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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Rescue Stories - Trixie: She Finally Found Her Forever Family

Hello, and Happy Tuesday! Today we have the rescue story of Trixie. Trixie found herself going from home to home after her humans became elderly and could no longer care for her. Today, she is happy in her forever home with a wonderful family. So without further ado, let's meet Trixie. 


Trixie is my “boomerang cat.” That is, Trixie was offered to me five years ago by acquaintances who knew Trixie’s aging parent who could no longer take care of her. Trixie is a calico cat and may have some “munchkin cat” in her. Her back legs are short and bowed. The markings on her back legs make it look like she is wearing leggings. In short, she is adorably cute. At that time, I had an elderly, sick cat. I felt taking in another cat could adversely affect her health so I said I couldn’t adopt her but would see if I knew anyone who could. I found a friend who had two other cats but had lost a third because she lived alone, and her cats were her only company. 

Three years later, my friend’s health started failing and she decided to go into assisted living. In 2015, she asked if I could adopt her cats or at least find good homes for them. By that time, I had two new cats, and they were best friends. I didn’t know if adopting more cats would endanger their friendship. So, I helped find the cats new homes. Unfortunately, Trixie was older at seven, was not a lap cat, and could even be standoffish. I tried to find another home for her but was unsuccessful (possibly because I was screening potential pet parents and felt many would not good for Trixie). Moreover, my friend really wanted to find her a forever home. She felt bad that she had taken her in and now had to give her up. Trixie was a stray who spent time in a shelter before she was adopted at age one. Her previous parent was older and after three years, her pet parent had to go into a nursing home. And now my friend had decided to go into an assisted living facility.

Trixie and her best friend - her stuffed dog.

After 5 months, I decided that maybe my husband and I should adopt Trixie. I felt she had experienced enough trauma in her life, and maybe there was a reason she was coming back to me. Benny and Jackson were welcoming to her (although she was far less excited to have two brothers).  Although she has never totally warmed up to Benny and Jackson, the good news is that Benny and Jackson have maintained their close friendship. Even though there is an occasionally spit-spat between Benny and her, all three co-exist. Shortly after I adopted her, she would jump into bed with me, lay next to me, and purr until one or both of us fell asleep. My husband said her purr sounds like a Geiger counter. And then surprisingly, this non-lap cat, would jump on my lap or my husband’s and fall asleep. 

Trixie certainly has a personality all her own. Shortly after we adopted her we found out that she would stand up on her back feet and with her front paws, she would act like she was begging. We learned from my friend that she did that all the time and evidently her previous owner taught her this “trick” and that’s why they call her “Trixie”. 

We are not sure exactly what she is doing because she will go into a room by herself and sit up on her back legs and act like she is begging with her front paws. Some think she might be praying or talking to someone who’s not there (or can’t be seen!). She is very fastidious and will delicately pick up her tail with one paw to wash it. Washing her back legs is an adventure. She lays on her side, grabs her back leg with both front paws, and then washes her back leg. She looks like she is in a yoga position. Trixie doesn’t walk anywhere and she always runs. 

Trixie loves to talk and will walk around the house meowing and sometimes even meows in her sleep. My husband and I have jokingly said she is French. Sometimes her meow sounds like she is saying “Oui” and once when we took her to the vet, my husband and I distinctly heard her say “Maman” (which is the French slang for Mother). Once when watching the evening news, we saw Emanuel Macron, President of France. He was speaking in French, but quickly Trixie woke up, turned around, and intently started watching and listening to him. Maybe her first parent knew French? 

We are delighted we added Trixie to our cat family. Every time I would visit or talk with my friend who gave me Trixie, I would show her photos of Trixie and since Trixie always talked, I’d put her on the phone. Unfortunately, my friend from whom I adopted her passed away suddenly this past year, and I was very upset. But every time I look at Trixie, I see a little bit of my friend and hope she’s smiling down on me knowing her little girl is safe with me. 

Kathy Finley lives in Indianapolis, IN with her three cats. Kathy is writing a book about Clio and their life together. You can get more information about Kathy and read her blog at  Kathy enjoys sharing the message of how animals can provide unconditional love, acceptance, and insight into oneself and is available for public speaking engagements. 

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