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Thursday, December 22, 2022

What We've Been Up To - An Update

Lola: Hello, and Happy Thursday! Boy, it has been a long time since I've meowed with all of you! And I have to say, I've missed our friends so much. A lot has been going on in our lives, and we finally have the time to give you a little update. We've tried writing this post before and it was very long. So we're going to do our best to keep it short. 

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Lexy: Friends, I've missed you all dearly as well. As you know, we moved in May, which was rough for Lola and me. It took us some time to get our sea legs in our new house.

Lola: We'll let Mommy fill you in on all the details. And we'll put some photos of us in the new place throughout the post. Okay, go ahead, Mommy. 

Dawn: A warm hello to all of our friends. Firstly, I want to apologize for our absence from your blogs. To say life has been hectic is a little of an understatement. 

We moved from New York City to the suburbs at the end of May. The move did not go as smoothly as planned, and if anything could go wrong it went wrong. I was originally going to move on a Saturday morning. The plan was for my friend to come down from CT on Friday night and take the girls to the new apartment early Saturday morning so they wouldn't be in the house when the movers were there. I found out not long before the move that I could only move in Monday through Friday. So the girls were with me when the movers were moving the furniture out and packing the truck. Needless to say, they were very stressed. 

black and white cat on a petique pet house
Lexy checking out the new view for the first time. 

It took both of them a few months to settle in. Lexy was up all night meowing and howling. She was very out of sorts during the day and paced, and paced, and paced. She wasn't fully settled for about three and a half months. 

Tabby cat in a sun puddle
Every morning Lola loves to take a nap in a sun puddle in front of the living room window. 

The first few nights Lola meowed all night. When she settled at night she started meowing all day. She was constantly trying to get into our walk-in closet and climb to the top shelf. She almost fell a couple of times so I had to put a stop to that. She didn't settle in for about four and a half months. 

tabby cat sitting in a window
Old habits are hard to break. Lola still loves breakfast in the kitchen window
and licking the curtains.

Both Lola and Lexy were not eating well during this time and lost weight. I took Lola to the vet first because she had lost the most. I was very unimpressed with the vet, who was not concerned at all about her weight loss or increased blood calcium level. So off to a different vet we went. This vet was very thorough and really gave Lola good care. Unfortunately, Lola has been to the vet at least seven times since moving. She had to have special bloodwork done to check her calcium levels, came down with an upper respiratory infection and injured her eye. I'm happy to say she is on the mend, and her eye is healing nicely. (We have one more follow-up visit tomorrow. Paws crossed she doesn't have to go back again!) She has also gained .6 pounds and has at least another .5 pounds to go. 

black and white cat in a basket
Lexy still can't resist a snooze in a cozy basket.

Lexy has been relatively healthy, thank goodness. Her kidney levels went up, but we are monitoring her. She got very stressed at the vet and bit one of the assistants (something she has never done.) The health department had to be notified, but luckily they were very nice about the situation and didn't send anyone out to the house. She has gained about .5 pounds. She could use a little more, but she's in a good weight range as per the vet. 

tabby cat enjoying the sun in a picture window
The living room window overlooking the balcony is a popular spot. 

Lola had the most difficulty adjusting. She barely left the bedroom and practically lived in there. She was a very unhappy cat. We worked with our good friend and animal communicator, Coryelle Kramer, during this time. As always, Coryellle was a big help to us. 

black and white cat in a picture window
Lexy is wondering what Mom is doing on the balcony.

In November I caught RSV and was sick for 2 1/2 weeks. I had a very bad case of laryngitis as well and totally lost my voice. The day I got my voice back I tested positive for COVID and was symptomatic for about another two weeks. I'm happy to be fully healed now. 

After waiting for furniture to be delivered piece by piece because of back orders, I'm now unpacked and organized. And I'm happy to report both girls are fully settled in and are loving their new views and all of the extra space they have. 

portrait of a tabby cat
Lola chilling out.

Lola: Oh yes, we love it! Lexy and I have lots of room to run around, and the views are spectacular! We live right on the Long Island Sound and we see all kinds of birds that we've never seen before. And we can hear the ducks quacking every morning! 

