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Monday, January 18, 2016

Welcome to my Book Reading!

Hello and happy Monday! Last night Lexy and I were meowing about ideas for blog posts.  We were both thinking very hard when Lexy meowed to me, she meowed “Lola, you’ve never done a book reading on the blog.” Oh my stars, she was right! I did a book reading on Facebook, but I never did one for my blogging friends! So, I have a surprise! I’m going to do a reading from my book every Monday for the rest of the month (and who knows? Maybe I’ll do more!) I’ll share some of my diary entries and I think it will be super. 

Before I start sharing my diary entries, I want to say some may think some of them are sad. I want everyone to know I don't share my story because I want to make others sad, or because I want them to feel sorry for me ("woe is me" isn't my style.  I'm too happy go lucky for that!) I share it because it's important to let people know what can happen to an animal if they are abandoned or not taken care of. OK, here we go.. Ahem… 

This entry is from December 16, 2010: 
Today was the worst day of my life. I was thrown away, just like that, in a smelly dumpster behind the building. That’s just mean, especially since I’m only six months old. I’m still a baby! Sigh....

Well, here I am in the shelter, where they gave me an animal ID number and named me Lola. My name isn’t Lola, but they don’t understand what I’m meowing when I’m trying to tell them my real name. The lady who named me is nice to me, so I’ll let her call me Lola. I’m warm and I have a bowl of food, but I don’t like this cage. I don't like this place.  I want my home. 

Boy, they poked me and felt me all over the place (even in my private parts!) and looked at my teeth and took blood. I heard someone say I have to be “fixed.” Fixed? I'm not broken! What are they talking about? I'm so confused.

This one is from December 20, 2010: 
Today someone came and took me out of my cage and put me in a little box. When I popped my head out, I was in a doctor’s office and I had a feeling something not good was going to happen. First they stuck me with needles to give me vaccines, put a microchip in my neck, and then my belly got shaved. How embarrassing! And the doctor wrote down that I’m a year old. Hello! I’m six months old, thank you very much. Then they stuck a needle in my paw and I got very sleepy and took a nap. When I woke up I had stitches in my belly, so I guess they fixed whatever was broken. I don’t like this place and I want to go home.

And here’s one from December 30, 2010:
My cold is worse. I haven’t been eating much because I can’t smell my food and I’m so cold! I wish I could have a blanket. Achoo! Oh darn, every time I sneeze I get mucus all over my face. Sigh…. Should I just give up?

I hope you enjoyed it. Please join me next Monday for another reading when I'll share when I was rescued!


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  1. That was a great reading, Lola! Even though I know your story turned out well, I want to hear more!

  2. That is a great reading and one that I can relate to as I'm also a rescue kitty and was found dumped in someone's garden. I then got taken to a rescue shelter where I was lucky enough to be adopted by my dear Mum.

    Glad your story turned out well too :)

    Purrs xx

  3. We enjoyed your reading too sweetie, even though it was a rocky start. Hugs from all of us!

  4. What a great idea! We are reading your book right now and really really love it!

  5. We enjoyed your book reading, Lola. We hate that your life started so roughly, but we sure are glad to know you have a safe, warm, and loving home now!

  6. If I hadn't known your story turned out OK, I would have been crying real tears!!! Instead I am just a bit sad that you had such a rough start!! xxx

  7. That is a great idea to do a book reading on here. I got your book for Christmas, but I had some library books to finish before I can enjoy yours.

  8. Oh, Lola, these are great readings and I'm so glad I know the ending. You're such a sweetheart.

  9. Thanks for reading some of your book, Lola. We can't wait to hear more!

  10. Weez really glad you didn't give up Lola. Fanks fur sharin'.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. What a great dramatic reading, Lola! You sure did have a tough start, but look at you now!


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