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Monday, July 26, 2021

Reduce Your Cat's Stress With the RelaxoPet PRO

Many cat parents are familiar with situations that cause stress for their cats: vet visits, car rides, getting in the carrier, thunderstorms, changes in routine, fireworks, moving, etc. These scenarios not only stress out our cats, but they can cause us to be very anxious as well.  

A lot of cat parents, including me, prefer not to use medication to sedate their pets. If you're looking for a natural, medication-free way to reduce your cat's stress, then the RelaxoPet PRO is just what you're looking for. 

Disclosure: We received a RelaxoPet PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer in exchange for our fair and honest review. RelaxoPet is not responsible for the contents of this post. Lola The Rescued Cat only shares information we feel will be of interest to our readers. 

Reduce Your Cat's Stress with RelaxoPet

What is Relaxopet PRO? 

RelaxoPet PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer is an award-winning, German designed subliminal anti-stress device for pets. The RelaxoPet PRO for cats was developed for unconscious, deep relaxation, emitting soothing vibrations and tone sequences. Special sound frequencies, tailored to the sensitive hearing of cats, aid in deep relaxation and prevent cats from becoming overwhelmed and anxious. RelaxoPet PRO was developed over several years in close collaboration with veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners. 

How RelaxoPet Pro works

This compact wireless speaker emits subliminal sounds subconsciously which signal a cat’s brain to relax and release fewer stress hormones. Subliminal sounds can successfully reprogram your cat’s subconscious by removing their negative expectations and replacing destructive patterns with positive input. This occurs in a natural, relaxed manner while your cat is listening to the RelaxoPet PRO. 

What I found extremely interesting is that the frequencies travel through the cat’s fur. The cat’s ear then perceives the harmonized tones, passing on the impulse to the brain. Since it all begins with the fur picking up the impulses, the device can be used with deaf or hearing impaired cats. Cosmic Pets has a great in-depth article on the science behind how RelaxoPet PRO works, which you can read here

How RelaxoPet PRO Can Help Your Cat

The RelaxoPet PRO unit can be beneficial for your cat in a variety of settings that can cause stress and anxiety. These include: 
      • Thunderstorms
      • Fireworks
      • Vet visits
      • Car rides/travel
      • Loneliness (being home alone)
      • Environmental changes

It can also be helpful in addressing behavioral issues such as: 
      • Destructive behavior
      • Panic
      • Aggressiveness
      • Marking behavior
      • Persistent scratching.
      • Obsessive behaviors

Directions for Use

Using the RelaxoPet PRO is quite easy. All you need to do is turn it on and place it close to your cat’s favorite place. It is suggested that an acclimatization phase take place for four to five days, during which the audible mode should be used so your cat can get accustomed to the sounds. After four to five days feel free to use the silent mode. 

The unit has a Noise Motion System that monitors the room and can detect motion within 15 feet. This mode automatically triggers the unit to activate itself, helping your cat to relax. As soon as the two highly sensitive microphones detect your cat’s motion, the unit turns on for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the product will once again go into monitoring mode.

RelaxoPet PRO is also equipped with a timer, so you can choose to have the unit work continuously or set the timer which will turn it off after four hours. After the timer turns off, it automatically switches to the noise motion function. 

RelaxoPet sells a travel bag for the unit that can clip onto a bag or carrier, which can be especially useful for car rides or vet visits. The bag has a mesh top that ensures an ideal sound result. 

RelaxoPet PRO Put to the Test

I’ve had the RelaxoPet PRO for a couple of months now. Lola and Lexy took to it right away, and the acclimatization period was very easy. I followed the directions and carried out acclimatization for five days with the music. After that, I started using the unit in silent mode.  

As I start going back to the office more often now and for longer periods of time, I was worried about how the girls would react to me being away from home. Before I leave in the morning, I put the unit on the timer and motion detector mode. When I check on the girls with our pet camera, they are either napping comfortably in their favorite places, or Lexy will come running when I call her. They both look very relaxed. 

We really put the unit to test on the Fourth of July, which is an incredibly stressful holiday for my girls. Saying that Lexy is absolutely petrified on this day is an understatement. When the M-80 firecrackers start, she just about jumps out of her skin every time she hears one. And when the fireworks begin it gets worse. (From our windows we can see and hear fireworks from several places in both Queens and Brooklyn, and neighbors are setting off their own fireworks in a several block radius of our building.) Lexy is very stressed out, slithers around on the floor, and cannot get comfortable. It’s heartbreaking to watch my beautiful girl so miserable. The RelaxoPet PRO had its work cut out for it, and I hoped it would hold up to my expectations. 

The manual suggests starting the unit about 30 minutes before a stressful situation, so I turned it on before any firecrackers started. Lexy was relaxing in the bedroom in her favorite bed  and I placed the unit in that room near her on silent mode. As the sounds started increasing and getting louder, I switched to audible mode and moved the unit from the bedroom to the living room when she switched locations. 

So, what was Lexy’s reaction? I can sum it up in one word: amazing! I could not believe how calm and more relaxed she was. No more jumping out of her skin at every boom, and no more slithering around on the floor. She was a little clingy and followed me around the house a bit, but all in all, she was a totally different, happier cat. 

But what about Lola? Even though she isn’t as frightened by the fireworks as Lexy is, she doesn’t love them. This year, however, she jumped up into the window to see what all the commotion was about and watched the lights in the sky. She was as comfortable as can be. 

Key Features of RelaxoPet PRO

      • Noise motion sensor
      • PRO timer
      • Visual display panel
      • Adjustable volume
      • Audible and inaudible sounds 
      • Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (charged via USB)
      • 16-hour battery life
      • Compact and wireless
      • Perfect for vet visits, thunderstorms, fireworks, new situations, and travel. 

The Final Verdict

The RelaxoPet website states that 84% of cats studied showed a noticeable deep relaxation with exposure to different stressors after an application time of under 10 minutes, so I had high hopes. I wasn’t disappointed! The transformation in Lexy on July 4th was remarkable, and I was happy to have a relaxed cat. I give the RelaxoPet PRO two thumbs up, and it gets two paws up from Lexy and Lola. I very much recommend this product to pet parents who have furry loved ones who get stressed out in certain situations. 

I will definitely be taking the RelaxoPet PRO along on our trips to the vet. Both Lola and Lexy are very anxious when they have to leave the house and they both dislike car rides. Because the unit has a silent mode, I can bring it into the exam room without disturbing anyone. 

I’m so impressed with the product that I’m getting one for my niece’s dog. He is very stressed during thunderstorms, and he recently moved from the suburbs to the city. There have been a few issues as he gets used to the sounds, smells, and hustle and bustle of city life, and I’m sure the RelaxoPet PRO will help him have a smoother transition. 

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Where You Can Buy the RelaxoPet PRO

Visit the RelaxoPet website to purchase a unit for your cat. RelaxoPet also makes units especially made for dogs, horses, and birds. RelaxoPet PRO is also available on Amazon and (Don't forget to pick up the travel bag so carrying the unit with you is easy.)

It’s a Giveaway!

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What do you do to calm your cat down when they're stressed? We'd love to read about it in the comments. 


About the Author:
Dawn White is an award-winning writer/blogger and the author of Lola: Diary of a Rescued Cat.  Dawn has been writing in the pet industry for over seven years and has been a contributing writer for the Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive Pro Program, BlogPaws, and

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