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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Adopted Cats Who Support The Rescue Community - Part 1 (Meet Zoe Blue!)

Hello everyone, this is Lexy checking in. I am excited to announce a little series of interviews Lola and I will be posting. We have several Facebook friends who are adopted kitties who now give back to the rescued community in some way. They are all very talented, creative kitties who have big, giving hearts. We hope you enjoy meeting them and will visit them on Facebook. 

Today you will be meeting Zoe Blue. Zoe is a four-year-old Russian Blue who hails from Wisconsin and is an entrepreneur with her Mama.  

Zoe relaxing at home.

Good morning, Zoe, and thank you for agreeing to be interviewed today.  Could you tell us what shelter you came from, and if you remember, how you got there? 
My mama adopted me from the Wisconsin Humane Society! They told my mama I was transferred from a city in the northern part of our state! That was a long ride! I don’t know the circumstances of how I ended up in a shelter!

Can you tell us about the day you adopted your Mama? 
Mama had a cat named Mitzi who went to the Rainbow Bridge in the spring of 2011. She was going to be having a busy summer so she decided to wait until fall to adopt again. Finally she was ready and she looked at the Wisconsin Humane Society website one Friday night and made a list of three kittens that were available, because she decided she wanted the experience of having a little baby kitten! And she wanted a girl kitten and already picked out the name Zoe! Mama got to the humane society ten minutes after they opened and the first kitten on her list had already been adopted! She met the second kitten on her list, a little tortie, but that kitten ignored her! That kitten only wanted to play with her litter-mates! Mama tried to hold her but she just wanted to go on the floor and play! So mama told the adoption counselor she wanted to see a grey kitten named Allie. I was THIRD on her list! Can you believe that? I was all alone in a little room! The adoption counselor handed me to mama and I was so happy to see her I was rubbing on her face! Mama told the counselor I was the one! They put me back in the little room while mama sat at a table and filled out paperwork. I stood on top of a scratching post and leaned over and I could see mama at the table through the window of the door and I meowed my head off at her! I wanted to go home right away! Mama had to move to the other side of the table so I couldn’t see her! MOL! Mama helped me set up my Facebook page later that day! I turned 11 weeks old that day. 

What is the best thing about being in a forever home? 
There’s always food to eat and water to drink, and there are lots of places to nap! I like to look out the windows! My mama picks me up and kisses me and pets me!

Do you have any brothers and sisters? Do you get along with them? 
I have a big brother and a big sister and a cousin who lives here! When I came here to live, my big brother Jerry adopted me! He snuggled me and washed me! He doesn’t do that anymore but we get along great! My big sister Minnie Pearl is 18 years old and she just wants to be left alone so I don’t bug her! My cousin PJ wants to play rough sometimes and I don’t like that but I sit by him and look out the window!

Lola and I know that you’re a business owner with your Mama. Can you tell us how Zoe Blue’s Mama’s Designs came about and what your mission is? 
Mama would donate things she made to auctions and people would tell her she should sell the things she makes. In late 2013 you and Lola stared your Lola and Lexy’s Christmas Shelter Project page to encourage the members of our cat community to donate to shelters instead of sending each other gifts, and that was the inspiration! We started the page in early December of that year. We donate about 20% of the proceeds to a featured shelter which changes every three months. We also still donate stuff mama makes to auctions!

What are some of the things you sell? 
Mama designs everything we sell! Her favorite is the Mouse Eggs toys she crochets. 

We highly recommend the Mouse Eggs!

They were inspired by patterns for Easter Egg cozies! She also crochets fingerless gloves she designed. The makeup pouches she sews are very popular! She also sews plastic bag holders and blankies and little holders for plastic bags that attach to dog leashes! We take special orders too! Mama has made a hat and scarf set, a tablet case, a case for knitting needles, and a teapot cozy for special orders, among other things.

Zoe's Makeup Bag.
Fingerless Gloves. Mother loves hers! 

