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Monday, January 30, 2023

Coryelle Kramer's Animal Dynamics Special

Today we have a guest post from our very good friend, Coryelle Kramer. Coryelle is an animal communicator who has developed what she has coined “The Animal Dynamics.” The Animal Dynamics are personality archetypes for animals that describe and explain their personality traits. 

Read Coryelle’s post below for information on each archetype and how knowing about them can help you and your pet. 

Read through to the end, because Coryelle currently has a special that she is extending only for our readers! 

As Lola would say, go ahead, Coryelle. 

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The Animal Dynamics by Coryelle Kramer

Through my work with animals, I’ve discovered that each of the Dynamics has plus traits and minus traits.

When an animal’s personality is in the plus factor of their traits, this is when they are living their best life. They are happy and in a state of well-being and balance. There are no unwanted behaviors, there are no negative emotions (like fear, aggression, or jealousy), and they are in the best optimal health that they possibly can be in.

When their personalities are in the minus factor of their traits, I have found that this is when things such as unwanted behaviors (spraying, not going in their litter box, aggression - just to name a few) crop up. Emotional and mental distress, and even health issues, can come into play in the minus spectrum.

Discovering what their personality Dynamic is, and whether that Dynamic is in the plus or minus spectrum, will answer questions such as “why does my animal do the things that they do?” The techniques I’ve developed through my work will also show you simple but effective ways to bring your animal back into balance should they be in the minus state of their personality.

For the animals whose personalities are in the plus spectrum, the Dynamics gives the great opportunity to learn how to nurture the essence of who they truly are. You can show them even more love and understanding by feeding that CORE personality through touch, words, and a certain tone of voice geared specifically for their main Dynamic.

All animal dynamics

My work gives you powerful pathways to getting to know your animals in ways that I promise you’ve never experienced before.

Imagine how it would feel to have everyone you come in contact with feeding your own personality, touching you only in the ways you enjoy, interacting with you in ways that speak to who you truly are, talking to you in a tone of voice that really resonates for you and makes you happy. That would really make your life even better, wouldn’t it?

It is the same for the animals but even stronger. Because they always want to feel better, happier, healthier, and in a constant state of joy and well-being.

What are the Animal Dynamic personalities?

There are seven that I have discovered so far. Each one is unique and wonderful and they have a human archetype counterpart. And each one is interacted with completely differently.

The Dynamics are:

The Direct & Demanding One / Guardian

The Energetic / Empath

The Rule Breaker / Innovator

The Sensory / Pacifist

The Transcendent / Zen Master

The Visionary / Oracle 

The Shifter / Chameleon

What are some plus and minus spectrums of each? Let’s take each Dynamic one at a time.

The Direct & Demanding One

Plus spectrum trait: They are not at all shy about letting you know when they want something and how they want something to be. This is a plus because there are really no surprises with the Direct & Demanding One; you always know where you stand with them how and they like things to be.

Minus spectrum: When they are not feeling good either emotionally, mentally, or physically their demanding quality goes into overdrive and they can become overbearing with their demands. A few examples would be, following you around constantly or meowing nonstop at you, wanting to be fed at all times of the day or night, or refusing to leave your lap or your side no matter what you may be doing.

The Energetic

Plus spectrum: They LOVE the energies of people, places, things, and situations. They live for good feeling energy and they always know when something or someone feels good to them.

Minus spectrum: Because of their sensitivity to energy, they can also become overly susceptible to energies that DON’T feel good to them. Either from the house itself and/or people and other animals they encounter. They can show signs of being overloaded by it all, and this can cause unwanted behaviors such as going outside the litter box, aggression, fearful hiding, spraying, etc.

The Rule Breaker

Plus spectrum: They are SUPER smart and can figure things out really fast. They love to be challenged and they love excitement!

Minus spectrum: Because they are SO smart and crave excitement, they can become bored very easily. When that happens; to “shake things up” to an excited level, they start “acting out”, doing things to get your attention so you can give them the excitement that they want. This includes pushing things off of surfaces onto the floor, scratching the furniture to the point of no return, pacing or never settling down, or terrorizing and chasing the other animals in the house in order to force them to play with them.

