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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Move Over, Leonardo DiCatrio.. the Award Goes to.... the Cats!

You love cats. We love cats. The Internet loves cats. That's why Meow Mix brand launched the Oscars edition of the Cat's Meow Awards -- a celebration of the best cat moments of the past year and the one-of-a-kind bond that only cats and humans share. Mommy LOVES award shows and we always watch them with her, and we agree with Meow Mix -- it's time for cats to get their purr-aise! 

We recently partnered with Meow Mix cat food to recognize the year's top four-legged performances in The 2016 Cat's Meow Awards.

That's right! You won't see Jeni-purr Aniston nominated and that's because this year's most anticipated awards show honors a flurry of furry faces.

Meow Mix brand received more than 25,000 submissions from all over the country for the Cat's Meow Awards, which was established to celebrate the best cat moments of the year and the one-of-a-kind bond that only cats and humans share.

View clips from The 2016 Cat's Meow Awards show below:

Best Cat Napper: 

Best Kitty Hijinks: 

Best Cat-hlete: 

Best Cat Cuddle: 

Wild Cat Card: 

That must have been some red carpet event with all of these talented kitties! Con-cat-ulations to the all of the 2016 Cat's Meow Awards finalists and winners! We loved them all but our favorite is the Best Cat Cuddle! 

But let's face it, cats couldn't care less about glory or fame... that's why Meow Mix brand created a new line of Irresistibles treats so that you can give them the award they're really looking for. With real meat, a wide variety of flavors, and both soft and crunchy textures, your cat will be sure to thank you in his acceptance speech.

Mother, I posed nicely. May I have one now, please?

Go to and share your cat's irresistible moment to get a FREE bag and see tons of other cool cat content.

Which video is your favorite? Which cat-egory should the Cat's Meow Awards add next year? 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Meow Mix Acatemy. In exchange for promoting the Acatemy we received product compensation. This did not influence ​our opinions at all, and Lola The Rescued Cat only shares information we feel is beneficial to our readers. 

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  1. I didn't even know there was a competition going on until I saw the winners announced - not that I have any great videos to offer!

  2. Those were all great!

    pee ess...the mom wants to thank you and your mom for the nice card you sent her while she recuperates from her surgery. It really brightened her day. :)

  3. Always glad to see cats celebrated.

  4. that's a great competition. Although I would have chosen a couple of different winners...MOL


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