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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Temptations Snacky Mouse - Review

Hello everyone, this is Lexy reporting.  I'm here today with another fabulous review for you. When Mother was at BlogPaws  in Nashville  she spotted the Temptations table and made a beeline for it because she knows Temptations are our favorite treat.  (OK, I"ll be honest - ONE of our favorite treats.  I rarely turn down a treat.) Temptations had this interesting little item on their table called a Snacky Mouse Toy.  Mother tried to sweet talk the Temptation people into giving her one, but to no avail. (She's new at that, so she's forgiven. Maybe she learned some tips she can use next year.)  She just had to get one for us, and luckily she found one in our local Stop &Shop when she got back.

According to the Temptations website, The Temptations Snacky Mouse Toy is "the most delicious game of cat and mouse." All you have to do is fill it with your kitty's favorite Temptations treat and watch the fun begin.

It comes in this cute little package.

Lola is trying to figure out what it is.

Temptations Snacky Mouse, Lola The Rescued Cat
That's not a real mouse, Mommy. 
I think it looks very interesting.

Temptations Snacky Mouse Toy, Lola The Rescued Cat
Let's open this and play! 
Here's a little video of Lola with the Snacky Mouse.  She couldn't quite figure out what to do with it.  She is not food driven at all, you should know that.  I'm quite sure that has a lot to do with it.

And here I am with it.  Of course, I knew what to do. And of course, "you know who" video bombed me.  What else is new? 

I knew Mother was trying to get video and photos, so I stopped playing with it.  I may not be a Tortie, but I've got a 'tude! MOL  When she came home she found it empty 

Temptations Snacky Mouse toy

Overall, the Temptations Snacky Mouse Toy gets two paws up from me.  I was interested in it right away and started getting my snacks out of it.  It was lots of fun! And it gave me something to do when Mother was at work, which is always a good thing. As I said before, Lola isn't food driven, so she wasn't very interested in it.  But if your kitty is like me, they will LOVE it!

Disclosure: We did not receive any compensation for this review.  All opinions are our own.

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  1. Binga would be trying to figure out a way to break that thing open if we had one!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! Don't feel bad about not getting one at BlogPaws. As far as the head peep could tell, they didn't let anyone have them. It was a lost opportunity to get their product out there on a lot of blogs.

  3. I am very food driven and I do not understand (nor care to) the treat ball that the lady got me. However, she's still intrigued with this product. The great thing for me is that I get the treats no matter what. The lady is so soft. Great videos by the way!

    You did a great review and we think it kind of stinks that the Temptations folks didn't give this to you to review.

  4. Nice review! I want to buy one, but am just not sure if Callie will like it. She does like her food, but I think it could go either way with her. She seems like more of a wand toy type of girl.

  5. Well Lexy yous boff look very cute. But yous got da moves fur sure. Dat mousy looks like lots of fun. Weez didn't see it on their table when we went by or mommy wulda had me put on da chawm and get us one. MOL Oh well, maybe next time. Y'all have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. It looks like fun : game and treats at the same time ! Purrs

  7. I love how you found it empty :) Truffles checked hers out, but seemed to be wondering why she should work for her treats when I could just put a pile down on the floor for her. MOL

  8. My kitties love theirs- well, Joanie cleans it out before anyone else can get a turn. We found ours at Stop and Shop too :) I did see some at Target recently though. Nice review.

  9. I’m treat driven but I hate to work for my treats. I guarantee I wouldn’t touch it.

  10. I'm going to get one for my fur kids to try! You are an expert at this toy Lexy, I'm not surprised. You're going to have to work with your Mother on learning how to wheel and deal better with vendors, so you can get even more swag next year at Blogpaws!

  11. Excellent review, Lexy! I'm very food driven too but I'm not sure I want to work at treats! My brofurs, on the other hand, would work at it all day to get those treats out!

  12. Very good, Lexy.

    We were wondering about it and Madeline said that is too much work.


  13. Excellent job, Lexy and Lola! We have some cats at the shelter who are ALWAYS the first to figure toys like that out. :)

  14. I am surprised they weren't giving them out at BP.. seems kinda silly not to do it.

    My cats figured these types of toys out right away.. if they throw them down the stairs to the basement, they get all the treats at once.

  15. First of all, shame on the Temptations folks. If they were smart, and clearly they are not, they would have given one to every cat blogger in the goodie bag. Secondly, OMC I LOVE this toy and play with it all the time. Meowmy gets worried that I eat too many treats since I am on a special diet, so she puts my k/d dry food in the cat toy and I still like to play with it. I go crazy when there are Temptations though.

  16. It looks like fun : game and treats at the same time
    cat toys


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