The Sensory

Plus spectrum: They love to take their time and savor the moments in their lives. This can either be with the people they are with or the things that they are doing, like playing or being petted. They enjoy it when you take your time and really BE with them.

Minus spectrum: You can’t rush or force a Sensory animal because they like to do things in their own time. If you rush them into doing something before they are ready, they can easily become skittish or fearful. They also don’t like to be touched when they don’t want to be and could lash out and hurt whoever is touching them to try to get away.

The Transcendent

Plus spectrum: This personality is the epitome of being calm, cool, and collected. They let things roll off their backs with incredible ease and grace. They don’t sweat the small stuff and are extremely Zen-like.

Minus spectrum: Because they are SO Zen, their outward appearance reflects just that. This means it could be difficult to know if they are in any discomfort, pain, or emotional or mental distress. Regular vet visits and/or animal communication sessions are in order to make sure they are in the best possible mental, emotional, and physical health.

The Visionary

Plus Spectrum: This Dynamic seems to have an uncanny inner sense for knowing when their people want or need them the most. They always seem to be right there for you, even if you may not discover that you need them at that moment. And then something suddenly happens and you need their comfort or presence.

Minus spectrum: They can become too tapped into their inner knowing and thus they can easily be overwhelmed by their Visionary abilities. Hiding in dark places, lashing out to keep those they love away, or staying in a separate part of the home refusing to commune with other animals or people in the house.

The Shifter

Plus spectrum: They are all SEVEN of the Dynamics rolled up into one awesome package. They can shift from one to another at any given moment of time, which means you have been gifted with seven animals in one which can be a never-ending source of fun and amusement. 

Minus spectrum: Just as the plus spectrum has the positive traits of each Dynamic, this spectrum has the negatives. One or more of their Dynamics could be out of balance which means there could be a wide range of issues going on all at the same time. Physical issues (to name a few) could be rashes, excessive vomiting, or refusal to eat. Emotional issues could include intense fear or separation anxiety, and malicious acts of aggression. Mental issues such as over-grooming or biting at themselves can occur.

Animal Dynamics Special

To all of Lola and Lexy's followers, I am offering a special. 

Now, until February 14, 2023, I’m offering a single Animal Dynamic special!

If you want to know your animal’s MAIN Dynamic, learn a touch that they’ll love, words to call them, and a tone of voice that will make them happy now is your chance.

These sessions are usually only available in my session packages, but right now you can purchase one single session and start to transform your relationship with your animal.

In a Dynamic session, you will learn which is your animal’s MAIN personality Dynamic and what that means for them and for you. We’ll work together to unlock some pathways and techniques to get the results you want.

To Book Your Session:

Send your request to me at: Make sure to tell me that Lola and Lexy sent you!

Some Things to Make Note Of:

  • You have until February 14th, 2023, to purchase the session, and you have until March 31st, 2023, to use it.
  • The sessions are either 60 minutes for $100 OR 90 minutes for $130.
  • These sessions are only to discover your animal’s Dynamic and fun ways to use them to interact with your pet.
  • Dynamic sessions will take place over Zoom, and you will have access to a recording of the call afterward.

If your animal is having health or behavioral issues that need to be addressed, these generally take longer, so please book a Possibility Call with me by going to my site,

What People Have Been Saying After Doing an Animal Dynamic Session

“Thank you! It is going SOOOO much better!!! Energetically cleaning with light regularly, the energy between us is much MUCH calmer!!! Now I know why she’s been having such trouble and where it’s coming from. I also watched the videos you did on Animal Dynamics - it all makes beautiful, brilliant sense!!! Thank you SO much!!!!”

“I never thought that I would be able to understand my baby any more than I already did…but I DO!!! I am so glad that I did this Dynamic session with you, the things you shared with me about Maya make so much sense! I can’t wait to learn even more so I’ll be booking one of your session packages so that I can discover more ways to love on my girls and make her happier. Thank you for giving me chance to see how incredible your work really is.”

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Having worked with Coryelle several times, I can attest to the power of her work. I love everything about the Dynamic work, but one thing I especially love is that she helps the whole family, including the human. Coryelle has done so much for Lola and Lexy, and I understand them so much better. She has helped us through illnesses, negative energies around us, our move this year, strange behaviors that cropped up, and much more. 