Lexy: We also see lots of boats. And the breeze in the summer is just lovely, and half of our apartment gets the morning sunshine which is divine for sun puddle napping. 

portrait of a black and white cat
Lexy, striking a pose.

Dawn: Thank you to everyone who reached out to us over the past several months. And thank you to everyone who still continued to comment on the few posts we've managed to get up. I'm looking forward to January when we can start visiting everyone more frequently, and possibly get back to posting on a more regular basis. 

Lola and Lexy (in unison): Thanks, friends! We'll see you soon! 

Lola, Lexy, and Dawn

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  1. WOW, that was quite the ordeal but it does sound like things ending up being really great, and we're happy about that.

  2. What a tremendously challenging time for you all, but we're glad things have settled down and are on the uptick. (We do follow you on Instagram.)

    Purrs for a happy holiday and a peaceful, healthy new year!

    Derry and the biped

  3. Sorry you had such a rough time over the past few months. Glad things have settled down. Hopefully, it will all be smooth sailing from now on.

  4. Darlings, I am so sorry you two had to go through all that. And your Mommy went through heck too with worrying about you two, and her own health. What an awful time it has been since May. Thank heaven it is normal now and all f you are running on all cylinders! XXX

  5. I am sorry you all have had such a stressful time, but glad you are settled now. I hope Lola's vet visit goes well. I hope you can now enjoy a good Christmas and less stressful New Year. BTW, your card to us arrived, thank you.

  6. So sorry to hear about the rough times you've had! Hopefully everything will go more smoothly from now on. We have missed you, though we haven't been very present ourselves due to my illness and a our own episodes of Murphy's Law. Adorable photos of Lola and Lexy!

  7. That's it...I'm never going to move!
    Glad the dust has settled on your big adventure, and purring for Lexy and Lola to stay healthy too.

  8. Gosh, if anyone was giving thought to a "move" your story would put a quick end to it! Yet ... finally ... the rough journey has met a smooth road ... and we are happy for you and Lola and Lexy. Your new home appears to be just beautiful, in a beautiful area (and now the kits are loving it), all of you are back to good health thankfully and you can enjoy your new life! Just as it should be. So, have a happy first holiday together there, and a grand new year. Hugs and tail wags, JUNE and Ann

  9. We are so sorry you all had such problems adjusting to your new space - but we are glad everyone seems to e on the mend now and much happier ! Purrs and purrayers that this continues into the New Year !

  10. I did miss you. I am sorry Lola and Lexy had such a tough time adjusting. I wonder if Lola has idiopathic hypercalcemia? My Sammy had that for years and had to be on a special food to prevent stones. I will add both girls to my prayer list. XO

  11. You all have had a busy last half of the year. We are glad everyone is settled and content now!

    Fur Everywhere

  12. Dear Lola and Lexy, I am glad to hear that you and Dawn have moved safely to a more pleasant location. I feel your pain at being moved against your will to an unspecified location by monstrous humans (without any consultation). I would feel exactly the same. Meowing all day and night would have been punishing for your human. I bet she is glad things are quieter now. But she was really lucky to have two brilliant cat nurses to care for her while she was ill. I am sorry to hear you have had your own health problems. The view of trees from your new residence is stunning. You must hear bird calls all day long. From Sasha https://diamond-cat.blogspot.com/

  13. I'm sorry that it was just one thing after another! But I'm glad that both cats are doing well now and that you're all better now too! Can't wait to see more of you and the girls!

  14. You all have been through a lot! Loving you, as always.

  15. Mee-yow what a yeer youss' have had lexy an Lola an Miss Dawn!!! Wee furry sorry that you not only had RSV (which iss NOT "just" a Hu'man Kittss illness) butt lost yore voice an then had Covid!!!
    An tryin to et moved an set up an helpin THE irlss et used to their mew home!!
    Wee hope today iss a Peecefull an sweet Catmass Day fore THE 3 of youss'!
    ***paw kissess*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum


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