Do you help your Mama sew the items? 
Hee hee, I don’t help too much! My cousin PJ likes to help mama when she has fabric laid out on her work table to cut it or pin it. He lays on it so it won’t fall off the table! Sometimes she has to pick him up and put him on the floor! MOL! I like to sit by the sewing machine but I don’t like the noise it makes when mama uses it!

Zoe hard at work.

How do you choose the shelters that you donate to? 
Mama and I keep an eye on Facebook for shelters! We like shelters that post a lot and show people the inside of the shelter so everyone can see what happens there! We also look for shelters that don’t have the fundraising abilities larger shelters have! After our current featured shelter we’re going to raise money for a cause instead of a shelter!

Can you tell us some of the shelters/rescues you have helped to date and about how much in total you have donated? 
The first shelter we featured is in Milwaukee, which is where we live! It’s called Second Hand Purrs, which is a fun name! The next one was a private sanctuary in Canada called Catty Cat Catuary! Mama got to visit Catty Cat Catuary last year! We have also featured Jethro’s Anipals Sanctuary which helps dachshunds! Right now we are featuring Jack’s Cat Shack, which is a sanctuary for senior cats! We’ve sent over $1200 to the shelters we’ve featured since the page began!

How can people buy your items? 
They can look at the albums on our page to see what we sell and then send a Private Message to me! We also take special orders! 

Do you have anything in closing you would like to say or share?
Hee hee, didn’t I talk enough? MOL! 

Thank you, Zoe, for a pawtastic interview and for all you do to help shelter kitties. Lola and I are glad to have such an entrepreneur for a friend. 

You’re welcome, Lexy!

Stay tuned for part 2.  You'll be meeting a very handsome boy named Shiloh!


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  1. How cool! Zoe sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to more of these! You should do one with Lucky, one of the Rescued cats! He spends a lot of time promoting cats in need on his Facebook page.

  2. Nice to meet you Zoe. I am glad you have a forever home and do so much to help other kitties. I love that egg mouse, very cute :)

  3. What a great series! Thanks for introducing us to Zoe.

  4. This is a pawsum innewview and a gweat kitty duin' sum amazin' fings. We look furward to more innewviews. Y'all have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. Such a fantastic idea for an interview series! We love reading about crafty kitties that give back and will definitely be checking out Zoe's shop!

  6. What a lovely girl you are, Zoe! Of course, we are partial to that name! Wonderful meeting you and we really enjoyed this series and are looking forward to meeting more rescue kitties like you! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey Gang!

  7. Zoe and her mommy sound amazing with the good work they do for others. Mom says that she'll have to check out the creations. Thanks for featuring her. We also will need to check out her Facebook page, as kitties with Blue in their name are always candidates to become honorary Kitties Blue. Hope you will join us tomorrow for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. Zoe, it's so nice to meet you! We are now following your FB page and can't wait to see the neat things your mom makes. Our mom crochets too, and also donates items to auctions and donates part of the proceeds of anything she sells to the shelter where 3 of us were adopted from. It's so wonderful to be able to use our gifts to help animals in need! You are pawesome!!!

  9. Great interview, Lexy! It is nice to get to know Zoe!

  10. How awesome! Thank you for sharing Zoe Blue and her mom with us. We will definitely go and check out and like their page. I love that they are giving back to other kitties in need.

  11. I know Zoe & her Mama & they are awesome. They are always helping others. And they do other fundraisers too. They have scavenger hunts--they are the most fun ever! And they have blanket raffles. My kitties love the Mouse Eggs. And one of their favorite toys is Bug on a String & Zoe's Mama made it too.

  12. I remember when Zoe Blue first adopted her Mama and her Mama told me she was planning to make her a page like I did for my angel Ms. Phoebe. Zoe is the most beautiful of ladies and her brother Jerry and cousin PJ are cuties too. I have always admired her charitable nature and so did Ms. Phoebe, she has been there for many of our friends over the years.
    This is an exciting and fun feature to have, Clove, Kaspars and I look forward to seeing more!


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