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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Miracles Do Happen! Lola's Recovery

Lola: Hello, and Happy Sunday! It is a Happy Sunday indeed! I am over the moon to be here today to share the good news of the improvement in my health. Just three weeks ago I posted that I wasn't doing well, and I didn't think I had much time left with my family and my friends. But miracles do happen, and not only am I still here, I'm doing much better. Let me fill you in. 

To catch up on all of the details, you can read my first post and then the second. I am one lucky kitty, let me tell you, because I had more purrs from humans and pets than I could even count. 

Many thanks to Miss Ann of Zoolatry for this pawesome graphic. 

We also worked with our good friend, Coryelle Kramer, for healing. And Mommy's friend Desiree, who is also a healer, sent me healing. And of course, Mommy did Reiki on me as well. 

I also started back with weekly acupuncture sessions, and my holistic vet, Dr. Wilson, also uses a PEMF device with me for pain relief. I just love my acupuncture sessions! There is no more purrfect patient than me. 

Friends, my recovery is a miracle, that's for sure! I'll let Mommy put her two cents in now. 

Dawn: Hello, everyone. I don't really know where to start, except to once again say thank you for the outpouring of love and support for Lola, Lexy, and me. I so appreciate every comment here and on social media, and the messages I have received. I am so grateful to be a part of an amazing cat community. 

When I published our post on 11/18/23, Lola's health was extremely poor and I was happy she was still with me when it went up. Little by little, and very slowly, Lola started to show improvement. She became less frail, a little stronger, and more alert. Her gait and balance improved as well. She is not 100% back to her old self. She still has a slight head tremor, her back legs are slightly splayed, and she's a little wobbly from time to time. But her personality is back 100%. She has also gained 3/4 of a pound. 

Lola enjoying her acupuncture.

I still worry about another stroke, and I am a little hypervigilant with her every move and vocalization. But right now she's very stable, and I am ecstatic. 

I truly believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts, and Lola was not lacking in either of those these past few weeks. She even received a few get well cards in the mail! The improvement in her health is incredible, and I will enjoy every little step forward she makes, and we'll enjoy every day together. All fingers and paws are crossed here for continued stability. 

Lola: So that's my update, friends. I'm really hoping we can start visiting blogs again soon and to also start writing some great posts again. Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers, because they really worked!!! I love you all with my whole heart. 

Lola and Dawn

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  1. Best news of the day, how truly wonderful to see this posting ... sending our continued love and purrs to you Miss Lola (and of course to your amazing Mom, Dawn and dear sisfur, Lexy) for your continuing good health ... happy days to all of you. Yes, miracles can and do happen! Gentle hugs, Ann and June

  2. Wow, how wonderful! An early Christmas present of better health and amazikng recovery! Keep it up!! And all of us will keep the POTP going as well!
    Hugs to all!🥰❤️.🥰

  3. This is wonderful news, and I wish you continuing improvement. Love to you, your mum and Lexy.

  4. This is most excellent news, for one and all. Keep getting better, Lola, and remember we are all here to help.

  5. Dear Lola, you know the importance to be here for Christmas with your mommy and Lexy. You are doing good job to get better every day. We are glad to see you write about this.

  6. That is amazing and wonderful news, Lola and Mom Dawn. Miracles do indeed happen, and this one makes us so very happy. We continue to send love, purrs,, and light your way. XO

  7. This post makes me very happy. I will continue to keep Lola ( and Lexy) in my prayers. XO

  8. ****Happy Dancin*** at THE Purrfect Pad!!!! Wee are so happy you have had a meer-acull Lola. Wee want you heer fore a long time!!!
    Miss dawn you an yore frendss sure werked a meer-acull....
    **444 pawss up fore Lola**
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

  9. Sending more purrs, for you to save as back-up, Lola!

  10. Dearest Lola,
    Sure the outpour of love has helped you feel better and you will manage to add more weight and improve.
    Knowing personally well what it is to recover from only 88 pounds to now 98 pounds and feeling stronger.
    Big hugs,

  11. We are so glad you are doing better, Lola. Sending healing purrs and love xx

  12. I am so glad you were able to get the support and help you needed. I love Coryelle and always remember she walked to me about Harvey at Blogpaws. z

    Lola, take it easy, stay well and all three of you look forward to a peaceful and lovely Christmas.

  13. We are so glad to read this, and will continue sending purrayers and POTP to you all !

  14. we iz BUZZED HAPPEE for ewe lola and send ...just cauz itz nice two haz sparez...sum blessingz frum
    St Francis ....and waves two ewe LEXI all sew !!!! ♥♥♥

  15. We are so happy to read your wonderful update sweet Lola and we will all continue to send purrs and prayers for continued improvement. Hugs and love from all of us here.

  16. We love hearing good news. We'll continue to purr and pray for you.

  17. We'll keep sending extra purrs for you, Lola, that you stay well. Thank you for visiting us last week and leaving kind words over the loss of our Olivia. Hugs and purrs back to you.

  18. What wonderful news! I'm so happy to hear this!

  19. This is the very best news, Lola. We love you more than we know how to express!

  20. I’m late reading this but so happy to hear that Lola is recovering. I love a good Christmas cat miracle. We’ll keep all our paws crossed that she continues to improve and that you have lots more time together. Wishing you, Lola and Lexy best wishes for the holiday season. xxx


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