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Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Is Coming! 6 Tips To Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree!

Hello, everyone, this is Lexy checking in. Now that the holiday season is here, many people are putting up a Christmas tree. Christmas trees can be a hazard for cats, but with my six simple tips, you can have a tree that is safe for your cat while it still looks very festive!

Christmas is a very festive time of year with a lot of decorations, the biggest one being your Christmas Tree. Christmas trees are oh so pretty, but can be oh so dangerous for a kitty. Follow my six simple tips and you and your kitty will be very happy! 

Six Tips to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

1. Opt for an Artificial Tree

Did you know an artificial tree is safer for your cat than a real tree? The pine needles on a real tree are not only dangerous (they can puncture internal organs if ingested), they are toxic.  If you do opt for a real tree, make sure the stand has plenty of water to prevent it from drying out.  The water in the tree’s bowl is also unsafe for your cat, so try keeping it covered with the tree skirt to deter your cat's temptation to taste it. 

cat's christmas|cat sleeping under tree
Lola's first Christmas at home.

2. Make Sure the Tree is Secure

You can do this by anchoring the tree to the wall with a wire and taping the base to the floor with duct tape. This will ensure it is not easy to knock over. If possible, try not to have the tree next to shelves or furniture that your cat could use as a launching pad to pounce on the tree.  

cat's christmas|cat under tree
Lexy's first Christmas at home

3. Skip the Tinsel

Tinsel can gather in your cat’s intestines and cause a blockage. A better alternative? Strands of beads. Mother uses these on our tree instead of tinsel, and they’re very pretty. 

Photo Credit: @ belchonock via depositphotos

4. Avoid Glass Ornaments

Decorate your tree with non-breakable ornaments. Glass shards can cause lacerations on the mouth, or worse yet, severe intestinal damage.  If you do use glass ornaments, place them high up on the tree out of your cat’s reach. Speaking of ornaments, hooks can also be dangerous. Alternatives are using twine or ribbon to tie them to the tree. It’s also a good idea to not have very small ornaments that can be easily ingested. 

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5. Use Caution With LIghts 

Electrical cords can pose a danger for cats who chew them.  Make sure the lights are secured to the branches and are not dangling to reduce temptation. Keep in mind that some larger lights can get hot and could cause a burn.  Remember to unplug lights when not in use and pet-proof your extension cords with a chew safe cord cover like this or a Petcord Pawtec cord protector like this.  

@ k.kijewska via depositphotos

6. Be Mindful of Gifts and Wrappings

Beautifully wrapped presents under the tree may add to the holiday d├ęcor and increase the Christmas spirit, but ribbons are a hazard for cats. Ribbons are exciting and we may think they are a fun toy.  But ingestion could result in emergency surgery. When leaving gifts under the tree it’s best to avoid ribbons or other decorations that could be chewed or swallowed. 

A very pretty option is to use festive gift boxes. They make your gifts look beautifully wrapped with now bows or ribbons. 

I hope these tips are helpful.  D
o you have anything to add to the list? Is your cat mischievous with the Christmas tree? 


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  1. My human is SO lucky we cats are good with the tree. It is artificial - my human doesn't like the idea of live (freshly killed) trees, and Binga is always looking for something to drink out of because of her kidneys, and she would not want her drinking tree water. And we don't knock down any ornaments or try to climb the tree. She says maybe we are not really cats, MOL!

  2. Excellent tips. We love our artificial tree :)

  3. Nice tips sweetie but Brother Simon isn't very good at reading yet MOL!

  4. All great tips. Mom couldn't put up her tree with glass ornaments this year as it goes in the living room, and that is currently Sawyer's living quarters at night. We love Brian's comment. Both Sawyer and Cooper Murphy tested getting in the tree but both lost interest pretty quickly to mom's surprise and relief. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  5. Our Mom likes all your tips and we'd probably like them, too, if our Mom put a tree up. Nope, she says. Not going to do it, and then she looks and points at our danger cat sister Tessa whose middle name is Destruction, and we instantly understand.

  6. I forget that lights can sometimes get hot, but we do not put up a tree. However, we do have a string of twinkle lights around the ceiling in the dining room, which casts a lovely glow. I'll check tonight if they feel warm to the touch!

  7. Those are some great tips. We've been pretty good so far and haven't messed with the tree much.

  8. These are very good tips. We’re usually away around this time of year, so we don’t get a tree. If we do, I will definitely get an artificial or tabletop tree.

    We received your lovely Christmas card. Thank you very much!

  9. We have an artificial tree, tied to the wall, no tinsel, no glass...we're good to go! My childhood cat Patch got into the tinsel once. Thankfully he passed it without a problem!

  10. Excellent tips. Mom just has it up for 48 hours and back down again. xx

  11. Great tips! We've definitely taken some of these into account. Artificial tree, no tinsel, no ribbon on the presents.

  12. Does it make me a bad person that my favorite parts of the post were the pictures of Lola and Lexy and their first Christmases? Great reminders - and so many people don't know these simple facts!

  13. We have always had a real tree and no cat has been harmed. Did you know artificial trees contain all kinds of lead which forms lead dust and PVC plastics that are dangerous to humans and cats.

  14. Those are all great things to know.
    Have a wonderful holiday season...

    Noodle and crew

  15. Very informative and amazing tips.We should be careful about the risk and danger.I am from South East Asia so real trees are not available easily.We never use tinsel and glass ornaments.My family tries not to let our kitties go near the tree.At night time, we put the litter box, food and water bowls in the bedroom and locked.Your fur babies are so cute.Yes, both Lexy and Lola. I wish their first Christmas is amazing and they are on good kitty lists of Santa Claws.


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