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Friday, November 26, 2021

Lola and Lexy’s Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Your Cat

Hello, and happy Friday! Today is Black Friday, and Lexy and I are pawsitive that you're doing a little bit of Christmas shopping for your cats. We're sharing some fab things that we think will make purrfect Christmas gifts for your favorite feline. (Some of these are our absolute favorite things!)

These are our top ten recommendations (in no particular order, and in varying price ranges.)

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Your Cat

1. Hauspanther’s Max Scratch Oversized Cat Scratching Post & Perch

Lexy and I LOVE this scratcher! Here are a few of its key features:
  • Durable natural jute rope scratching surface
  • 29" tall for an extra stretch when your cat is scratching
  • 9" diameter perch with a non-slip pad on top makes a great place to sit after climbing
  • The sturdy 19" square base prevents tipping
  • Non-slip feet on the bottom protect floors & keep the scratcher from sliding
  • Extra replacement perch pad is included
You can extend the use of the scratcher by flipping it over. Remove the top and the base, flip over the post, and reassemble! How cool is that? 

You can read our in-depth review here

You can purchase the Max Scratch at Amazon for $119.99. 

2. Petique Feline Penthouse Cat House

Petique is another of our faves! We have the Meow House that gets a lot of love from us, but this Feline Penthouse is on our Christmas list this year.

Here are some of the key features of Petique’s cat houses.
  • Easy to move around compared to heavier scratchers
  • Made of non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainable material
  • Compostable and sustainable
  • Assists cats in exerting excess energy
  • 100% eco-friendly materials protect your pets and the planet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of compressed cardboard which makes it very sturdy
  • Relieves your cat's natural tendencies, such as grooming their claws
  • Aids in reducing stress and anxiety
  • Can hold pets up to 20 pounds.

For more info, you can read our review on the Meow House here

The Feline Penthouse Cat House is available on Amazon for $54.49 

3. PetFusion BetterBox Litter Box

Okay, so a litter box may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of gifts for your cat. But trust us, every cat needs the purrfect litter box so we have a comfy potty. We reviewed several of the PetFusion litter management items,  Here are some of the features we and our mom like about the BetterBox:

  • The litter box's dimensions of 22 x 18 x 8" (with a 5" entryway height – which is great for older cats) really helps keep the litter from going all over the place.
  • Made from ABS plastic, and has an anti-microbial, non-stick coating which reduces sticking up to 70% and assists with odor control.
  • Cleaning is a breeze! No hard scrubbing is needed.

Amazon has the BetterBox Litter Box for $39.00.  If you have more than one cat, you can also get a two-pack for $59.95. 

4. Cat Amazing Puzzle Toy

Another hit here at the White House! The Cat Amazing Puzzle toy encourages your cat’s natural instincts to explore, scratch, sniff, find and retrieve hidden rewards. There are three difficulty levels to challenge clever cats as their skills improve. Hide your cat’s favorite treats inside and let the fun begin!

You can read our full review here, and check out our video of it below.

Run over to Amazon to get one for your cat for $15.94.

5. The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass Kit

When our mom catified our apartment she decided to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. This cat grass planter was the purrfect thing! Lexy loves chomping on her cat grass as a snack, and the planter is very stylish and will fit almost any décor. 

The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass Kit is available on Amazon for $14.90. Mom also gets our refills on Amazon, too.

6. SmartyKat Crackle Chute Tunnel Cat Toy

We have tons of fun when we play with our tunnel! We got this as a gift in our Secret Paws box a few years ago from our friends over at The Island Cats, and we’ve loved it ever since! Pick up one for your cat at Amazon for only $8.29.

7. Yeoww Catnip Toys

There aren’t many things in life Lexy enjoys more than a catnip toy, and Yeoww are some of her favorites. Our sponsor sister, Rose, at Tabby’s Place also loves them! Every year we send a pack of her favorite nip nanners as a Christmas gift.

There are so many different ones to choose from. Your cat can have a nip cigar, rainbow, heart, apple, and more! Lexy enjoys the Tin of Stinkies.

8. Organic Catnip

Give your cat a tub of good, organic catnip and you’ll be #1 on their list this year! Two we recommend are the Yeoww Catnip Tub ($6.88) and the Meowijuana Catnip Pawty Mix. ($15.99)

9. Catit Cabrio Carrier

If your cat is like me and they hate their carrier, The Catit Cabrio is something they will appreciate. I love mine! It’s spacious, comfy, it’s easy for me to get into (or should I say for our mom to get me into!), and there’s even a “collection gutter” in case I have a little accident on the way to the vet. And I can see so much more of the world compared to my old carrier.

The Cabrio is a roomy 20 x 13 x 13.75 in (51 L x 33 W x 35 H cm) and weighs 6.7 pounds. It can hold a pet up to 25 pounds. It is available in Blue-Gray, Turquoise, and Cherry Red (not in US). It comes with a carrying strap that clips onto the handle.

You can read our full review here and get yours on Amazon for 79.99.

10. INABA Churu Lickable Puree Wet Treats

What would a Christmas stocking be without some treats? Churu’s are my favorite, and I’ll eat any flavor! (Our mom says that's a miracle in itself.) You can get a six flavor pack of 24 on Amazon for $23.94. Flavors included are Tuna, Tuna with Chicken, Chicken, Tuna with Scallop, Tuna with Salmon, and Chicken with Scallop. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! 

There you have it, folks! Our top ten gift recommendations for your cat. We hope these give you some shopping ideas.

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Lola and Lexy

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  1. What a fun list! I don't have cats myself, but I'll often read cat posts like this to see if I find anything I can use for my small dogs. I shared this, I'm sure some of my followers have cats and will find it useful. Happy shopping!

  2. If anyone is not sure what to get YEOWW toys are totally amazing although we like the crinkle tunnel they NEVER get old !!!!

  3. If anyone is not sure what to get YEOWW toys are totally amazing although we like the crinkle tunnel they NEVER get old !!!!

  4. That's a nice bunch of goodies, I doo like that penthouse!

  5. Great cat gift ideas; I particularly love the puzzle. There is never enough mental and physical stimulation our pets can get.

  6. Manna and Dexter agree 100% with your endorsement of Yeowww! Catnip. That is one of their most favorite things. We got to meet the people who run Yeowww! at SuperZoo this past summer. We are going to have to try that puzzle toy. Dexter is always needing something new to keep him busy.

  7. These are all great ideas. You ladies have wonderful taste. XO

  8. Great choices, sweet pals! We always love the catnip toys. :)

  9. Purrfect ideas for Christmas, Lola and Lexy. I won that puzzle some time ago, so I could help you with that one...MOL...Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday to the both of you🐾😽💞

  10. Great list! I think I might get that extra big scratching post.

  11. Lots of great ideas. Unfortunately, our house is so full of cat stuff we can't fit any more!
    p.s. images 7, 8, & 10 aren't displaying for us.


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