Lola is a Rule Breaker with a touch of Energetic, and Lexy is Direct and Demanding with a touch of Shifter. And this makes so much sense! And when I tell you they are a Rule Breaker and Direct and Demanding, I mean it! Knowing this, I interact with them in different ways now.

I’ve also learned what nicknames they prefer. Lexy is “my little boo boo” and “love muffin”, and Lola is “energetic goddess” and “radiant ball of light.” (I told you she’s a rule breaker!) 

I hope you take advantage of this special. Understanding the Dynamics helps you look at your pet in a totally different way. 

Do you already know your animal's dynamic? Tell us in the comments. We'd love to hear about it. 

   Coryelle Kramer has been connecting and speaking with animals since she was a  child.       She is an expert Animal Communicator and energetic healer. Since launching her own business in 2000, she has helped clients across the United States and in over 20 countries, including Australia, South Africa, and Japan.

   In 2015, she took a course that explored a framework for different types of human personalities and realized that animals, too, have distinct personality types. She identified these as six “Animal Dynamics©,” and these have redefined and transformed the art of animal communication. By understanding an animal’s personality, a human can adapt their actions, words, touches, tone, environment, and more to work with rather than fight against their animal’s innate behavior. The results have been extraordinary.

  In her “Dynamic” work she addresses animal behavior, reveals potential health issues, and uses her own brand of powerful Energetic Healing. She is passionate about showing people how to connect to their animals using her Dynamics techniques in order to take their relationships to an even deeper, more profound level.

  Coryelle is featured regularly on TV, radio shows, podcasts, and in print. She speaks and mentors on subjects including animal communication, and energetic healing while continuing her one-on-one work with clients.

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  1. This is super interesting! Thank you for sharing about Coryelle and her amazing understanding of animals with us. I can see how all of the kitties we've had over the years fit into those different categories. So fascinating!

  2. Wow, this lady is amazing! Good to know she is out there if needed and am passing on her work info.

    1. Thank you so much for passing my info along and I'm so happy you enjoyed reading the post.

  3. Animal communicators are some of my favorite people!

    1. Thank you Eastside Cats, that's really sweet of you to say.

  4. Excellent post. I have 13 cats and have had many more so as I was reading the descriptions, I was thinking of which cats fit them. I have some of everyone now except for Transcendent.

    1. Hi Pilch, wow THIRTEEN?! Now that IS impressive. You obviously have a huge heart and lots of love to give all your furkids. I'm glad that you enjoyed the post and it's helped you discover who has which Dynamic. Good job!

  5. Interesting post Coryelle & Lola & Lexy. I figure BellaDharma is a combo of The Demanding Direct One & The Energizer.....especially in the negative aspect. She hides alot when she hears men's voices. (Abused?)
    She wants to know where I am going; for how long & if she hears my voice in hallway; she will freak she has to protect me! Thanks for such a great really helps me see BellaDharma better!
    (((hugs))) BellaSita Mum & **purrss** BellaDharma

    1. Hi Mum, I'm so happy that you found the post helpful and that it's given you more insight on your sweet girl Belladharma. I'm sorry she's having such strong negative aspects, If you ever feel like I can help please don't hesitate to contact me. I think that working together we could help alleviate your girl's issues. xoxo to you and the furkids.

  6. A truly fascinating post, and amazing descriptions of cat personalities. I can see some of my June in a couple of these, thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hi Zoolatry, I'm happy to read that my post helped you discover some of your girl's Dynamics. There are also videos on YouTube and on my site if you'd like to know even more. Thanks for letting us know you enjoyed it.

  7. Over the years we've had 6 Siamese cats, and I could find them all in your descriptions. No kitties here right now, just two rescue has tons of baggage and the lid seems locked...even after over 5 years, living with us. The other dude is his BFF, so that did help build the little one's confidence quite a bit.

    1. Hi Mews & Woofs, thank you for taking time out to read the post, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I've helped a great deal of animals who've had the long time issues that your pup seems to be dealing with. If you think I can help please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to help anyway I can.

  8. Wow! I love this, such wonderful information


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