needs it here . . . I've never bottle-fed myself but there are those around who have, and may need to again sometime soon.

  7. Haven't had to bottle-feed any kittens, but this information is good to stow away!

  8. Such adorable kittens. Tailspring sounds like an excellent product. XO

  9. Sounds like good stuff! Goat's milk is so beneficial.

  10. We read about Tailspring somewhere else recently, and it sounds awesome. We will tell our friends who foster and the shelter about it!

  11. Sounds like a good product. Dad had to give Einstein replacement milk and used canned KMR. It worked alright and we will keep this info just in case


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